Let Me Solo Her

The Elden Ring player that broke Yea Forums.

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>came into my hand while thinking about my sister again
how do i unfix myself

He didn't solo her

just ask her if she feels the same user. What do you have to lose?

dude is peak reddit
there were already videos of naked level 1 wretches beating malenia without the gay rivers of blood and jar helm before this tard went viral
redditcucks just love him because he's hecking epic and iconic

lmao Yea Forums is just jelly of actually good players since most people here are super bad at video games

Go back bro. Nobody gives a shit here.

>redditors worship people who play the game for them

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reminder that everyone who hates this guy are just mad they can't solo her

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what if she never talks to me again

let me solo her looks like THIS?

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>good player

>bleed build
>level 170
i beat her solo at 125, she's really not that hard.

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(You) will NEVER solo her.

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summoned this guy to help after getting my ass kicked for a day. he got absolutely wrecked. and I mean badly. it was embarrassing. put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. afterwards, he sent me a message that he was not the real Let Me Solo Her.

>reddit katana shitter
here's a real malenia kill, faglord

stop posting this faggot

what a fucking chad

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>Look mom I posted it again!

wow he's almost as good as dsp

stop making garbage threads

>Flaming Strike

>empanãdo (forma de eceleb)
I kneel

already did

not as much as zanzifart broke you eldenfags.

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>Let Me Solo Her
can he now? last i read it, the faggot didn't even beat her half the times

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If this person was on Yea Forums then none of you would be hating. They aren't even the one who started posting about themselves, it was other people posting them on reddit. They only started posting to confirm the stories.

I hate all attention whores, and bleed builds


Here's his channel, he can no-hit her with the player and another phantom just standing in a corner.

>implying that's difficult

Melania isn't even the hardest boss in the game

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lmao record yourself doing better or just stfu

Try as Yea Forums might, it cant make any Elden Ring memes. Thats the sad truth right there
Remember Giantdad? The Artorias soulcrush comic? “Dark Souls Defense Force”? All Yea Forums
But you tards quit being funny somewhere squarely around Ds2. Now reddit / twitter picked up the slack: Dog ahead, this Dog does 18,999 damage, Maidenless / No Maidens, Zanzibart, Let Me Solo Her, I Offer you a (Honda) Accord, etc etc

Cope, seethe, dilate; whatever. You faggots havent made any decent Souls memes, and Reddit is churning out dozens of longlasting jokes. Its over.

>Using weapon arts
You didn't beat the game
>Using incantations and sorcery
You didn't beat the game
>Using buffing items
You didn't beat the game
>Using charged R2's
You didn't beat the game
>Using R1 combos
You didn't beat the game
>Enhancing your weapons
You didn't beat the game
>Wearing armor
You didn't beat the game
>Didn't wear armor
You didn't beat the game
>Medium/Light roll
You didn't beat the game
>Leveling up
You didn't beat the game
>Accepting the steed from Melina
You didn't beat the game
>Fast traveling with Site of Grace
You didn't beat the game
>Activating Site of Grace
You didn't beat the game
>Looking at the guidance of grace
You didn't beat the game
>Drank from flash
You didn't beat the game
>Picked up an item
You didn't beat the game
>Skipped through a line of dialog
You didn't beat the game
>Stopped playing to go to the bathroom
You didn't beat the game
>Bought a lore page from a merchant
You didn't beat the game
>Viewed any social media or news articles about the game before beating the game
You didn't beat the game
>Didn't like my Steamcommunity page about the criteria for beating the game
You didn't beat the game
>Beat your wife
You didn't beat the game
>Closed the game for any reason
You didn't beat the game
>Activated a summoning pool (yes even if you didn't use it)
You didn't beat the game
>Used a summoning ash to complete the Jellyfish questline
You didn't beat the game
>Consumed FP for any reason whatsoever
You didn't beat the game
>Beat the game without considering the long term ramifications of your actions and the effects they'd have on the sociopolitical climate of the lands between
You didn't beat the game
>Didn't beat the game
You didn't beat the game
>Skipped through the credits
You didn't beat the game
>Didn't read the entirety of this post
You didn't beat the game

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>Try as Yea Forums might, it cant make any Elden Ring memes.
usually shit games don't get memed, they get forgotten

let me Sneed her

Yes she is.

>Flaming Strike
I gave up on trying to solo her 2nd phase, summoned my nigga Oleg to help me stun lock her to death

Yea basically. Just shows how far gone the game has become

trying too hard

??? holy cope, what stage of grief is this post? Elden Ring owns 50% of the posts on Yea Forums, it made Shazamtards kneel and it BTFO BOTW and Nintenpedos out of the water
Weep for me, faggot. Elden Chads just keep winning.

Holy fuck, while this board is crying about this game, that guy solo her. I'm suprised someone from Yea Forums isn't doing this. Damn, you guys are really sucks now. Git Good please.

Its so fucking cringey and is just another example of how obsessed people are with celebrities

>buzzword buzzword buzzword
okay schizo

>using rivers of blood

I literally beat her in under 2 minutes using RoB, does reddit seriously suck this hard at the game?

I don't really get it. He doesn't do anything notable when he's summoned and anyone with half a braincell can cheese Malenia solo with any of the numerous broken things available. Why does anyone care?


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>repeat the same task 100 hundred times
I would hope he no hits it every time

>Drank from flash
wtf? Batman is in the game?!

Who fucking cares
DSP beat Malenia:
Without summons
Without bleed
Without Shield
Without Rivers of Blood
Without Hoarfrost Stomp
And with the important skill that Yea Forums does not possess:
Without giving up

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I'm not watching that shit, just tell me how many tries did it take him.

124 I think.
The iron will of DSP
This is why he will outlive even the heat death of the universe

Why fix it? You should post pictures in threads like this. That's what they're for.

But what does Yea Forums think of one of his followers, Let Me Fist Him?

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>beat her solo in my game
So when do I get my own figure and art or do I have to suck off reddit mods for that one?

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Someone explain this to me, I dont think the meme will be around by the time I play Elden Ring.

Jesus... But I guess it's literally his job, so giving up wasn't an option.


If you helped suckers beat her en masse before he got big, you'd probably be famous by now.

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Pictures of her are mine and mine alone!


>anyone else makes a gimmick character
>gets a few chuckles
>reddit gimmick character gets noticed

>RoB bleed build
>a bunch of actual redditors dick riding someone that beat the game for them because they're shit at video games
I'd be shocked if Yea Forums wasn't making fun of this retarded meme. It's literally the incarnation of everything wrong with the retarded normies that flocked to this game. A guy running the most broken shit in the game, massively over leveled literally playing the game for people.

>dual frost and bleed katanas

Is there anyone here that CAN'T fucking solo her with this level of cheese? I mean come the fuck on my dudes. I used sword and board with a bleed rapier and 0 summons and even I didn't beat her properly

>sit at Malenia's door surrounded by dozens of retards copying le epic reddit meme
>summon as many as I can then sever them back to their world.

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This is why Sekiro will always be king since reddit shitters can't rely on someone to beat the game for them

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