Believe on Jesus and don't be a retard

Believe on Jesus and don't be a retard.

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If god is omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent, then why does evil exist.

Why would I believe in Jesus? If Jesus or God is ever definitely proven to be real then I will make it my life's goal to usurp them.

Human free will. Humans cause suffering


Jesus was a real historical living person just like Buddha and Mohamed.

He could simply make it not be this way, why not? Why does he allow suffering or evil at all?

I'm not very big on cults thanks, you can keep the kool aid.

Why can't god create a world with free will and without evil? Is he not omnipotent, omniscient or omnibenevolent?

I meant the fairytale version with magic bread and wine powers

people have free will in heaven but there is no suffering there

Everyone should adopt whatever belief system that best enables them to be happy and achieve their goals. The metaphysical truth of that belief system is irrelevant.
Video games

If someone uses their free will to kill me, is that not taking away my God-given free will? If a lowly mortal like myself can see the flaws in such a system, why has God in his infinite wisdom not found a better solution?

Well said, video games

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The devil

>proven to be real then I will make it my life's goal to usurp them.
How will you go about doing that?

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Imagine being a cultist in an age of abundant information lmao, you niggas got the mental capacity of a medieval peasant.

It really blows my mind that literally billions of people believe in something that doesn't even pass a basic logic check like this

And your omnipotent god can't do anything about the devil? lol

Religion only exists to take advantage of people dumb enough to remain worshippers. Those that can't think for themselves. One has to wonder which came first, the chicken or the egg, then.

I will build a tower and snatch them out from the clouds


Fallen angel

Most humans are fucking stupid animals just like the rest of life on Earth

>Believe on Jesus
ESL detected

>God isnt r-ACK

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>yeah bro we magically came from monekys cause of idk fucking a long time or whatever, fuck mommy and daddy for making me go to church one time I'll show you

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Why are christcusk memes so abysmal?

>yeah bro everyone on earth comes from 2 human beings, we would've been doing great if it wasn't for a talking snake!

omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent god.

very poor bait but you can have a pity (You) my friend

>incest bad
??? what did god mean by this

If you've taken a second to actually contemplate the christian religion you'd know that Evil doesn't matter at all. Material suffering means nothing in face of the eternal bliss of Heaven. Thus, if someone kills another, tortures another, it doesn't matter. If you believe in Christ's deeds, repent for your sins, and live in accordance with the law, you will go to Heaven. It doesn't matter how much suffering you endure during your life, if you are tortured, beaten, battered, as long as you pass the test of Faith you are granted the keys to Heaven. Hell, even heathens who live a life of virtue like that of a Christian are allowed into Heaven. Christianity is a really omnipresent religion in this way, even atheists who do not decry religion can get into Heaven, so long as you live in accordance with the Law.

I'm not even a Christian, but I think it's stupid how many people here can't comprehend the most basic tenets of Christianity.

>lol omnipotent sky daddy making the universe is so dumb! where did he come from?

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Good cannot exist without evil, much like light cannot exist without dark.

Don't you guys get tired of talking about this topic?

Argentina bros... whats going on?

See how mad they get? Lol

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Wrong. Good and bad does not exist. It is simply a human perspective. Animals don't know good or bad morals, only good or bad results for survival.

I come from /his/ and that place is basically a nonstop religious war so no I got used to it

if we are made in gods image, and god made you, then god is a faggot

>it's stupid how many people here can't comprehend the most basic tenets of Christianity.
They unironically have never tried to. Internet atheism is parrots teaching each other what to say.

>It is a test
an omniscient god would not need to test,

An omnibenevolent god would make everyone go to heaven.

Kek this

christbros... how can we refute this???

an omnipotent god cannot make good without evil? then he is not omnipotent after all.

not having temptations from Satan
In our purely natural form, we don't sin. The original sin was caused by temptation from Satan

>just be a sheep and deny any alternative, it'll pay off bro, when ur ded
Has anyone ever self-trolled harder than Chrisitans?

>this makes christcucks spasm out in pain and asshurt

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It checks

So anyway, if god is omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent, then why does evil exist?

Without evil there can be no good

If those things don't even matter then why do they exist? This idea completely crumbles as soon as you ask "why" about anything

the lowest level of angle was powerful enough to blind an entire army of people with a thought. I get the edgy tumblr "I will surpass god!" shit you're going for, but this ain't an anime. An omnipotent being like God could literally erase you from existence

Why does an omnipotent god allow satan exist?

This sounds like something a redditor would say

>Noooo noooo I won't believe in God cause he won't let me masturbate to children or fuck animals noooooo

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omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent god could and would create good without evil.

men can freely choose if they want to believe

argument can still be made for free will. If we WANT to follow Satan, why not? We'll go to hell and it'll fucking suck, but if he respects our free will then he shouldn't just eliminate every option but to listen to him
It'd be like saying you have the freedom to choose an elected representative but you assassinate everyone who runs against you like Kim Jong Un does. Do you REALLY have that freedom then?

>Therefore, the Sun was created 3 days after the Earth, and the first humans fell from the sky

>Yea Forums - Video Games

The test exists for you to exercise your free will.
If you were never given free will, then what would be the point of going to Heaven?
What of those who wouldn't enjoy living in God's Kingdom?
When you start to ask more questions you start to think beyond atheism and beyond the current religions proposed to you by the mainstream.
I implore you, instead of arguing with others on if God or Gods exist, seek your truth yourself, in ritual, in meditation, in practice, in astral travel, I don't care how.
Religions like Christianity used to have fundamental paths that lead people beyond mere "faith". Even in many current sects meditation (prayer) is practiced to bring people closer to God, to hear his voice and feel his presence in their life. There's a reason people hold faith in the Abrahamic god over all others.

That's a lot of words you typed only to not answer his question.

Okay christcucks, I have a very basic challenge for you, something that should be quite easy with your special magic divine knowledge oh holy ones.
Give me 1(one(uno)) single piece of proof that anything you believe in(or pretend to believe in for contrarian points) is real, just one piece of actual evidence.
Go on, I'm waiting.

Just one.

Just answer the questions then, it should be easy.

Wow religious people are really good at deflection.

Faith is all I need, cope

Shroud of Turin
The flood myth has occurred in most civilizations on Earth

Matthew 15:22-26

>the lowest level of angle was powerful enough to blind an entire army of people with a thought.
>An omnipotent being like God could literally erase you from existence
yeah that sounds nothing like an anime

Not proof, try again.

"Faith" is one of the biggest copes out there lmao

>astral travel
Fuck off back to /x/ retard me spread the love of Blacked/NTR/Cucks/BBC across Yea Forums yes

>It'd be like saying you have the freedom to choose an elected representative but you assassinate everyone who runs against you like Kim Jong Un does. Do you REALLY have that freedom then
>If you do anything other than what god says, you go to hell. You are free, btw.

The words of the unknowing.
If you refuse to seek the truth then stay blind forever more.

Because then there wouldn't be any good

The bible isn't real, but it sure makes a good vidya setting.

Because men are evil and do violence to one another

>yeah that sounds nothing like an anime
I can name like 5 anime off the top of my head about a mortal trying and succeeding to surpass God

So in other words you have no evidence, you just believe it because
>Shroud of Turin
I'm not surprised christucks believe in retardation, its a medieval invention
>The flood myth has occurred in most civilizations on Earth

You have the freedom to exercise your free will on Earth, but you are still subject to the punishment by God

>how did the big bang start? where did the prerequisites come from?

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Go ahead name them then

God doesn't send you to hell, you send yourself to hell when you choose to sin

A retard's interpretation of Catholicism != all of Christianity
>I'm not even a Christian
You sure about that? You're well under 100 IQ, after all.

bottom half was meant for

Enlighten us, then.

No one knows. And that's okay. No need to make up bullshit just because the answer hasn't been found yet.

Tidal waves are caused by humans? If your god is real then he's fucking evil

>You are free to not support kim jong un, but you are still subject to the punishment of kim jong un


Whatever makes you feel powerful schizo. Truth is a pathless land. Meanwhile, you literally believe in magic and attempt to organize truth via social constructs. It's a disgrace to the complexity and mystery of the actual universe.

Jesus is not the Christ
Failed prophecies:
>End of world (before everything as follows).
Jesus was born 2000 years ago. Needless to say, the world didn't end.
>God redeems the Jewish people from the captivity that began during the Babylonian Exile, in a new Exodus
Jews are still scattered all around the globe, even with modern Zionism (goes to show that Zionism is not succeeding in fulfilling OT prophecies at all.)
>God returns the Jewish people to the Land of Israel
Same thing as above
>God restores the House of David and the Temple in Jerusalem
Neither have been built 2000 years ago and still aren't built.
>God creates a regent from the House of David (i.e. the Jewish Messiah) to lead the Jewish people and the world and usher in an age of justice and peace
Needless to say the world is still in a state of war, just look at Russia vs Ukraine, or the past 2000 years for that matter.
>All nations recognize that the God of Israel is the only true God
Atheism and paganism is still rampant. The existence of gnosticism is proof that Jesus failed to spread the knowledge of God.
>God resurrects the dead
While Jesus did resurrect a few individuals, he failed to resurrect everyone whom their bones had been buried.
>God creates a new heaven and a new earth
This prophecy is inherently mysterious and is up to interpretation and speculation.
Incompatibilities with the Old Testament:
>Old Testament is clearly against human sacrifice, and a man cannot take someone else's sins
>Jesus failed to fulfill prophecies about the nation of Israel and Jerusalem
>Messiah is a title for anointed one, not for a savior
>Jesus was rejected by the Pharisees because he claimed to be the messiah but failed to fulfill prophecies
>The concept of the anti-christ is opposed by the Old Testament
>Book of Daniel denies traditional Christianity as a whole
>Jesus did claim to be the messiah, but did not claim to be God

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Okay, which gospel do you think is the most accurate?
There are inconsistencies between them.

Numbers 5:16-28

instructions on how to abort a baby

What the fuck are you babbling on about, schizophrenic?
Give me an actual answer instead of whatever garble you just vomited onto my screen.

Athiests can at least admit they don't know rather than making up some bullshit.

it will never be found, matter does not spring from nothing
god is real and it has obscured itself