What makes a game “clunky”

What makes a game “clunky”

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The user not understanding how to play it.


The game not understanding how to be played.

Less than 100 character triangles

If the game expects the player to not be braindead, it will be called clunky by an ever growing sector of the gaming community.a

Me with Fallout 1+2

Stop forcing "memes." You dont even browse Yea Forums.

Play dark souls 2 and you’ll understand

the controls aren't responsive

Every fucking cunt that whines about older games being hard to get into because they're """clunky""" is a fucking retarded monkey or a game journalist.

All the retards here saying otherwise never played a game in their life

Either one of these two, it depends if the person is a clueless zoomer or if the game is actually just borked.

Someone criticized a clunky game OP likes and he got mad lmao

You haven't played clunky 'til you've played the original Armored Core game. Even then you can get used to it

fucking King's Field
Four (4) (四) fucking games, and they all control like shit or move like someone with molasses

>first person fighter with a dpad
i mean what do you expect

Bubble Bobble

>he's never played rainbowsix 3
I dare you to play with the custom leaning feature, you wont last 8 minutes on the first level

Sometimes going back and playing older games you see that they just didn't age well. Controls are unresponsive or nonsensical, menus are shit and annoying to use, shit like that.

>first person fighter
What? That doesn't make any sense, fighting games can't be in first person. Next you'll try to convince me that you can have a roguelike with real time combat

Controls, interface , quality of life, valuable mechanics/info in the manual

Dated design choices by developers.

Menus are worse in modern games

Clunky is like walking with shoes that are too big and having a 0.5 second delay whenever you try to do something.

Name three (3) games

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haven't played 3 or 4 yet, but 1 and 2 were perfectly fine in that regard

What the fuck does 'unresponsive controls' mean? You press a button and the game arbitrarily decides to not perform the action?


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Stiff and unresponsive controls.
Outdated UI.
Lack of now standard QoL mechanics.
Artificial difficulty.
Exaggerated backtracking and roadblocks to compensate the otherwise short game.

Player input inconsistent with expectations.

input delay
poorly designed interfaces
lacking support for keyboard/mouse/other useful peripherals

yeah, or there's a random delay on the response

Tank controls.

Dragon's Dogma
Morrowind (ironically Daggerfall is not clunky at all)
Street Smart

Some games have shitty engines and inputs get munched because of it

When someone says the game is "clunky" it means that the game's mechanics are not being properly grasped by the player. Is better saying that you don't like a game because you don't like it's design because saying it's clunky makes you look like an infant who'll never adapt to any sort of challenge at all.

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>What the fuck does 'unresponsive controls' mean?
I'll spoon feed you this time, but next time lurk before posting newfag
>Several actions on one button
>Sliding/slippery movement
>Buggy shit

True crime new york city, especially the pc version

Perhaps the comparison between early monster hunter titles and mh world?

Not clunky: old Tomb Raider games

Definitely clunky: old Resident Evil games

idk I'd describe Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker as "clunky" to play. The way it feels to walk around in Wind Waker. That's clunky.

none of those games are clunky

What makes a UI outdated?

Tank controls were bad then and they're still bad now. They'll always be bad.

It literally just means "unintuitive" with a negative connotation.


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there's not a single thing wrong with tank controls, sorry that you're unable to adapt to new control types user

It's zoomer speak for 'i got filtered but don't want to admit being stupid and impatient'




>menus are hard to use
The other two aside, Morrowind is still a masterclass in GUI. You right click and literally everything you need is right there other than the journal, no page scrolling bullshit.

Pretty much this.
If it doesn't follow the same control layout that every game these day uses it's clunky.

I've been playing the same guy in fighting games for over 20 years and I've heard "i pressed the button but the guy didn't do the thing!" probably thousands of times, and I guarantee you it's way more likely the problem is you were .15 sec too slow, you were in the middle of something else or you've got controller hardware problems before the game will ever just decide 'fuck this guy and his button'

yeah, that just sounds like someone messing up slightly and blaming the game

So Smash Bros in other words

Complicated and busy.

Faggot the games are fine its you thats the problem
hes a little bitch. 4 plays like all the others

Streets of Rage 2
Stage 2, final screen
Hard difficulty or higher
Don't come back

>What makes a game “clunky”
-input lag
-unresponsive controls
-inputs getting eaten
-no regs
-buggy, but not the good kind
-more prediction based than reaction based if it's action/fighting/etc.
-bad textures for it's time

all of this except for the textures

The original control scheme for Armored Core should be the only one available in 6. Soulsfags OUT OF MY GAME

tank controls