Why are people so afraid of le red invader, even five games later?

>hosts and their phantoms terrified to leave their site of graces when they read that an invader has come

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Stage fright. Instead of playing alone or with a buddy, immersed in the world, suddenly you are beset by a stranger and asked to perform. That stranger is judging you, looking for your weaknesses, looking for reasons to taunt you. And it takes you out of the game and puts a lens on you, even if the worst thing they can do mechanically is kill you. That finger point down or teabag hurts far more than a mere death ever will.

And so people choose to not participate. Better to play in solitude than face potential humiliation.

>no solo invades
>no multi-invader covenant zones
elden ring invasions are shit

because pvpers are dumb and we don't want you
wish there was a way to opt out so me and my friend didn't have to waste time only to get disconnected by the shit ass netcode

ive never died to an invader and had them teabag me or point down. Thats the shit hosts with 2 butt buddies do.

Staying by your grace is tactically optimal, so it's literally just the intelligent thing to do. Continuing to play the game as normal is just giving the invader a massive advantage since they games enemies will team up with the invader. Additionally, if they do happen to lose the fight, it will be much easier to recover their runes if they die near a grace than if they died in the middle of nowhere. And in addition to all that, it's easiest to find more summon signs for more support near a grace.
Consider also what each side of this conflict has to lose; for the invader, they lose basically nothing. Just a bit of time. For the invaded, they will lose progress, they will have to resummon, they will potentially lose EXP/money if they die somewhere far from the grace. So, there is more incentive for the invaded person to wait it out than for the invader to wait it out. Since the invader can only lose time, it's much more likely that they'll just get the invasion over with by attacking since waiting around also wastes their time.

TL;DR: Waiting by grace when invaded is the rational and most reasonable thing to do.

>most invaders are just autists that invade early game areas like high wall of lothric or godrick castle with endgame gear
>surprised people don't like them

because asking hosts to play the video game is a crime against humanity so they opt to afk for 15 minutes then die anyway

because 99.9% of the time it's either a tryhard minmaxer or an outright hacker. ER did pvp correctly.

Because Elden Ring was never designed with functional PVP in mind and you should unironically stop trying to drag your feet until it works.

blow me. imma stay gankin, nigga cry about it

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Because fighting PC class enemies is a fucking nightmare.

Whoops, forgot the rest of my OP:
>hosts and their phantoms terrified to leave their site of graces when they read that an invader has come
>people straight up unplug their systems when you kill their phantoms or just do it as soon as you spawn into their world
>whole discussions telling From to add a toggle to allow invasions or not
>a co-op mod is quickly getting made to block invaders from coming in. redd3ters and pussy YTcommenters celebrating en mass

Why does seeing an red invader make people shit themselves so bad? Do people not realize that invaders exist so pussies dont effortlessly trivialize the game?

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Shoot them with a bow or another ranged weapon. Throw pots at them. They always come out eventually

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How do I win invasions effectively without just using cheap exploits? I have been using the Brick Hammer for duels with some wins and losses but invasions are just constant failure.

>ass damaged about people enjoying co-op
i hope you guys are falseflagging or something, besides when i was invading i kept invading some cunt who was duel wielding colossals in liurnia, all by himself
>first experience to an invader was stormveil castle who just used scarlet rot breath on me before i even knew what it was
a lot of dumb shit in this game

When hosts refuse to leave the grace, I would no problems just slapping mimic veil, alt-tabbing near an NPC for as long as needed, and tabbing back in when I hear combat.
But the problem is this dogshit game puts invaders on a timer. You only have a few minutes before you get a connection error and are sent back to your world

at this point, duel signs and an arena should be the only way "pvp" can happen in elden ring. invasions as a whole are basically pointless in a perpetual 1v3 environment, your only choices boil down to overpowered weapons or specific terrain abuse

>without just using cheap exploits
either use OP shit like RoB or war spears, or lose

The real issue here is that Elden Ring has by far the worst implementation of PvP in the franchise history.
It's not that the actual combat is bad. The combat is fine. Not as good mechanically as Dark Souls 2 but at least on par with Dark Souls 3 and Dark Souls 1 and better than Demon's Souls.
The problem is that it doesn't actually mesh well with the rest of the game. It just feels so awkward and half-assed. There's no actual game mechanics that take advantage of the system. There's no Darkroot Garden or Belfry Luna or Road of Sacrifices. There's no Old Monk or Spear of the Church. There's nothing like Rat King Covenant or Gravelord Covenant. There's no PvP arena (which is extra odd because it's obvious they intended to have PvP arenas since there's those arena buildings you can't get into scattered across the game map which if you clip inside are obviously set up for duels like in the Dark Souls 3 duel thing).

It's all so half-baked. I really can't blame people for just wanting to skip it.

You and your friend should stop being huge gaping vaginas.
>we dont want you there
Too bad, retard. Stop and realize invaders only exist to stop and your faggot friend from making the game too easy. Actually beat the game or continue to suffer

me and my boys all got to the exact same level so we can no-password summon and gank duelist signs at main gate. reddit trannies fucking SEETHE in my inbox 24/7
>muh honorable duel

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just put on the katana and press the funny button
there's no middleground of 'balanced invasion weapon'
you are either oneshotting people, abusing status or knocking people into deathtraps/off ledges

rarely, if ever, and i'm talking one-in-a-thousand, will you ever have an "honest manfight" in an invasion where it's just you and some dude(s) swinging R1 trades at eachother
it's always some retarded combination of weaponarts and spells that have hitboxes the size of a house being swung in your direction

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seething that they aren't running into enemies for you. kek.

> Not as good mechanically as Dark Souls 2

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Dark Souls 2 has many flaws and is probably the worst overall souls game but it had the best PvP of any souls game. If you don't agree I don't believe you ever actually tried Dark Souls 2 PvP.

>me and my friend beat the game, co-oping whenever possible over voice chat and enjoying the experience
we ignored basically all invaders, we refused to participate so i don't get what the big deal is letting us opt out
>roleplaying meme carian knight, carian magic only
>9/10 times the invaders are memelords with weapons from endgame or were using the madness glitch and other busted shit
carian retaliation was the only thing worth anything in pvp

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that boomer who plays offline, but then comes to the forum at some point to bitch about still getting invaded and they ought themselves as trash because they keep getting killed by a NPC invader.

Yes. You don't know what you're talking about

We spent most of our budget on mr Joji Aru Aru Martinu-sensei, please understand

There is a way to opt out, don't summon help. Invasions are supposed to balance summoning, and even despite hosts having a huge advantage over invaders, the very mechanic that's supposed to check them, they still complain about invasions. It'd be like turning on god mode so you can't die but then still complaining because you can't one-shot the boss. You already have such a gross advantage you have no right to complain.

>goes on to say some other completely unrelated shit
okay, go play some fighters or other ACTUAL pvp games instead of hoping to gank so called 'pussies' in a videogame

oh man I sure wish we had a 2 hit true combo on every weapon R1 again, that was so mechanically fun. Be thankful it's been added to your weapon arts shitter

because you never know when the latency is gonna be literally unplayable.

pretty much anyone who shits on DaS2 are secondaries or youtube "players"

I don't care about having a fair fight, just don't complain about invaders when invaders are literally at a massive disadvantage against hosts.

play at a lower rl. there will still be cancer and twinks but twinking at lower levels forces a lot more trade offs

DAILY FUCKING REMINDER that the first time you EVER invade an NPC in the souls series, he has two white phantoms with him to gank you.
The creators want invaders to be screwed over, they want you to fight against overwhelming odds. Lautrec’s scenario proves it. Ds2 seed of a giant proves it. Bloodborne only allowing invasions when the host summoned a phantom proves it. And now, once again, Elden Ring’s taunters tongue proves it.

I get it, its fun having a 2v2 in Darkroot or a 2v1 in the Belltower. But guess what? From doesnt give a fuck about invaders. And most normalfags hate us too. Either deal with it or at least quit bitching.

It is never getting any better.

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it's amazing how people defend dark souls 2, with all it's lies and retarded
so what if they are? like i said in a previous post my experience of pvp is retarded memelords with the most memeweapons like moonveil, rivers of blood, people using scarlet rot breath and this was all before i even got to rennalla
getting dabbed on by a dude wearing lionels armor and fisting us to death isn't very fun in our eyes sure we could just 'git gud' but there is always better people or just outright lag/disconnection, you personally might be fair and that's cool, but most of my experiences are invaders destroying the hosts i try to beat bosses with or killing me while i fight other monsters because THEY run away

You play the game. So many people lying about so much stuff. This one is true.

I had over 500 tokens of spite (inb4 faggots say that isn’t alot) and rank 2 in the Brotherhood. Yeah, DS2’s combat isn’t as great as DS3’s

Ive never been much of an invader but im trying it out now at SL 125. All my invasions are me either getting buttfucked or a catch the host with a cheeky environmental kill

>wait at the bottom of elevator
>4/4 players in game
>work from home
>on Yea Forums
>eat lunch
>they finally come down the elevator 2 hours later
>instakill them all

I live for it.

Based analytical psychology poster

>do co-op summoning through the pool
>keep getting summoned to areas where there is no boss and it's just an area filled with monsters
>get invaded sometimes
>mostly just disconnect

DS2 had the best pvp design but the mechanics themselves were absolute dogshit and the netcode was the worst in the series. they had to add iframes to the backstep because it was useless otherwise since phantom-range was a constant, regardless of who you were fighting. getting hit by someone out of range and facing the wrong way was just how the pvp works and all the tactics had to revolve around it.

>He doesn't attack, but runs around in circles at the far edge of vision
>You advance, he retreats
>Hides behind other enemies
>You start pulling and killing those enemies with your coop buddy, Invader snipes a bit or does a swing and runs away
>hides behind more enemies
Why are invaders such pussies?

Nuh-uh. Im invading using all the broken shit for easy kills and plan to continue doing it

have you not invaded yet or what?

lmao, even
just summon my gank squad and DC if they get killed to deny them the dopamine rush

>my experience of pvp is retarded memelords with the most memeweapons like moonveil, rivers of blood, people using scarlet rot breath
Yeah they have no choice. Invaders have been pushed to this faggotry because if you use anything less you'll never win an invasion. Hosts have twice as much healing and can summon phantoms infinitely, if the invader cannot one-shot people the invader simply cannot win, it's a basic fact that the host will always have more sustainability, and the only counter to overwhelming sustainability is overwhelming burst damage. It wasn't always this way, see Demon's and Dark Souls. But hosts like you complained and complained so they gave more and more advantages to the hosts forcing invaders to use increasingly scummier tactics just to secure a win.

This is a design flaw. I've always wondered why they didn't ever include some ever creeping miasma or some shit that forces hosts to progress. When hostcucks realize the best choice is to stay by the bonfire/grace it ruins the entire dynamic.

>1v2 or 1v3 is just unfair
>I have to abuse and lead people into enemies to win
Are you a pussy?

you're right that it didn't have to be this way, we could have just opted out and only the people who wanted to pvp can and have it enable all the time so they can be an annoyance to them instead

>have a human number advantage over the invader
>still too pussy to fight near the mob enemies as the game was intended to be played

hosts are always pussies

You want your balls fondled while you invade too?
Just run in their and gank them, you pussy
If you want a fair fight go look for duels

you didnt answer my question bitch
I still get the same rush from near death DCs, maybe even a little more knowing you terrified the host so much he basically killed himself for you

You opt out by not summoning.


If you want to summon help you want to pvp, you can't have one without the other. Like I said, don't want to pvp? Don't summon. You can beat the game without summoning, can't you?

Are dual scythes good? I went 80 dex and I’m looking for some fun dual wield weapons.

We found the pussy

>invaders are literally at a massive disadvantage against hosts.

with ER's netcode you never fucking know man
naah, me and my friend were fine without the pvp aspect but we enjoyed the coop, thanks for being so salty about how we played the game in 'easy mode' which i also don't get because why would you want to fight bad players anyways?

Who the hell was this guy? And why can you pick up his set in the Leyndelle Roundtable?

>guy who entered the thread with a seethe post about invaders killing him accuses others of being salty

Because it's fun to stomp you. Also invading is a video game experience you can't have in any other series.

>faggot confuses backing up and running in circles to avoid a 3v1 blender to “hiding behind enemies”
lmao. trying 1v1ing an invader and see how much he runs away, retard

Who fucking cares
DSP beat Malenia:
Without summons
Without bleed
Without Shield
Without Rivers of Blood
Without Hoarfrost Stomp
And with the important skill that Yea Forums does not possess:
Without giving up

ive waiting at the top of volcano zone crater for a half hour because they couldnt get up the ladder.
they would summon help in and id slide down the ladder when they would close to the top with my magic swords. it would break their poise and they would fall do their death.

people do this shit at fires because chasing retards is a waste of time.


Invaders will never fight 1v1 because they know they will get btfo. If they were confident in the 1v1 they would actually go do duels at raya lucaria bridge, but barely anyone PvPs there.

>121 and 1

yeah i beat the game with my friend while summoning, in fact since ER's netcode is so shit most of the bosses i fought just had extra hp for no fucking reason because of the disconnects so i beat a lot of them solo with extra health on top
>i don't want a fair fight i just want to stomp on the host
there we go, now you said it there was no reason to have to talk about all this balance shit or things like that
i haven't been seething, i just got literally nothing better to do, besides like i said me and my friend already beat the game

I hate other people, I don't want to talk to them, see them, interact with them in any way. Invaders are other human players, I don't want to even know that other people are even in existence. So I play offline. Make sense faggot?

My niggas. The pleasure of not letting them play the game when they stay inside a small room for longer than an hour. To beat them at the waiting game just to kill them moments later is priceless.

kek you are literally seething right now, putting your fingers in your ears and screaming lalala

Theres no confusion, they look to the closest enemy and hide underneath its skirts.
They may poke a bit as the host moves forward, but generally its retreating to the next enemy and hoping the host just naturally loses playing the level.
Its real fucking pathetic

Will this be the new fromdrone meme? Saying it's no longer enough to just beat a boss, now you have to have the winning record against them?

there we go, now you said it there was no reason to have to talk about all this balance shit or things like that
Yes there is, invaders are the good guys because they're the last attempt at keeping the host from ruining his own experience by trivializing the game with summons. Also, fighting two retards at once is a challenge.

I'm adventuring.

Because invading is the most casual part of Dark Souls.
>"muh difficulty"
>"muh risk-reward"
>play a game mode where the invader has no risk all reward while the host risks all sorts of progress

>hosts have twice as many flasks
>hosts can summon phantoms infinitely
>hosts can summon phantoms who are of an indefinitely higher level than the invader
What do invaders get? The ability to walk among enemies without being aggro'd? That offers no advantage to the invader as long as the host simply doesn't follow them.

huh? i'm just saying you could avoid all of this with people opting out but because you don't like it people will continue to do things like waiting at the bonfire and other stupid things like that


>invaders are the good guys
okay, did you ever stop to think that maybe a different game with better netcode might be for you?
have they fixed the retarded stat/dmg squish on higher level players yet?

I like quitting the game when I get invaded. I lurk these threads so I know it makes the invader pissed.

>Invaders will never fight 1v1 because they know they will get btfo.
Have you actually tested this theory, or have you just imagined that as you hid behind 2 phantoms as usual you fucking pussy?
> duels at raya lucaria bridge, but barely anyone PvPs there
No it’s not dead. What are you talking about?

f*ck invadoids and fuck redditors

What do invaders risk? Do you lose the level up needed to progress? Do you lose your last bonfire progress? You talk big for someone with 0 risk or potential loss.

>did you ever stop to think that maybe a different game with better netcode might be for you
No, this is the perfect game for me.

What does the host get? Time wasted at best.

i like at least watching them run around while mimic'd
then why are complaining about making it better by avoiding the quitters and everyone else who don't want to participate

Hosts and cooperators are shit. Invaders are the cool guys. Suck my dick

>invade at godskin duo
>kill phantoms
>host runs into the boss fog by himself
you WILL beat the game correctly

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Most of the bridges were the first places I tried to pvp because obvious chokepoints, I just want action. It doesn't work like that at all, you get spawned randomly and half the time behind the host who is already across the bridge. People don't pvp there because it doesn't work like you think it does and they are shitty areas to force an engagement. You're a retard.

Even as someone who engages in pvp the behavior of the players involved is disgusting. I refrain from using gestures entirely because of the insane amount of misuse they get, friendly or not

i loved summoning red guys and then quitting

don’t forget
>most big enemies hit the fucking invader as well
This isn’t even enough. Hosts really just keep on bitching though.

The fuck are you even talking about now retard? Don't wanna get invaded don't summon, simple as. That's all you need to understand.

they risk the migraine of chasing around some entitled fag host deperately running back to the bonfire to resummon his level 500 phantom boyfriend for the fifth time.

Legacy dungeons would have been the perfect set up for covenant invasions too. Fromsoft really took most of the good ideas and just trashed them for the sake of “the wider audience” aka more fucking money. Fromsoft is dead to me eventually everyone else will catch up

So then you have to boot the whole game up again? Lol

Invaders lose souls, you don't even know how the system works do you?

Really? I don't really hear about pvp from anyone except when pvp people complain no one plays pvp like they want.
I don't think you lot realize the gulf between you and us. You don't matter at all and its easy as shit to avoid you entirely.

We count those as victories.

As an invader when hosts do this I laugh and think "what a pussy"
Plus I only have to sit through a loading screen, while you have to restart the whole game with the reflection of tears streaming down your face staring back at you from the blank television screen.

you don't matter, there is nothing that PVP offers that there is any reason to do so, we can safely ignore you through our own means or decide to LET invaders have the privilege of even seeing us

My favorite pvp interaction was being liked into a DS3 church fight last second, only having enough time to run in and point down, having contributed nothing else. The frothing mad hate mail I got was golden.

Its easier and funnier to just quit when the invasion happens then resummon.

Invaders don't need souls though retard, else you mess up the matchmaking if you level up past the range you want.

Join the :3 queen, as family... Together, we will :3 the very gods!

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I'm not finished the game yet but I've played about halfway through with only coop. Invaders usually die 90 percent of the time because they just rush in like retards. No stalking no waiting for the right moment to strike. So it just becomes a fight at the grace where they are outnumbered. After doing that 50 times with a low cool down it gets boring

>deliberately go into later stage areas and grab stronger gear to hassle players
>wooooooooow why don't people like us?

At least own the hate, you know what you're doing don't act coy. I say that as someone who enjoys the shepherd vs wolf dynamic of multiplayer too.

I wonder why they didn't give legacy dungeons, not one, any invasion 'covenant' or equivalent. There is just the blue covenant. There is no gank city after pontiff sully in this game

I wish people would finger point down, teabagging is all I see these days