Why are playstation fans having a massive meltdown this gen?

Why are playstation fans having a massive meltdown this gen?

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no gaems

The problem with the PlayStation fanbase is that the small percentage that isn't FIFA normalfags are loud coomers.

>No date
>Twitter thread
Fuck off ;)


From today. Enjoy.

Bumping this again just to piss off the resident Sony shill

>Another Xbox tranny cope thread

>Sony shills this butthurt the entire gaming community hates them

This thread is proof of how cancerous they are. Thanks for the archive. I'll be saving this one.

Sony's getting its shit pushed in by both Nintendo and Microsoft and they can't take it.

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Autism and HRT rage.

Anyone with a shred of sense has already moved on to better platforms or have become multiplat. The remaining snoys are the most diehard and deranged of the bunch.

imagine this generation being your first console wars rodeo. These newfags...

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No games
Masses still stuck on PS4
Have to go through reeducation when signing up to pay for their internet a second time.

>Xbox shills seething because no one likes them

Every single community, fandom or whatever you want to call it has turned to total shit, can't say you like certain character withouth being called names

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Because PS5 is shaping up to be the worst selling non-handheld console Sony has ever made and they can't deal. They've spent the last decade huffing Sony's farts and convincing themselves that Playstation is the Louis Vuitton of game consoles because journalists keep giving Sony piles of awards for every mediocre movie game they shit out. Now Nintendo is eating their lunch and Microsoft is buying out all of the western developers that matter, and Sony's strategy so far is buying out Bungie (literally who cares) and making PS+ even worse.

>anti-Sony anecdotal post
Do tendies just do this shit all day? Its always the same mentally damaged losers.

Tendies are just, if not more shit. I dont see the point of this thread other than the same autists planning its third circle jerk session of the day.

Ps. The Shitch has no games.

Nah PC, xbox and Nintendo gamers are fine.

Xbox cucks are on the falseflagging now, I see.


no games no onions makes tranny a dull boy

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>twitter hates snoys
watch Yea Forums doing a backflip and pretending to be snoys just so they can be contrarians

>can't talk about BOTW or Xenoblade without being called a tranny
>angry fans unironically cry that criticism is "mean spirited" and "not made in good faith" while calling people faggots and trannies

>Xbox fans unironically defend Halo Infinite having no content and the devs purposely dragging their heels because "zomg covid is making their lives hard guys :("

nah, from an outside perspective all of you are scum. You and the snoys deserve eachother, to be frank.

>Peer pressure influences his opinion negatively towards something he loved and enjoyed beforehand
We didn't want these weak pansies anyways. Nintendo can have them.

>the fansh are toxshic

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Only Xbox gamers are fine

>It was a great community before

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Nobody can buy a PS5, can't be a snoy when you don't own the actual system

Snoys are faggots here too, they're unlikable everywhere.

snoys are bad sports? who would have known?

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And this time, "nogaems" is valid. Here's a March 2008 count of PS3 only games (187):
compare with the PS5's paltry exclusive count as of now (6!):

The PS5 page actually has a time advantage over the PS3 page, since the PS3's page archived here is two less months into the PS3's lifespan than the PS5's current page is into the PS5's life (the next latest PS3 one is three months over the limit). Devs had literally 31x the faith in the initial disaster of the PS3 as they do now in the PS5. Let that sink in.

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Yea Forums - rando twitter general

youre a faggot
t. mr sage

Anyone who generalizes about the plastic gamebox community, positive or negative, is fucking stupid honestly.

>this time

Anyway, I expect people called "toxic" by sonygogue trannies to be upstanding and fun to hang with.

>can be a perfectly content PC gamer without xbox and Nintendo fans attacking you

>can be a perfectly content xbox gamer without PC and Nintendo fans attacking you

>can be a perfectly content Nintendo gamer without PC and xbox fans attacking you

>can't be any gamer on those systems without Sony fans attacking you

Someone post that study that showed Playstation fans were more "Brand Loyal" than the fans of any other brand/corporation in the world. It was even more than Apple which was shocking.

It's just twitter trannies drumming up drama for likes and retweets.

I don't care for Infinite and I can confirm most of its fanbase on twitter are bitching about the game to the extend that now you get people bitching about the bitching.

>a snoy made fun of me and hurt my feelings :(
>here's my twitter post, Yea Forums
Jesus, you people act like women, though you will never be one.

>>a snoy made fun of me and hurt my feelings :(
These are snoys saying this. They're attacking each other in confusion.

>xbox threads ruined by pcfags just saying get a PC and ignoring any possible pros
>switch threads ruined by mustards saying "just emulate"

Well I am stupid, fuck tendies


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>No games
>Censorship everywhere
>Forced politics in everything
>Hard to even get a console

Gee, I wonder why they're pissed?

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you’re saying this as if people didn’t go to snoy threads to shit on them

This is true, remember the shilling for the Steam Deck? Look how well that turned out, kek.

That PS3 list is borked, it's marked 2008 but the category list is a pointer to the current version, it's got games released well after the fact on there like Twisted Metal's remake and DoA5 (which was never PS3 exclusive to begin with).
Luckily Wayback actually has a snapshot of the September 2008 list so we now know that there were A HUNDRED FUCKING EXCLUSIVES LESS THAN TWO YEARS INTO ITS LIFECYCLE, THAT'S NINETY-FOUR MORE EXCLUSIVES THAN THE PS5 HAS RIGHT NOW!

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And now you finally realise those are Sony fans false flagging. Use your brain.

Only PChad master race is fine. Bingtendies stop trying to ingratiate your loser basement manbaby selves with us.
>inb4 "s-sour grape! you pchads can't stop begging for our overpriced & outdated exclusives! botw downloaded 6 gorillion times!"

Because everyone hates Sony fans. You won't find a single platform community in gaming that likes them. Meanwhile PC, xbox and switch genuinely don't give a shit about each others existence. They don't give a shit about playstations existence either but Sony fans love rubbing shit in people's faces.

>this generation

The PS5's situation is pretty fucked, but I think we need to take into account the fact that dev cycles for games are increasing, particularly for AAA shitpiles. Covid definitely played a part too, but it's an overall disaster for the PS5.

Xbox has Game Pass and Switch is the Switch, so PS5 is the big loser in the post-Covid scalping situation here. Only having Dad of Boy 2 and Forspoken (???) to look forward to really puts a damper on console hyper.

I still think consolewars shit is faggy overall but it's easy to see that the PS5 is moreso the PS4 Pro 2 than the Series X is the Xbonetwo. Still think the Series S is a weird console though, but that's a whole other can of worms irrelevant to the thread. I do think if Sony had invested in making a similar "Series S" style PS5, they might have had a less shitty launch at very least.

Good catch. Will use the Wayback page for further mentions. 6:100 is still a pretty shit ratio against the PS5.

Only PS1 and PS2 were good. Change my mind.

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>Dad of Boy 2
Also on PS4. And likely also PC down the road.
Also on PC (didn't even get an EGS moneyhat either lol this game's going to get fucked hard).

It’s because snoys pretty much infest any website not named Yea Forums, twitter, reddit, ResetEra, NeoFag, all of them have a majority of snoys

>PS5 is the big loser in the post-Covid scalping situation here
Actually it's because Sony panicked and told everybody to make their previously-exclusive games multiplat, along with their own games. Ragnarok got delayed so it could be ported to PS4 and PC, Spider-Man 2 is being delayed so it could come out on PS4 same day, and all those third-parties who would have happily skipped out on PS4 were told to change their plans. All they had to do was not port their games and people would actually buy a PS5. Eldin Ring (not a multiplat but still) would have been a massive fucking seller on PS5 but now the PS4 absolutely dwarfs it in unit sales.

Sony can suck my dick, but this applies to all fanboys and has applied to all fanboys for as long as fanboys have existed. This isn't some recent development.

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