Why does no one give a fuck about Overwatch 2?

Why does no one give a fuck about Overwatch 2?

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>1.5 million twitch viewers during beta
>nObODy CArEs loL
Dumb zoomer

because its 3 years late and doesn't make the game fun again

Hyperzone got 800k on twitch on his opening week.

Remember Hyperzone? no?

because nobody cared for OW1 a week into the beta

Because its literally the same game with the same maps mostly with the same heroes and the same compfags who get pissy if you don't pick the correct hero.

paid shills, all their viewers had no choice to over watch this garbage.

Overwatch generated a lot of fuzz before it was released not sure what are you talking about.

>Overwatch 2
It's a patch, even if the joke was run to the ground it's still nothing more than a patch.

>a glorified patch will sell more than thousands of good videogames merely because it's Blizzard.

The gaming industry is a joke.

3 years of no content and 60$ for a balance patch

Because people realised it's just the first one with a couple modifications, they didn't even add brand new amazing looking maps made for the next gen of consoles or a handful or new heroes
It's literally overwatch 1 with minor changes

>have to spend a match as a healer babysitting some fetal alcohol syndrome Genji main
>just to earn a ticket to play the part of the game where I can shoot dudes
>or I can play a PvE game that probably has nothing to offer against more refined experiences like L4D2, Vermintide, Payday, Killing Floor, etc.

Why the fuck would I play Overwatch when I can play fucking Call of Duty or Apex or fucking Team Fortress 2?

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Because it's Overwatch 1 but 5v5 with shitter characters, shitter designs, and a coat of paint so thin it's almost invisible. This entire beta was a huge humiliation for Blizzard, it had ~1.5M people watching in the beginning and around 15K a week later.
But hey, look at the newest diversity quota character! I'm sure fans will be ecstatic!

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it's free tho excep

I used my “going into games machine” and this chick smells like SHIT

normalfags dont matter

Around black never relax.

It's not? PVE will not be free and that's quite literally the only new thing they are adding, they said they will merge OW1 And OW2 PVP which seems really weird considering the characters don't even look the same.

Just a really bizarre way of handling things.

Overwatch 2 is literally the same game. There's nothing to be excited about.

Okay now this is peak cope. Ow1 playerbase died 2 years in, but they had a gigantic player base at first.

The thing is, Overwatch died. Overwatch 2 will also die, faster than the first one did because it's not even a new game. Even if people play it on release out of curiosity or demented brand loyalty, it will still inevitably die a "premature" death relative to what Blizzard's expectations are, assuming they have any at this point.

Normalfags are the main consumers you dumb fuck, normalfags are the reason Fortnite and LOL are the biggest games out there.

Because overwatch was originally an actually fun multiplayer game with active voice chat. It was almost a dream videogame in the early days. Then each new character that came out fucked the game up in horrible ways, and they nuked their voice chat into the ground by banning so aggressively if you dare hurt anyone's fee fees.
People definitely want Overwatch - the old overwatch, the good overwatch - but not this shovelware same game different name that they shit out.

Hamster was one of the very last glimpses of fun in an already horrifically broken game (by that point) and la di fucking da they nerfed his hook to auto-detach after like 5 seconds. Who the fuck is in charge of making design decisions over there, the minister of anti-fun?
>hey let's make mobility a huge pain in the ass with every character having multiple CC
>durr why does nobody want to play tank it's the players that are at fault

It's a soulless game just like the first one (which it essentially is). It brings me great satisfaction seeing it die. Blizzdrones deserve the rope for all the damage they've helped Blizzard do to the industry.

OW was awesome at launch. Each new characters released was mostly pozzed bullshit like OP's pic so I got out of it completely. 2 sounds like a marketing gimmick with more pozzed characters, no content, and a shitty classlock system that ruins the fun. Not really interested. Gonna play the Gundam game when it releases fully.

I care because I really want another mp game to play. I am waiting on that Gundam game as well.
It lost 98% of its viewers a few days later

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Why not play Overwatch 1? It's literally the same game.

You had to watch the stream for 4 hours straight to get a free beta code. The next day 90% of the viewers were gone.

>this could have been a patch: the game
it has 17k viewers at the time of this post.. Elden Ring has 26.5k viewers in comparison, Valorant 161k viewers. They gave out beta invites exclusively through Twitch to boost interest. Dead game, no-one cares.

I am waiting for the new hero and the new revised bastion.

Yeah because it had a massive launch. They had paid high-profile streamers, competitions, plenty of shiny CGI trailers, aggressive marketing campaigns, Blizzard is very good at generating hype for mediocre content, they're like the Marvel of video games. Just look at the last few WoW expansions. They managed to make it the "current thing" for NPCs. Eventually people realised the game was bad but by then Blizzard had their bags of cash as usual.

overwatch's popularity was built off of healsluts and supports are terrible in overwatch 2 so

>not banking on overwatch pve solo and multilayer Co op
They have everything on a note and yet here they are jesus

Supports were dogshit in overwatch 1, it's just worse now that they buffed tanks, playing Support is just running away from everyone while trying to heal your retarded teammates.

Why would I want to play a diversity game? MS needs to scrap all this shit and make everyone in WoW white again.

Yeah the reason is fine or whatever. I still think it's peak cope for user to think people only cared about OW1 through the 1st week of beta only when it sold more than 50 million copies in the first 3 years and became unironically one of the best selling games of all time.

Because Blizzard is a shitty woke company that continually censors their games. Oh and because Overwatch 2 just looks like an Overwatch re-release.

I imagine people are finally starting to get tired of getting scammed by Blizz. Also, isn't Overwatch itself bleeding players? How's a glorified patch going to reverse that?

Overwatch is extremely unfun right now.
Here's the issues they needed to fix desperately if they hope to sell the game again.
>Queue time is fucked, unless you are a healer main
>You can't play any hero you wanted to
>People don't know how to play the game, 99% of the players still don't know the payload move faster if there's more people (max 3) on it, nor are they willing to play objective

the only thing they've shown us so far is the versus which is barely any different from 1.
2's big hook was supposed to be a bigger focus on PVE and they aren't showing any yet.

Also activision-blizzard is kind of persona non grata for the time being

Because I want to play the gundam clone

funny picture
i want to have sex with that

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>1.5 million watch to get beta keys
>now that the beta key drops ended they can play the game themselves instead of watching

Novelty + Drop farming, dumbass

There is literally no winning for Blizzard, it's a company that EVERYONE wants to see fail.

For libshits, nothing appeases them. They just continuously shout the same mantra with no end on how "NOTHING YOU DO WILL EXCUSE THE ALLEGATIONS." While for righties they just don't ascribe to anything woke being pushed against them, immediately pushing them away.

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this is a normal reaction

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I don't give a shit about the faggots on either sides of their autistic political spectrum. If a game is fun I'll play it. The beta was better, but still okay at best. I'll probably play that Gundam game though.

jesus, it's fucking dead

OW2 is the PVE shit, i'm assuming blizzard is hoping that sells well.

it is very bad casual fps game for wow players.

personally, it's because OW1 already killed my excitement for the game 2 years ago, so I have no interest in giving them a second chance.

hearing what they're doing to my mains as well made me somehow care even less than before.

overwatch turned into esports garbage
I'm not even gonna try the beta I just don't give a fuck
at this point I'm more interested in the next cod and this bullshit

sweet jesus

Overwatch 1 died so hard, the second game will be a stillbirth.

I grew out of fps

More like cope.

Were there any recent FPS that sold well on story campaign alone? Halo Infinite and Doom? I can't imagine Blizz making a good story campaign for OW2, specially not without completely changing the gameplay style between PvE and PvP. Plus OW kinda needs the PvP to be alive and well.

Because it's just Overwatch 1.1. There's nothing even remotely close to justify calling it a new game, it's literally 1 year worth of updates released all at once.

Overwatch died the second they banned multiple players using the same hero. And it’s corpse was raped when they introduced team role requirements

There's nothing to shill, you're getting it for free.

God damn I want to fuck that fox.

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I'm sorry your generation grew up on watching games instead of playing them.




is overwatch 2 out?