ITT: Games you pushed yourself to finish

ITT: Games you pushed yourself to finish

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Elden Ring

I actually liked that game. Also my answer is Pic related.

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Red dead 2

It was over in about 12 hours, didn't really require a push to finish.

I beat this game multiple times and enjoyed it

Dragon Age 2

fable 3 was fucking awful

i quit games i dont like because im not a fucking faggot

Dungeon Siege 2
That last slog through the end dungeon of Zaramoth's Horns was the most tedious shit I ever dealt with in a video game.

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>being a king is just a series of choices
>ending is a text box
>combat and rpg elements were lobotomized
but you can hold hands with npc's wowowo!

you would've liked it better if there was a black women on the coverart

I played FF8 as an autistic kid who felt the need to finish things even if I didn't enjoy them that much. On the plus side, Ultimecia's Castle was kino.

>tfw actually dumb enough to buy that special edition

cyberpunk, finished everything in like 90 hours and after the first 10 hours i knew that i had to no life the game every day until i finished the game otherwise i would just never finish.

fuck, this.

Mass Effect Andromeda at launch, I beat it 7 times in the first two weeks.
First was for fun, second was a 100% run, the rest were speedruns to hit max level.

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Red Dead Redemption 2.
Jesus you've really made me remember now. What an absolute fucking slog.

I'm feeling that for sekiro right now, I had a moment where it clicked and I got good but even with that the difficulty still seems overtuned, I considered a mod to make it easier but they probably make it too easy

at least you got some cool cards

Cave Story. Partially because of narrative reasons, the game gets exponentially harder as the end approaches.

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Uncharted 1. I'm amazed such a popular franchise started off with such a terrible first entry. 2 was better but I'm not compelled at all to play 3, 4 or Lost Legacy even though I got them for cheap.

I got to the last few chapters of FF7R and was so fatigued from that game it felt like it never ended

Constantly throwing bosses at you right up to the end with all this filler between you and sephiroth is awful

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You'll get better if you relax and just time your dodges

I liked it until I had to start repeating shit. I didn't really care for the writing which didn't help either.

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Arkham Knight. Every time another goddamn tank mission popped up killed my will to play. The terrible open world mission structure also contributed, ended up ragequitting when you unlock the "real" final ending only to be be met with a microcutscene and told there's even more busywork to do.

>Skyward Sword HD comes out
>They do nothing to improve the silent realms, tad tones or any other busywork

I think if you remove the tad tone segment alone that would vastly improve the games reputation

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Having played one and two and loving them and never touching 3 because I thought all the changes sounded awful and the shit they added like handholding was retarded is this worth playing now that it's free?

What the actual fuck is wrong with you?

Fun fact about this game I grabbed it randomly like a year ago when my dad died to distract myself for a while and lo and behold your fucking dad dies at the beginning EA really coming for me Yea Forumsros.

This game feels like it was rushed out just to say theres a yoshi game on switch and fill in a release schedule gap. I also had to mute my TV eventually because near the end of the game the overworld song becomes ear bleedingly bad.

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All of the unlocks from Halo 5 MP(similar to mass effect 3 MP unlocks, but with even more grinding), i don't like 343 halo, but I had nothing else to play at the time.
Luckly Halo Infinite is way too shit in every way, completely unplayable, so I won't have to do it again.

elden ring

I'm a shitter and I love the combat and power combo even if the writing is literal dogshit tumblr faggotry, and I was actively taking clips to webm and shitpost in /meg/ at the time. I also love Anthem even though the story is just as bad as MEA and the endgame was three 20 minute dungeons

Damn, sorry to hear that user.

PS fuck Angarans and fuck the writers for turning the Krogan into welfare niggers

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Witcher 2. Didn't try as hard with 3, it was just as bad but brighter.

Spyro Reignited.

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Andromedas combat is the best in the series but that is the only redeeming aspect other than the graphics.

What about best girl Vetra

No, and her sister is FAT

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I'll raise you DA: Inquisition

Spyro 3 and Crash 3 are such tiring games to 100% but even just rushing through Spyro 3 feels like a chore.

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2 was much worse albeit much shorter.

Witcher 3. Once you've played for about 2 hours you've experienced just about everything and there's still another 180 hours to get through.

LISA the painful
its really short and the storys really good, but the combat was just so fucking boring and repetitive, I'm sorry

This is just a lie though. Why are you lying?

Fangirls always rush to the defense of this shit game, faster than Dark Souls fags ever do.

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I'm right. They always do and it never fails.

I could see it coming and I was like no... there's no way I picked a game where your dad dies how would I be that unlucky then he almost lives then he dies still finished it though short ass game seemed like I got to the final mission super fast.

Also unrelated; the guy at the funeral place had a corn coffin from some african country where you are buried in a coffin representing your occupation.

I got FF15 with my PS4 a year or so after it came out and i literally got to the end, dropped it and took so long to finish it that the Windows edition was coming out so i decided to just finish the game.

I never touched the DLC despite owning the Windows version now.

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Once you've done one follow-the-glowing-witcher-sense-to-the-next-ambush you've done them all. You unlock the crossbow early on and that's it, the combat never changes or gets deeper- you just keep leveling up to match whatever number you need to be to hurt the enemy at the end of the questline. The previous 2 games had engaging storylines but 3 was as generic and boring as they come.

Literally every side quest is unique and has its own charm. Typical zoomer skips all dialogue and goes drone mode KEK

Like I said: butthurt fangirls.

That sucks man, if it makes you feel better they were so lazy that even if you're on NG+ and have custom colors it can't apply to the helmet for the scene where it gets cracked. The whole game was a buggy poorly written mess.

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>gets called out for blatant lie
>haha look guys the fangirls showed up!
You need to be 18 to post here

i agree with you user i fucking love andromeda. i used to play the multiplayer all the time. there are bones of a good game in there somewhere

I'm not the person who you think lied.

If I skipped all the dialogue and threw it in the trash I wouldn't hate it so much. I hate it because I was stupid enough to sit through it all, retard. The writing is just awful compared to 1/2. I'd say it was like a Netflix adaptation of the books but then we got an actual Netflix adaptation and it was somehow worse than 3 so I'll give it that.

The ONLY issue I had was the melee felt like dogshit, I can't remember if it was like ME3 where you awkwardly slide forward and past enemies or if was swapped to have the range of a flapping tit. Piranha is my gunfu

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>The writing is just awful compared to 1/2
You did not play the first 2 or you don't know what good from bad writing is.
>W1 Alvin storyline with Triss
>W2 into W3 continuity with Iorveth storyline
Daft zoomer tard

I feel ya. After a while the Spyro games just feel like busy work. I think I could have enough fun with the Crash N Sane trilogy to 100% it again (even getting Gold on Stormy Ascent) if I felt like it, but not Spyro.

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Not sure how this series managed to get more than 1 game

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OK retard sorry your game is shit

Concession accepted, thanks for playing.

Now kiss

Actually agreed here. Once I got to the mountaintops I was ready for the game to be over, but then you have to deal with Faram Azula and I was just burnt out.

>The writing is just awful compared to 1

go back and play 1 right now and say that with a straight face

>Dude what if we had an entire chapter of downtime thats ONLY minigames because people love minigames in Platinum titles
>Also platforming for no reason which is always good in action games

I wish this game flopped

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Honestly I was confused by the game's quality so many aspects had promise then it fell short and felt rushed in a ton of places. Really couldn't tell if I liked it or hated it.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

1 hooked me instantly and I was interested all the way through (even with the lull during Alcamoth) but XC2 was just straight up boring for like 5 chapters.