Ban off-model fan-art

Ban off-model fan-art.

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Ban psuedo-generals on Yea Forums

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Ban your dick down my throat.

only correct opinion on Yea Forums today.

elaborate. why?

Ban the moon.

Not Video Games.

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it is legally and morally correct to annihilate fairies from existence

fairies are immortal as long as nature exist so you can do everything with them

No. Erasure from existence is a bit too far. Its alright to kill them tho.

I love Sanae!

OP is a communist troon who's seething at how some women look.

fan art?

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Prove it.

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>another touhou general that mods refuse to deal with
500 replies of circlejerking as always

I don't

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>another Elden Ring general that mods refuse to deal with
>another Smash general that mods refuse to deal with
>another Steam Sale viral thread that mods refuse to deal with
I can play this game too, humongous faggot.

No, I'm seething that Touhou characters always look drastically different in fan art then they do in the official games, with the exception of certain artists

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Why not learn to draw yourself so you can create plain on-model art.

I try, but I don't enjoy drawing as much as I used to

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Even the fucking official gacha game is full of off-model garbage.

Every time I see Reimu with tits I want to vomit.

i really dislike how wide nu-ZUN draws faces, he wasn't always that bad

It's a strict benefit.

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post twitter

This has taken over my life for the past 3 days. Help.

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I don't use twatter

is that... a gacha?

Interpreting 2hus into a different style is half the fun of drawing them, though.

It'll get repetitive and wear out soon
I'm surprised how many nips enjoy that game

Take a lead aspirin and call us in the morning if it doesn't help.

its slay the spire. there are a few touhous added as character mods and a gensokyo mod. IMO marisa is the most fun with her infinite sparks

Sounds like you're just gay


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I didn't know what sts stood for until user said it

That meant nothing to my until he elaborated.

Meanwhile Saki tits sends me to heaven
But no way in hell I'll ever play gacha

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I just ejaculated to off-model fairies. watchu gon do

Isn't Lost Word models approved by ZUN anyway?

Well I really like the way ZUN draws his characters. I prefer Koishi's SA portrayal to her portrayal in most fan art

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Let Akyuu deal with you.

For me it's warukagi Saki

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Unless they're making illustrations for official content I don't see why that's a problem

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Then draw that instead of moping.
You mean canon Saki.


A disillusioned artist unable to commit to his craft for vague, ill defined and likely selfish reasons? Gasp.

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Her with the all black getup and bandana hiding her baby face to make herself look like an intimidating gang leader is pretty great, given that canon saki basically doesn't exist.

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You better do 1cc fap sessions and ONLY fap to artstyle accurate Sakuya, or you didn't really beat your meat.

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>or you didn't really beat your meat.
Cool, I can get into heaven after all!

2hus are not for lewds unless you beat their respective game on Normal or above


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What a cow

ZUN lies

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Reminder that all video game art is sublime as long as it is lewd.

All artists are contributing to the great good of society with their craft as long as it is porn.

Those who defy the mundane with their creativity are an inspiration for all posterity as long as they are making smut.

Ignore the spiteful critics and take solace that your works are beyond reproach as long as they are nude.

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Off model fanart is why we have the best non-h doujins though.

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There is no official gacha game.

Lost Word is the official gacha, sadly. So yes, all the cowhus have showed their canon sizes. Why Tenshi has TWO different body types tho

Parallel universe Tenshi

Not any more official than Danmaku Kagura or Luna Nights.
It's just popular.

>he doesn't know
I wish I didn't either

user, it's a skin. Her normal costume shows her as a flat but her street one shows her moderated sized boobs. So far she is the only one that has this discrepancy over all the 2hus.

It's as official as Harasaki doujins, even if Youmu Negro is getting a fumo before your favorite character

Remember patchy has a loose fitting dress that shows off her ass like it's latex


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I don't even want a fumo anymore.

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