Jak and Daxter

We need to talk about this.

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No I don’t.

Good game.

3D platformers and ND peaked here

it was pretty cool and shit

It's too bad it never got a sequel

Very good mechanically, kinda uninteresting world.
Leagues better than its sequels.

Jak 2 is the best of the trilogy. Seethe and cope.

I love how colorful this game was, nice level variety too

>worse platforming and plot than 1
>worse driving and combat than 3
No, lol.

fuck the fishing minigame

Jak 1, 2, 3 and X are all 10/10 games

>Tfw Opengoal makes it possible to play Jak&Daxter on PC
Feels good man

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>uninteresting world
little nigga were we playing the same game??

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>mogs every other entry

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>worse plot than 1
1 didn't have a plot
>worse driving than 3
The wheeled vehicles in 3 are all dogshit, and the normal vehicles don't control differently at all.
>worse combat than 3
3 has genuinely some of the worst combat encounters I have ever seen in a video game. They put short range enemies on a platform they can't reach you from in the sewers. It was the most absurd shit I had ever seen for what was ostensibly a mid game level.

Yeah. I never found the world or the characters very compelling. It looks nice enough, I admit. I just find it fairly generic.

Jak 2 and 3 were better cyberpunk games than 2077

post your favorite level/mission

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I'm daxterously retarded and even I can do that first try

Jak 2 is complete garbage, it mashes together all the worst tropes of early 2000s games, literally only people that pretend to like it are people whose parents bought it to them when they were kids because GTA3 was too violent and Jak2 was the next closest thing

It's still wild to me how posters on Yea Forums can casually make an argument starting with "You don't actually like this game", with zero elaboration on the core point or idea, and act like they said something that had enough value worthy of being posted for several other people to look at.
My third grade English teacher would've beaten me for writing something like this.

>Sentinel Beach
>Forbidden Jungle
>Snowy Mountain

>Volcanic Crater
>Boggy Swamp
>Misty Island

good shit, the blue haired girl was cute, and the manual was an actual map.

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What part of "worst tropes of early 2000s games" you don't understand?
>Open world for absolutely no reason, nothing relevant to do
>Shitty checkpoint system
>Edgy writing to appeal to 13-year olds
>Shitty driving with floaty cars that might explode on the first hit
>dude remember Tony Hawk? there's skateboarding lmao
Jak 2 is literally shittier GTA3 for kids and those games haven't aged well in the first place.

how, it was decades ago

We really need to talk about Praxis.
Specifically, why is he still alive?

Misty Island was awesome what do you mean?

They should make a direct sequel to Precursor Legacy where none of that future shit happens.

They were better off maintaing the classic retro J&D TPL world/atmosphere

>Open world for absolutely no reason, nothing relevant to do
And who cares? Jak 1 was already edging on open world with its seamless levels.
>Shitty checkpoint system
No, it just doesn't have that many. Use your words properly.
>Edgy writing to appeal to 13-year olds
Jak 1 wasn't exactly Shakespeare, and yes, the game was for 13 year olds.
>Shitty driving with floaty cars that might explode on the first hit
That's why there's different cars. Big slow ones are less fragile, and the small fast ones require more skill maneuvering. Basic game design.
>dude remember Tony Hawk? there's skateboarding lmao
They added a whole other gameplay system to their already incredibly full game and it turned out fine, you're just listing shit with demeaning words like you're making a real point, when in reality you're just highlighting random shit that doesn't indicate any relevant quality whether it's positive or negative. You can do this shit with any game, but you're a thick headed moron who got his argumentation style from this shitty board and wouldn't know a shitpost from a real argument.

Across your posts, you haven't said WHY the open world is bad. You haven't said WHY things like the skateboard system is bad. You just throw out these statements that lack any real merit.
Learn what retro means


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Best Collectathon Ever. made
All collectathons unfortunately have bullshit, a perfect one has yet to be made.
Mario 64 has horrible controls/physics and the stiff camera.
Banjo-Kazooie has bad controls and the worst camera ever.
Spyro 3 has unengaging platform movement and too many minigames.
Mario Odyssey has slow menus, long loading screens, too much garbage like goomba stacking and the forced captcha gimmicks are trash because I just want to play as Mario.
Bowsers Fury has the timer/bowser system, long loading screens and the shitty items system which stops you playing as base mario and tries to force you into cat mario for the whole game.

But Jak and Daxter has the least bullshit out of any of these. The worst thing it has is the fish net mini game at the start which is short. The zoomer segments are short and fun, the vast majority of the game is just platforming around collecting stuff with great controls, a fun moveset and good mechanics. Just as a collectathon should be.

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>learn what retro means
>"nostalgic. old-fashioned. old-world."

How is Jak and Daxter any of those

squee- sq, sqe- sqeek
squee- sq, sqe- sqeek
squee- sq, sqe- sqeek

I never understood how people can remember shit like this. I played this game 20 years ago, how the hell would I remember anything from it at all? Or maybe I'm just retarded.

I'm saying relative of TPL setting to Jak II & III setting.

TPL is older world compared to Haven City.

I'm most excited for the modding scene this could spawn. We might get an unofficial spiritual sequel that Jak 2 was just unable to deliver.


That would be good. RPCS3 is almost perfect but there's still slowdown in some areas and the distortion effects on portals and jump pads are broken.

the last racing bit before the final dungeon was the worst part

>Mario 64 has horrible controls
stopped reading there how can someone be this bad? The only thing you could consider bad about Mario 64's controls are the walljumping mechanics being pretty precise.

The wall jump sucks, The acceleration is fucking awful with him taking ages to actually start moving, The friction is trash with him sliding everywhere like he's a fucking bar of soap.
the jumps and inputs don't have proper buffers, the fact he can't even turn around without slowly running around in a 180, you could write a book about how shit Mario 64 controls are and that's why modders have fixed them and nintendo themselves have fixed these exact things in later games.

the dive is momentum based instead of just being
B = kick
B+direction held = dive

yeah the controls are trash.

2 is better than 3 in literally every aspect that I genuinely don't get how people shit on 2 yet praise 3.

Precursor Legacy is still the best though

>syphon filter
>twisted metal
Any other sony ips that they squandered away?

it's a good game, but it's also tepid and lacks variety, personality and memorable side characters

Jak 1 is an Incredibly fun platformer. I didn't like Jak 2 as much but would definitely like to play this again sometime. I also think the whole elf characters design looks amazing on for the game characters.

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you could easily list like 20 more IPs

contrarian retardposter

i liked 2 better. Kept me more engaged with its superior story, gameplay variety and difficulty. It also had more than just 3 bosses

>that final boss theme


it really exposed Wrath of Cortex (the most recent 3D platformer) as the joke of a game that it is

I hate that she got so sidelined.

Daxter as a character works better in the sequels

she was my first vidya crush

Zoomer spotted, go jerk off to roblox fart porn

Anyone else wish that Insomniac would remake the Jak and Daxter trilogy? And same to Sly Cooper. I don't trust Naughty Leftist Dog.

All of the girls in Jak were great.

I agree with you. You are literally stuck on some island that has nothing going for itself. Compare that say Zelda Windwaker at least you get to leave the main island and explore different types of mini islands. Then there's games like Chrono Cross which has an entire varied island archipelago. Jak? You're really somewhat mostly stuck with the main island itself for the majority of the game and it's lackluster. I also didn't care about the denizens of the world at all, while in other games like Banjo I got a chuckle out of the different types of characters you could meet.