You will play his game user, won't you?

you will play his game user, won't you?

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I'll play HER game.

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I haven't even played XC2 yet, but I'm sure I'll get around to both eventually

>watching the XC3 gameplay demo
>why the fuck do I hear Itsuki
>look up the VA list
>Ryohei Kimura as Taion
Well, that would've been fun if I was gonna play with the Japanese audio

normie copium

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Yes, and I am hoping he ends up being surprisingly based like Dohalim was in ToA.

Xeno- is one of the few JRPG franchises I can tolerate so yeah probably after a few months since XC2 at launch was fucking terrible.

Looking cool, Joker!

I don't see why not.


i wonder how may times he'll *adjusts glasses*

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Considering he's the logical paired with the dense hot head tsundere that he can't understand, he's probably going to drop some pretty based burns on her.

cute brown boy with fluffy hair and glasses hnggggg sex

Wow, random brown boy 77! Riveting!

I'm kinda disappointed that the outfits been reduce down to just wearing other characters clothes. And some of them look like trash or just doesn't look right.

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Why is Yoshi so sexual?

>'m kinda disappointed that the outfits been reduce down to just wearing other characters clothes.
Has been debunked.


I knew a guy who looked just like that and he would have let me tap that ass if I wasn't such a pussy. Part feather indian he was, and he grew out his hair at my request. I think I even saw lip gloss one morning. I regret not doing anything sexual to him so much bros.

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>blacked cuck shit
>censorship to appeal to trannies and lefties
I'll pass


he's literally me wtf

Why wouldn't you after the absolute trashfire that was XB2's dub?

why would you ever use english voices in xenoblade

because I speak English, retard

It's called peanut butter complexion
Sup QT

Yeah he looks cute, I'd wteck his bussy.

Monolith Soft, forgive me, but I can't support blacks in my JRPGs

Do I need to play 1 and 2 to understand this one? I’ve only played Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Sir, this is the gay thread.

Is he black or a poo?

Yeah, Xenoblade is my favourite JRPG franchise. I love the idea of art fusion. Hopefully they balance the game properly, because the idea of having SEVEN party members out at once, being able to switch between them and each potentially having a part of a Daze/Launch combo sounds way overpowered.

Yes. I can finally self-insert in a JRPG bros...

Too straight hair to be black and too attractive to be a poo.

He's Okinawan.

He's anime race

Hey user, at least you got the eyecandy, not many of us can say we had a brown twink in our lives in any capacity.

The director said no, but everything we've seen so far seems to hint at a direct fusion of the universes of Xenoblade 1 and 2. It's probable the story itself will be self-contained and understandable without prior knowledge, but you'll miss out on a lot of appeal of seeing the worlds of 1 and 2 interact and contrast with one-another

I'll play THEIR game.

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Probably just half black half white

>The way Sena calls Mio "Mimi" and treats her like her big sister
>Her fusing with Lanz over their desire to protect their friends
>Her getting into all kinds of dumb strength contests with Lanz to prove herself despite her small stature
I can already tell Sena is going to be best girl no contest. She'll give Poppi a run for her money.

If he constantly delivers sick ass misogynystic burns that fry the dumb chicken then that would be controversykino.

who is the nigger and what nip game is he in so i know to avoid it
How the mighty have fallen, Japan has cucked

I really hope shes the reyn/zeke. I need a cute strong and dumb but well meaning girl.

>covered up muslimah
yikes fuck ethics department

I also want a source.

This entire thread is full of paid shills. Anyone who defends this Jewish Propaganda and aren't being paid are brainwashed.

Would a paid shill say he wants to have violent sloppy sex with melia and call you a faggot nigger?

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Looks like a clone of Joker from Persona 5

joker if he brown

>White Hair
>Dual Blades
>Blue Eyes
You had better play her game

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IDK, you tell me.

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>Japan has cucked
Why don't Americans get that the world doesn't share their retarded identity politics? Race derangement is uniquely American.
History lesson:
Superior Europeans got rid of slavery and just practiced normal exploitation, and in countries without slavery, blacks were just funny-looking people.
America is the only country where the peasantry will jump in front of bullets and fight tooth and nail for their oligarchs, bankers, and nobility. After throwing peasants into bullets didn't stop emancipation, they spread salt down amongst the peasantry to get them to agree to literally any policy on the grounds of race. So now every topic in America will eventually end up about blacks or whatever identity nonsense.
Civilized countries don't care further than the surface. In Japan, blacks are just as gaijin as any other gaijin. Pretty much just the shiny pokemon equivalent of an American. they don't put thought into who the black character dates no one should.

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Thank god this is getting release on Switch! Glories X2 will be set for Switch2 or whatever the fuck it will be. What is important, we wont have to suffer Switch hardware limitation. Are wait will be rewarded brother!

Changing classes gives them similar clothes to the default character of that class. It's official.


He's cute

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>white men non-stop seethe over his skin color
>will literally halt discussion of game to rage over race
im thinking taion is gonna be the best party member

Wrong. We see Mio with Noah's class without his jacket. Changing jackets is just optional customization and there are likely more outfits like the ones from the opening cutscene.

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cute cat. big sword.