ITT: Most wanteds for Dragon Ball FighterZ 2

Android 13 could be pretty fun.
>could call upon C14 and C15 like the Ginyu Force but killable
>C13 goes Super C13 once his buddies are destroyed kind of like Dark Phoenix in MvC3
>his hat can be knocked off like Vega's mask
Dude, I'd totally main C13.

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Omega Shenron. They could pull moves from every dark dragon, it would be so easy

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Arale and don't say she can't fly, she can fly using her farts she did that in the manga and both the 80s and 90s Dr Slump anime

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Ginyu force style Android 13 that can summon 14 and 15 and use them on a counter super that transforms him by spending an additional bar
Hercule as a joke character with a broken super that summons buu
Merc tao, not sure what do to with him but he would be cool regardless, bonus points if they add Merc tão with the same move set but different animations for some moves and supers
Dkp that can getter dragon balls much easier but can only wish to be brought back to its former glory
Android 19 and 20 that can absorb projectiles to power up their own moves or gain meter
Super 17 with the minigun assist
Turles with his squadron or by hilsef and his fruit of might or whatever the fuck it is called
A super buu that transform into the other buus
Honestly there is much they can do.

13 would be pretty neat, especially with the push he's been having lately in Legends and Heroes.

SSJ4 Goku and Majin Vegeta.

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Bojack. He could work as another assist character like Ginyu while also being strong on his own. Also, he looks cool

Mercenary Tao would fit as something of a rekka character, really technical.

Pikkon, Hercule, Bulma (in a mech), Garlic Jr., maybe Darbon, and uhh... Tapion I guess. Or Granola idc.

Emperor Pilaf & his gang in one big mech would be sick too actually.

Tenkaichi 3 is still the best

Raditz so I can have the original three saiyan team

I'll divide my most wanted's by series.

>Tao Pai-Pai
>King Piccolo

>Gero & 19
>Future Gohan
>Mr. Satan
>Super Buu

>Pan & Giru
>Hyper Meta-Rildo
>Super 17
>Nuova Shenron
>Omega Shenron

>Future Mai
>GoD Toppo
>Bergamo (w/ Lavender & Basil)

>Towa & Mira
>Sealas & Ahms
>Xeno Wheelo
>Xeno Buu (Janemba/Dabura absorbed)

>General Bon

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While we're on the subject of DBZ, I think I'll just give off my dream Viz Media English dub cast because fuck Funimation and fuck OkraTron 5000.
>Goku - David Vincent
>Bulma - Tara Platt
>Gohan - Brianne Siddall
>Krillin - Dave Wittenberg
>Tenshinhan - Keith Silverstein
>Piccolo - Matthew Mercer
>Yamcha - Billy Kametz
>Vegeta - Patrick Seitz
>Nappa - Chris Tergliafera
>Freeza - Steve Blum
>Ginyu - Richard Epcar
>Zarbon - Keith Silverstein
>Trunks - Yuri Lowenthal
>King Cold - Steve Blum
>Dr Gero - Steve Kramer
>Android 19 - Billy Kametz
>C17 - Johnny Yong Bosch
>C18 - Jen Taylor
>C16 - Travis Willingham
>Cell - Michael McConnohie
>Buu - Dave Wittenberg
>Dabura - Jamieson Price
>Cooler - Steve Blum
>Broly - Liam O'Brien
Because fuck Funimation and fuck OkraTron 5000.

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You'd be hearing
>Richter Belmont
>A whinier Kakashi
>HUNK from Resident Evil but unmasked
>Jotaro Kujo
>Josuke Higashikata
>Ragna the Bloodedge with a bit of Scorpion
>Sigma from MegaMan X
>Joseph Joestar tryin to be Soldier from TF2
>Hisoka Morow
>Suzaku Kururugi
>an Evil Sarutobi
>Josuke but castrato
>Tohru Adachi
>A slightly more sociopathic Cortana
>Autistic robotic Guile
>Seth from Street Fighter 4
>Kakashi but autistic
>Algol from SoulCalibur
>Evil!Gaara in Z; Asura in Super
>Oh, and Adult Gohan would be a heroic Lelouch
Name a more based voice cast for DBZ.

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>Matthew Mercer
>Patrick Seitz
>Steve Blum
>Yuri Lowenthal
>Name a more based voice cast for DBZ.
The original Japanese

Can't get much more based than that!

King Piccolo, Raditz, Android 13, Bojack, and Super Buu for me

Trampire a cute

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Whats with the DBFZ2 threads today?

Never ever, they really dont want that shit in fighterz

Chi-chi would be great though. Could have the finishing cutscene between her and Goku, with Goku proposing.

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Oh I would like a lot of og dragonball shit, it's just never going to happen

I want Fashaaaaa!!!

If anyone here browses the /dbs/ threads on Yea Forums, I've been working on a modpack for the game and post updates there. Very little of it was made by me, just putting the highest quality stuff in one pack without doing stupid shit like replacing the menu graphics or getting rid of DB characters to replace them with shit from Super or Heroes.

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So what exactly does the mod add?

you're a retard and your choices are shit

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oh no my feelings

The obvious:
Demon King Piccolo
Omega Shenron
Android 13
Super Android 17
GT Vegeta
Future Gohan

The based:
Pui Pui
Goz and Mez
King Kai, Bubbles, Gregory
Mighty Mask

Super Saiyan 4, Mecha Frieza, Krillin armor Krillin, Bad Man Vegeta, etc, etc, I have mods for.

Nothing too crazy, it adds the ability to add new characters to the game without replacing the old ones. You can also have different movesets and animations per each outfit if you want, which was by KKTeam. I'm adding a bunch of characters and costumes from TeamBT4 and a few other modders.

So far though I've added the original soundtrack back in, fixed some graphical issues, and character names. I'm doing a little bit each day. When it's done you can expect a bunch of new characters and costumes. A couple of other things I've done that you can toggle with the emulator is a "streaming mode" that removes the button prompts and attack names from the screen to make it more cinematic if you like to play without a ton of shit covering the screen, or if you want to stream AI battles. Also a pack of manga colors that you can switch on and off.

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>Bulma (in a mech)
And you fags still wonder why they keep adding Goku and Vegeta

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I'd really just like a new Budokai game even if it's slammed full of Supershit. I just like DBZ Tekken more than DBZ MvC, though I'm grateful that we have one DBZ game in fifteen years that's not arena brawler fucking trash

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So how strong was he really? Who would he give a good fight to in DBZ?

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His home planet was 10x gravity and seemed to actually slow him down against Vegeta. Pretty sure Goku was training in 100x gravity on the way to Namek. He's sub-Namek level.

Oh shit, I meant Dabura. Good catch user. Not very interested in Zarbon.

That sounds pretty good, keep up the good work!

This one is enlightened

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So probably somewhere around Zarbon/Ginyu Force(Excluding Ginyu) then, considering Goku walked through everyone up until Ginyu himself.

Thanks, I got a couple other small pics. Trying to make a few things look more accurate to the show/comic.

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Awesome stuff. Since you're able to add anything to the roster, remember to add some Heroes characters if you're able to find any.

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I want UE Vegeta
Give that motherfucker destruction bullshit, grapples, and hyperarmor on everything

Oh, there's a shit ton. I'm going to add costumes to the existing characters, then DB characters, DBZ/Movie characters, GT, Super, and then Heroes last. I'll release newer versions periodically, but if there's anything I don't add to it, you can build right onto it and customize it even further. If you want, I can link you to the sites and stuff I've been using to do it.

>made an asexual alien child horny for another child in his little fandub of DBZ
>had an awkward interaction with a kid asking about his hat reading "BARA"
>is a literal homosexual man
>is very vehement and adamant about "VIC MIGNOGNA BAD"
So, who here thinks KaiserNeko is a pedophile?

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I don't get it.

pilaf and puar.

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Well, one thing is certain, he's balding as fuck

literally the a24 slow burn basedjak LMAO

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Sounds cool, and keep it up!

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>Tao Pai Pai
>Omega Shenron
>Super 17
>Babidi with Spopovitch&Yamu/Pui Pui/Yakon Assists

If people aren't sick of character variants, then i guess Demon King Piccolo and Majin Vegeta would be nice too.

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When I start streaming Tenkaichi 3 AI battles I might reach out to Vic and see if he wants to do some commentary

>literally just MvC2 Jill but with the Pilaf Gang instead of zombies and the Tyrant
I don't hate this, at least on a conceptual level.

How would Demon King Piccolo play? I'm envisioning Piccolo Junior but with an unga bunga playstyle. I'm totally down for Taopaipai.

>Babidi with Spopovitch&Yamu/Pui Pui/Yakon Assists
Babidi could be a cool mix between Ginyu and Nappa. Imagine if he had a lvl 1 Super that allows him to change the stage from Regular Stage > Zoon > Dark Star and each stage got an assist attached to them with several attack patterns depending on what imputs you do.

>Regular stage: Spopovitch and Yamu
>Zoon: Pui Pui
>Dark Star: Yakon

Probably won't ever happen, but it's fun to imagine.