Theres only one way to do the Shadow movie right

Theres only one way to do the Shadow movie right.

Shadow has to be an asshole that cares only about himself, and he must NOT join Sonic's team like Knuckles, but instead he must be too arrogant and cocky to associate with them or anybody as a matter of fact.

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Do you want the fanbase to riot? Isn't one of Shadow's core character traits Maria?

Imagine being this invested over a throwaway kids movie with fart jokes.

His core character trait is this:

>Shadow has to be an asshole that cares only about himself
imagine outing yourself as not having played SA2 or possibly even engaged in any sonic media, ever.

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>shadow the reddithog

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we already have a vague idea on his character. he's gonna be kino

>50 years

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you don't understand this character

I do wonder how they are gonna justify him looking exactly like sonic in the movie.
In the games it's implied that gerald created him based on the ultimate life form prophecy of the super sonic mural in 3 with Sonic being the true prophecized ultimate life form.
But the mural doesn't exist in the human world atleast.

The writers literally confirmed that after the movie

It's a placeholder like tails was in the last movie. He won't look like sonic.

And I hope you're not retarded but it's hard to tell so I'll clarify, I mean that this is literally the sonic model because it's a placeholder so he will look different but still be a hedgehog. They look similar in general because they're the same species and there's other hedgehogs who look like them too

I understand what kind of character he should be.

You clearly don't

>mean that this is literally the sonic model because it's a placeholder so he will look different but still be a hedgehog. They look similar in general because they're the same species and there's other hedgehogs who look like them too
Let me correct myself.
I wonder how they will explain gerald creating a super fast talking hedgehog with the exact same powers as sonic 50 years before sonic was even conceived in an entirely different dimension.

Theres only one way to do the Shadow movie right.

He FUCKS Tails.

absolutely based

You know it's going to be the same as the other two movies, but with a black hedgehog this time? I feel like they're going to adapt very little of SA2's story. How would that even work?

If Sonic 3 features the GUN Truck, would they base it off the Generations version?

The only thing you understand is I shagged yer mum

My guess is that GUN being formed after Sonic will be explained as being a convenient excuse/lie and they've been around for years and Gerald probably fucked around with space travel and found the Echidna murals and stuff. Eggman in the movieverse was stated to have worked for the military beforehand too so they can use that and say his family have all been working with the military.

When shadow's not on screen everyone has to ask "where's shadow?" and he should have access to a time machine

Same way they explained it the first time. Sonic isn't 50 years old. Shadow is just a hedgehog he has nothing to do with sonic. And he's fast because of his hover shoes. He skates and shit remember? Also, chaos control

If Ian Flynn is to be believed that's literally how Sega demands the character to be portrayed, so you'll probably get your wish.

It is implied that biolizard and shadow are based on the perfect chaos and super hedgehog murals respectively on angel island which both have the ability to use chaos control.
Sonic is the true prophecized ultimate life form of legend on which shadow was based on which is why they are so similiar despite their being no possible way that they could be related in any shape or form.
Gerald has studied the echidna legends which is why the arc has a replica of the master emerald altar and robots based on chaos 0.

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The writer and the director already showed they get the character, they already played SA2 before starting the first movie, and both Gerald and Maria are already locked in by the crew. Shadow's on good hands.
>Treasure Team Tango
That Shadow was terrible, a military lapdog with no spine of his own. Never got why people hyped up Archie.

sounds like fan theory bullshit to me

I know. I'm aware.

Did you know sonic was going to be the good clone? Maria released TWO pods. But it went nowhere so it doesn't mean anything now. The mural also doesn't matter. Just because we didn't see it doesn't mean it's not there. The emeralds are housed on earth so he had ample opportunity to study them and find ancient prophecies.

You know that right? You know that if they want to use the mural, they'll just add it in and show it to us in 3. The mural may or may not be there but it's still really REALLY not needed. I mean, maybe hedgehogs helped the owls and that DNA was left in the ruins and that's what he tries to clone. Or he could've discovered some rings, found alien hedgehogs and took samples or killed one or whatever.

There's a myriad of ways to explain it, including the fan favorites

shadow HAS to die at the end of the movie

>Did you know sonic was going to be the good clone? Maria released TWO pods
Sonic X shit + your own psychotic headcanon assumptions

Imagine if Sega gives more leeway to the movies because of their success, and that ends up loosening up restrictions elsewhere
A current year hollywood video game movie adaptation could be the first domino in saving the Sonic franchise

How is Sonic X not canon?

user pls

no tell me, Sonic X has as much bearing as any other Sonic property over the canon.

Technically yes
None at all

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>still hasn’t explained why the 2 pods should be disregarded

I’m starting to think you don’t have a case

You haven't explained why they should, or how maria is the one who sent them both, or why one of them is a pre-amnesia and time travel Sonic

>a military lapdog with no spine of his own
It literally ends with Shadow telling Rouge and GUN to fuck off and let Blaze have the emerald. The post you replied to literally has the panel where he's doing that

Why did he wait so long to do it, when he knew it was wrong from the start?
This isn't some SA2 moment when he remembers the real promise, it's just him being a wimp.

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>"I'm going to destroy world, sorry"
Best Shadow everyone

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>trust me guys he needs to act like BEJITA
Fuck off, Sonic Team employee.

You sound like one of those dumb zoomers who thought Shadow 2005 was good.

It was and I’m tired of pretending it wasn’t

original Snes is the best

He's literally vegeta though.

>it was
It wasn’t
>tired of pretending
You’re not

>using a satirical caricature made for a low-quality knock-off series as the basis for a complex character like Shadow

Shut the FUCK up faggot. The person doing this movie knows how to handle it. He literally worked on shadow's game and the parts of the game he worked on were perfect. Face it. He won. He is sonic right now, and shadow.

Despite the Artifical Chaos all over the ARK and the recreation of the Master Emerald's altar?

A 1080p torrent of sonic 2 came out today. Just finished it. Anyone else download it?

Where did you find it

Nvm I already found it

why is he such a fucking wimp

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please kill yourself
please kill yourself
sa2 sonic heroes shadow the hedgehog shadow 06
everything that came afterwards is just bad fucking writing shadow is not a one dimensional edgelord
kill yourself
06 was when shadow peaked

>It's over, Eggman!

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I was honestly surprised by how brutal that super-speed can opener decapitation was, it's more creative than I had given the movie credit for

>no way, fag

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So are they gonna smash the master emerald again so that Shadow can chaos control

I like how perfectly this loops

dj2 is hoping to pitch Paramount on a SEGA Cinematic Universe, but they're hesitant.

Right now, the connections between SoR and Sonic will be very indirect as a way for Paramount to hedge their bets. Mr. X's robots will have a similar color scheme to Robotnik's creations as a loose reference they can expand on later. If SoR is a hit, Paramount and SEGA are open to a human character appearing in the sequel.

If SoR takes off, SEGA is gunning for Golden Axe and NiGHTS to broaden their movies, genre-wise.

Yakuza, House of the Dead, and other Mature properties are off the table for now. Paramount doesn't want any movies going beyond PG 13.

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The chaos emeralds scattered. The Master emerald and chaos emeralds are separate entities now

Nah, he'll survive so they can do Shadow the Hedgehog foe Paramount+

Anybody here watch sonic dies at the end on machinima?

if you know... you know