Want to create my own game

>want to create my own game
>can't design characters at all

Should I just give up??

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Yes and you should also kill your fucking self instead of making the same fucking shit thread every week

>Want to make a youtube video game channel
>have to work tomorrow at 5:30 am

your thread just got deleted user, let it rest.

I have the opposite problem

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My utter lack of capacity for character design hasn't slowed me down one goddamn bit.

this is why you hire an artist

Good character design means anyone can draw it. Nearly every gigantic successful character is easy to draw.

Yes, give up. Be a loser

Stop posting this thread every day. We get it, you're shit at art and have zero talent whatsoever. I'd make fun of niggers like you in school. Now fuck off back to /ic/.

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Can't you just fucking like pay someone to do it for you? or buy ready sprite pack or something?

You either start practicing like you never practiced before because learning new skills aint easy. OR you could just, you know, ask someone to do it for you?

>want to create my own game
>can't design characters at all

>Should I just give up??
Pussy mentality, if you're enthusiastic about something, you fucking just do it. Seriously.

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>can 3d model, texture, character design, animate, draw
>not enough of an autistic faggot to learn programming
I'll never be a game dev

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>Make a solid silhouette, tie it to some character traits
>Pick colors for the mood and tone of the story/character
>Do some basic shape and color arrangement
>brain storm how you could tie it together with an archetype with variations. Knightly heroes, tanky robots, femme fatale, whatever
>Do a coupled drafts and pick your character to adjust further

i gotta draw more

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For me, Draw a Box

Post your last drawing

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If your game is good enough nobody gives a shit

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Implying baba is not pure soul.

Its like kirby. Sure it might have started as just provisional art for a wip. But people noticed that it works. So they stuck with it.

Coming up with a creative new concept like that is probably impossible for a lot of people no matter how good they get

That's why you should get inspired and copy

you work with the constraints you're given
either make a game that doesn't require you to design characters (very much), or pay some shmuck to do it for you

you could also just git fucking gud

You don't need good art to make a good game. Indivisible is what happens when you put the entire budget into the art instead of gameplay. And if you need good art, just fucking pay someone. If your game isn't good enough to invest in then why are you making it?

wheres the user that posted the sexy bird last thread? i want to be your friend

Heres a character lets call em poo poo
Ok well he's gonna need a gf lets call her pee pee.

There, i just made you a main character and a support character, yw its that easy.

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How long have you been posting the same book cover? 2 years? 3? And you haven't improved, not even a little? I'm afraid you're not gonna make it, bro.

um, that's way too heteronormative. Pepe wouldn't say that.

Take the Hoggarth pill

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just use some chrono trigger npc as template and you are good to go

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Just "finished" this. Working on a cat character for a game. Still a work in progress.

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make him bigger and with a lot more muscle and I'll buy your game

>thinking character design matters
Nigga don't be retarded. If you're actually developing a game then character design shouldn't be the first, second, nor a hundred and second thing you should be worrying about.

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I like it! Not even a furfag.

Thinking of making her just flat chest and keeping it that way.

I wont buy your game

i will now buy 2 copies of your game


Draw now before you are too old.

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why is this happening?

I don't get it

Helltaker wouldn't have been nearly as popular without its character designs, though it is kind of an outlier

Yo that's fucking crazy.

working on PH

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What the fuck ?

You must train.

im going to quit my job so i can do art full time

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you can do this with your hand as well, hold your right thumb out in front of you, close your left eye and move your thumb across to the right as you focus on where your thumb was. Watch as your thumb disappears

gonna ruin the magic on this one, but if your cursor is white, it will disappear because of the background

Go and try this but color the background black and it wont work.

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It still worked.

Good luck retard. I mean it, good luck.

character design 101
>1. create pinterest account (either use temp mail or make sure you block their spam mail immediately)
>2. search "character design"
>3. keep a collection of other people's designs/weird fashion pics
>4. steal from it
>5. ?????
>6. profit

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whats your favourite drawing book?

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drawing hasn't been fun for me in months

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First you'll need to understand that we're both autistic faggots.
Second is, what's your idea?

Yeah, thank you very much
It looks great, you good with faces?
Is this the ds? what the hell

Art like this is my endgame but I have no clue how to get there.

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>Is this the ds?
alternative clients have screen tones

Lackadaisy fan?

Stuff like this is gonna kill your creativity and neuter your game.
Teaching drawing skills is fine, but this tells you how to make the design decisions. Fuck that

Muh autistic oc donut steel worldbuilding bs.

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i haven't seriously sat down and drawn since i was in art class in college about 14 years ago. i passed with a merit and everything but something else happened while i was there i guess and i just stopped doing art. i used to draw every day before that.