Shantae. Half-Genie, half something else

Shantae. Half-Genie, half something else.

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Shanny is gemmy

Half genie, half hero, obviously. Half-Genie Hero!

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Half genie, half slut!


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50% sea
50% weed

100% built for BWC.

Half genie, half pubes



100% built for BWC

half fish

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That fish is licking her pussy

Human, user. She's half human.

Specifically half Karnov.

The game is packed with fetish bait and I love it.

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Shantae is SHORT

I've never played a Shantae game. Are they on PS5? Which one should I play first?

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Pirate's Curse, absolutely the best one.

Seconding Pirates Curse. It's fun and the artwork (sprite and normal) is great

>when they shake off the fish they're left hanging naked from the waist down

When her GameCube title in development?

I already have enough money to make a game inspired by Shantae, but not in gameplay, but in characters. I want it to be a game where all the women are super hot and wear outrageous clothes, but nobody gives a fuck about it.


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More than half

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Just like the rest of Shantae, it's well proportioned and a perfect fit for her figure.

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she's absolutely got a perfect figure
I liked her tiny vest. Kind of a shame she's gotten rid of it.

I've seen bigger, but her booty fits nicely.

>I liked her tiny vest. Kind of a shame she's gotten rid of it.


The whole pirate ensemble was top-notch.

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Heavily agree
She looks so good in that, but I'm sure she'd look good in anything.
Especially her jammies

You mean the jammies she wears in HGH?

Her pajama outfit in general.

Shantae looks good in anything, but she definitely looks best in nothing.

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Yeah, this.

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Which game was the one where she constantly wiggled her hips back and forth as an idol animation?

Shantae is always dancing in her idle animations.

Also, pretty much every game has her visibly wiggle her butt while she's crouched down.

I love her tiny crop top

I really, REALLY want to make Shantae's belly bulge with the shape of my cock.

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here's your 20th anniversary game bro

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What kind of official Shantae toys/merch would you like to see get made?

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quarter genies fish...


You know those hula girls people used to stick to their dashboards in the 80s and 90s?
That with her belly dancing.

Either a figure or a doll

pins and shirts

rip my dick

Theres a plushie if that counts.

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Would the Shantae doll do anything special?

giwtwm (both the fishes and the girls)

I think the best thing for them to do at this point is to make a digital comic for the series. It'll placate fans while they desperately try to make their other, non Shantae/RCG games sell. It can't possibly cost more than shit they're doing to advertise DotM or the Catgirl LR.

That one autist commissioned 300+ pages for his Shantae fancomic so there has to be SOME audience for it.

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Me too.

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>That one autist commissioned 300+ pages for his Shantae fancomic


half genie, half my cum

"Wrath of the Djinns" I think it's called

I never paid much attention to it but from what I can tell it mostly revolves around the author's self insert Ammonian OC

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Wow, that outfit is adorable.

I'm really digging those subtle abs

Made for Anal

One of my favorite animations of any character ever.

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Wow I really want to stick my penis inside that.

I think one of my favorite aspects of Shantae is her long flowing hair that reaches down to her ankles. Long hair is so beautiful. I don't even mind the purple, its a nice shade and meshes with her well.

She looks like she fucks big human cock

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>Long hair is so beautiful

Good taste.

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Does that imply she has other options?

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