Put lust provoking character in trailer

>put lust provoking character in trailer
why do game companies do this

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She’s like 2 feet tall. If you’re attracted to that, I have news for you bud, you’re a pedo.

Are you new here?
Losers will pay money because they convinced themselves that dick thinking is intellectual.

Oh no. I'm jerking off to the wrong things?

If youre a pedo you are the wrong thing

Way to advertise your COMPLETELY NORMAL SEXUAL INTERESTS on Yea Forums, you stupid stealth freak. I hope for your sake some glowy is nodding his head in fond approval at your comment.

pic unrelated. looks like a retarded midget.

I don't know about all that schizo shit you made up but knowing you're this mad makes it worth the few captchas

Way to advertise you on Yea Forums, you stupid stealth freak. I hope for your sake some glowy is nodding his head in fond approval at your comment.

Damn. Guess I'll just go die alone, then.

Preferably without harming any children, yes.

It seems schizo to you only because because your IQ is diving for pearls.

midgets are not children.

iunno, i was arguing and word playing with lady and eventually it turned to a longing throbbing

>beat it to midgets
>troons scream pedo
Nah, you're just mad I want to fuck freaks of nature but not your gaping flesh wound.

Yeah I guess I need advanced brain power to realize I'm actually a stealth pedo working for the CIA to make you uh... stop being the same as me.

I must be assigned to your case.

Is me jerking off to drawings harming a child?

No, but it means you're a pedo and may eventually harm children and no one wants to take the risk just to satisfy your mental illness.

Same thing with trannies and groomers, your compatriots.

Is rubbing a little girls clit while she moans in pleasure, harmful?

Age is not defined by height.

See? This is my point, all you lolicons are one argument away from taking off the mask.

We're past that the actual pedos are here coping already

Yeah dude, everyday, we get it, fuck off already you smug obnoxious faggot

So the breakdown is what percentage of each?

>Ironic shitposters
>Honest perverts
>Loud-mouthed Dr. Pizzas in the making who think pretending to be moral crusaders on a Himalayan nosepicking forum will protect them somehow.

Go back to Discord if you don't want to get shit on, groomer.

I can always tell it's you because you stop quoting me when you get btfo and start doing passive aggressive posts like these.

>We're past that the actual pedos are here coping already
Sorry but he called out your retard comparison, you cannot just ignore it by saying it doesn't matter anymore.

She clearly has tits.
More than likely just a shortstack lover.

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Tell it's me? I barely post here. Do you think I follow you around from board to board, mocking you passive aggessively? Go outside, you crazy piece of (bat)shit. Posting here has rotted what little exists of your brain.

It's not my comparison, sorry if I misled you I was just pointing out that it's cope at this point.

>lust provoking
but that isnt a large minotaur with big tiddies

I called out your womanly posting tendencies, maybe next time be a little more assertive.

What did you btfo? I have a hard time believing you have the rhetorical skills to do that to anyone, ever.

Ok Groomer

It's been a thing as long as there have been advertisements. An easy example is the 1991 film 'Career Opportunities' where the trailer featured Jennifer Connelly's boobas bouncing as she rode a horse. Not only was this scene not in the movie, it had absolutely no relationship to anything in the movie at all.

Do you jerk off to drawings of adult women?
Does it imply you're going to harm real adult women?

Don't worry, user, I promise I'll jerk off to whatever you deem is appropriate for me to jerk off to. And I will in no way secretly be thinking about something else while you watch. Isn't that right, boys?

You're missing schizophrenics.

Taking advantage of children and having a mutual relationship with a consenting adult is not the same and won't be no matter how sarcastic you act, tranny.

>Taking advantage
>having a mutual relationship
Masturbating isn't either of these.

What mask?

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>having a mutual relationship with a consenting adult
I'm sorry, but did you get her consent to masturbate to her? Or are you a rapist?

Yes, but masturbating to both reveal your tendencies. Do I trust a healthy male or one who "just looks at pictures of kids I swear"?

Sorry, my family is not attending drag queen story time.

Again, one more time, if you look at pictures of women I assume you're straight. If you look at children I assume you're a predator, tranny, groomer, and or homosexual.

>you’re a pedo.

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So what you're saying is that people with dwarfism and other height related genetic diversity enhancers should be treated like eternal children because your bigoted close minded world view refuses to acknowledge them and consider them valid?

You fucking disgust me you unprogressive bigoted asshole.

Do you know what the difference between a female midget and a male to female tranny is?
The midget still has a functioning womb and can still have babies that will provide a valuable service to humanity like fitting inside Ewok suits or starring in endless Snow White and Willy Wonka reboots.

The tranny provides nothing.

user, I don't want anything to do with your redneck family or your shitty ass public education or this collapsing society at all. I think you're on the wrong website, friend. If you want to control what I do inside my head, you're going to have to come kill me. I hope your family won't miss you.

>t. retard who posts his cringe "basedman" oc

I don't want control.

I just want you to know you're disgusting, and coping with this I'm the Joker moral relativity stuff is pathetic.

ignoring the shit-flinging apes ITT, what vidya is this?

>Muh pedo
>Muh not pedo
Retards on both sides, OP just looks ugly as sin regardless if that's a kid or not. Get better standards you clowns.

Well said, fellow 4channer.

it's Warcraft® Arclight Rumble™

Whatever faggot nigger

>lust provoking
god damn zoomers have shit taste

Zoomed culture is coomer culture

Unrelentingly, uncompromisingly based.
Nobody in this thread can come up with a counterpoint to this, because it's the fucking truth they don't want to admit.

My lgf disagrees

That's nice.
Now face the wall.

Because you all will complain if they don't.

Reminds me of poison so it's a very lust provoking image


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You will never kill a pedo.

If they come anywhere near my children I'll sure as fuck try.

I'll complain no matter what, fuck you.

You'll fucking fail faggot.

>shortstacks are pedo now
Look Blizzard, I know you completely want us to forget about Nelf and Spacegoat girls, but we will always lust over the old school races.

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