Insider here. Sony is about to buy Fromsoft and SquareEnix...

Insider here. Sony is about to buy Fromsoft and SquareEnix. This will be ignored and then twitter will be screeching later as usual followed by all of you reposting twitter.

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>Buys SE days after try got rid of other properties
This isn't how this works you bumbling retard.

I love these meme rumours because it implies sony has the money to buy them in the first place

Hi Jeff

The only thing sony will do is release more games on PC.

Sony would bankrupt themselves buying either of those, let alone both

Insider here. 4channel is about to buy Yea Forums. This will be ignored and then twitter will be screeching later as usual followed by all of you reposting twitter.

Already debunked.

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Insider here
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Insider here. My butt is kind of itchy.

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trust me bro.

I can’t wait to watch you incels seethe when sony buys them, it’s practically confirmed at this point, no more FromSoft games on PC, cope

if you knew this as fact, you would be buying stock right now with insider trading to make money and not posting it on Yea Forums trying to win a console war.

I already make millions so dabbing on tendies and PChuds is worth the lost money

Why would they buy them now, when their newest game is selling extremely well and therefore they can drive a harder bargain?
The only good games Square has are Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Quest and Team Asano shit. That being said, they might unironically buy them solely because of FFXIV.

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Oh wait, not Grubb, just another no-name seething Xbox cuck with an undersized penis.

You didn't here it from me. Rumor is some user's butt is itchy. I have a confirmed source.

post bank statement.

There's almost no chance they go for Kadokawa and Square Enix almost back-to-back. It would be one or the other for now.

Just like how they were going to buy Konami and make a new Silent Hill and an MGS remake?
Or how they were going to buy Capcom because they bought EVO?

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Those were tendies falseflagging to make playstation fans look insane

More Weeks

right, bro?

Or how they also were gonna buy ArcSys Works because they bought EVO?

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It fucking amazes me how many "insiders" were hyping up an acquisition when Konami is the farthest thing from what Sony is looking for in a studio.

He means millions in Zimbabwean dollars user

Sony can't afford either

>Those were tendies falseflagging to make playstation fans look insane
They don't need to do that, they make themselves look insane, #pegasusnation

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say sike right now

Just like how you seethed when Microsoft bought up every relevant developer


I can't be that surprised about "insiders" taking and constantly doubling down on lousy bait, especially after the Switch PrOLED faggotry.


I dont know what you are talking about

But then why did you seethe?

This. Snoys are insane. And I want Playstation to die just so they can fuck off.

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Insider? I hardly know her!

This can't be real. It unironically looks like something a tendie or x bot would cook up to shitpost at PSfags.

The latter two are more associated with Nintendo anyways. That's really the problem with Sony buying Square Enix. Yes, you have a few big names like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts heavily associated with the PlayStation brand, but there are so many smaller properties under the company that either aren't or haven't been touched in ages. My fear is that Sony buying Square Enix would hyperfocus them on these few big names and leave a lot of other properties in the dust. Just look at what happened to Japan Studio. I think Sony is intentionally trying to go for the bigger and louder experiences right now.

No one did, neither of them has made a good game in the past decade
Wow I really believe you and some contract you typed in word

>falseflagging to make playstation fans look insane
You guys frequently draw wojak comics of anal and scrotum vore. You don't need any push to look like mind broken schizos

>No one did
So why are you begging sony to buy developers because you are seething?

ok ill bite. Where did you get this info from and if its going to happen when will it happen or a time frame of when it will happen?

Im not begging sony to, I’m just telling you the fact that they are going to buy them, its going to be fun watching you guys melt down

Next week... in game magazines...

Does not make any sense unless they believe from/SE will recoup that investment.
My reason against is these companies already support sony, unless sony wants to make a ps pc launcher.

>He thinks it's a joke
These are the same people who yelled at David Jaffe because he said GOW Ragnarok looks like DLC.

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So why are you seething rn?

insider here sony just flew over my house with the PC copy of Bloodborne

Why does Kratos look like a jogger?

Point to me in this thread where I’m seething, I’m just laughing at your preemptive coping when it happens

Okay, I'll bite. Where/How did you come across this information?

Literally just said I’m an insider, can you not read?

Welcome back buddy

Sony can't afford the bills nigger

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They don’t even own the Dragon Quest IP, that’s Armor Project

I honestly cannot believe how pathetic snoy trannies are

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Prove it, which side are you from?

You should remove the one from april 1rst, also checked

Insider here
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Trips of truth

Bullshit as usual. From saw how Bloodborne failed and how much money Souls and Elden Ring have made on PC. They would only get bought as a form of deliberate suicide.