Videogames with wholesome, romantic and sexy girl-on-girl relationships? no VNs please

videogames with wholesome, romantic and sexy girl-on-girl relationships? no VNs please

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Fuck weebs
Fuck pedos
Fuck you

Yuri's so hot goddamn

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kill yourself dyke lover
you will never be a woman

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Lesbians have a higher rate of domestic abuse. I have a gay mom. I know.

How does someone look at that picture and think "fuck pedos"? Is it projection?

you mom gay lmao

cope and seethe pedo, ywnbaw

They also have the lowest STD rates, even lower than heterosexuals.

50% chance it's a schizo, 50% it's a shitposter

wtf how did she get pregnant?

Friendly reminder that yurifags don't consume media that isn't yuri.
Not an exaggeration or shitpost; just ask /u/.

Outside of VNs no such game really exists. The closest you're going to get is stuff like Nights of Azure and Blue Reflection, the latter more subject but the second game has a canon yuri couple. The former focuses on a relationship between two girls, and the second NoA is basically a yuri harem.

This is basically all we have. Some people say Mary Skelter 2 but I've never played that one.

My name is Jeff

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No, it's NPCs responding with buzzwords that have been programmed into them. It's all they know now, they can only respond to posts they don't like with one of 5 or 6 different preprogrammed responses.

Mostly true. I'm a yurifag and generally if I see a game has a male protag I'll be like "ehhh maybe", but usually once I start playing them I start to think they're pretty cool sometimes.

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>be a lesbian
>name your son Jeff
Checks out.

his dad(female(male)) is clearly a futa

lesbian cope lmao

Male Yuri fans are pathetic. Hell the male fascination with lesbianism is degenerate as a whole.

Homosexuality is a sin. You should seek God.

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Good thing yuri is a fantasy then, with fictional women.

That's not cope. That's just a random statistic.

Because they are on the spectrum and have autogynephilia. Most of them are gonna troon out at some point. Autogynephilia is a hell of a drug.

its a pedo fantasy the same way sorcerress is also a pedo fantasy

that's the best part about it.

so is being a furnigger

fucking based /u/gods

Why is Koei Tecmo so gay?

Wow, Japanese media really banks on lonely men huh?

That's okay, I'm straight and I don't play games without a male MC.
That SE isekai jogger game I can't remember? The ghoul wearing Soul Hackers' skin?
All into the trash they go

You cannot find a single passage in the Bible against furries.

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deez nuts

God doesn't exist, as evidenced by the current state of the world. Jury's still out on Satan, though.

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Mostly Gust, but I don't know, but as far as I'm concerned it's a blessing. Sure they're overpriced, sure they're not the best in terms of gameplay or story, but god fucking damn it they're filling a niche that Compile Heart was always too much of a coward to commit to.

nigga can we just let this thread and make another bara thread as containment for them? No reason coomers can't have a couple threads open when elden ring has 30 threads rn

based /u/ enjoyer

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"furries are to be shunned and stoned and gassed anywhere they're found"
Quran chapter 69, atwa 420

I don't really approve of this not videogame thread but I can say this males obsessed w yuri are worse than the lgbt couple

We don't believe in your heathen "god".

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post more girls kissing each other NOW

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I will not find God within any Abrahamic declaration. I will never trust a fellow man for insight into the deities beyond. I will find God on my own terms.

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it's only reverse-fujos. and as we all know because they are men at least they are seen as above fujos automatically because those are women, and women are worth very little.

you still suck. will never have sex and ywnbaw

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French kissing is actually pretty gross.

Like most things it's hot in 2D form

>Love yuri
>Love normal stuff
>'ate yaoi
Simple as.

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the first time or two you even get with a girl you wont be able to get it up out of sheer performance anxiety. Im a meek guy and this was my experience. Im sure itll happen to you guys as well. So keep it in the back of your head that even if your kissless virgin and the odds are already stacked against you, youll need to be able to score at least 2 or 3 times before you actually get with the program and successfully mate. My first time was awith a 16 year old prostitute and i wanted to ream her ass but i was too fucking nervous, perhaps scared as i was figuring things out

The straight man's prerogative.

Fear Effect 2
SaGa Frontier (Asellus’s scenario)
Every Bioware game

That’s all I can think of


What are some games with female homoerotical tension?

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You might be gay. You dont like sloppy blowjobs either do you?

I'm /u/, and (You)'re retarded, because my favorite vidya is Thief 2.
I'm not actually /u/ because /u/ has been full of retards for quite a while, so you're not entirely wrong. On the other hand, they play modern western shit with lesbian romance options, and calling that yuri is an insult to yuri.

just set everyone as a girl

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Hard to get STDs when you're not actually having real sex lmao

Fear Effect. The second game in particular was marketed based on the lesbian relationship.

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This is the worse thing to ever happen to the fate series or to any other series that been curse to have a retarded gacha.

gay detected. i bet you think cunnilingus is gross too

Based oral hivemind

Valkyrie Drive

>Placing your tongue where she pee, blood, and whatever in that fucking hole.

Yeah...some people prefer not to.

I want to talk with a femanon about the ufotable anime

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Lmao how are lesbians even real
licking pussy isnt sex

>Letting your logical brain override your high test animal instinct

Yep confirmed faggot

Valkyrie Drive is one of the games that convinced me about Yea Forums's "bro this game's selling point is the cute anime girls but it's totally a good game worth playing" claims being nothing but a crook of shit.

Are girls fine with rape as long as it's their friend?

If you don't know how to access that then the artist is Harusame.
Draws lots of really hot yuri kissing. Including quite a few loli x older girl stuff too.

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>Friendly reminder that yurifags [HEADCANON]
silence, retard

quite the opposite
women want to be raped by strangers
women feel "betrayed" when men they know dont simp for them and decide to over power the woman

Crock, not crook.

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age/size difference yuri is the only worthwhile kind of yuri

Is that the one where they were caught on camera making out in an elevator.

Ah, sorry. Thanks.

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Thank god for the internet. Don't have to deal with STD and other shit you sad idiots rush to. PUT THE STICK IN THE HOLE! HOW EXCITING! Fuck that 10min of nothing. Waste of time and that time can be wasted playing video games.


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This manga got blacklisted by most of the yuri community because the author's next work is a non-yuri slice of life with male main characters.

Rest in peace