Alright Yea Forums, which is best?

Alright Yea Forums, which is best?
The Sims 2 + all Expacs or The Sims 3 + all Expacs

And no, I don't care about sex mods.

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2 if you want a game that actually runs on anything other than a NASA supercomputer.

2 if you want rotational play and a neighborhood that spans multiple generations
3 if you care more about collecting things, exploring the open worlds, maxing skills and experiencing as much content as you can with a single or very few sims/families.

Does that one mod fix 3 or are people memeing?

Don't get all of the packs for 3, just good ones. Generations, Adventures, maybe Supernatural, whatever else you want.

Bors what is the best way to play the sims 1 and its expansions?

If you’re talking about Smoothess Patch by LazyDuchess, it’s not like it isn’t useless, but it’s mostly for things like helping CAST go slightly faster. It’s not a miracle mod.

Sims 1 without expansions.

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2 has some neat features that I wish were in 3, but 3 is just such a massive leap forward I find it hard to go back. Seeing a thriving town full of sims going about their lives and interacting with each other is hard to miss out on.
>And no, I don't care about sex mods
How can you call yourself a man?

Coomers aren’t real men.

2 for performance and nostalgia
3 for fun and benchmarking your cpu
4 for coom and graphics

Playing the sims without porn mods as a man ain't right.

3 is the better coom game if you value gameplay and put the work in modding it, but 4 is certainly more convenient

I've been playing 2 thanks to these threads. Compared to the newer entries it's actually very complete, it surprised me how similar it is to sims 4 when it comes to features. You can still see the age though, you end up missing the little things newer entries did right, like sims interacting mid activity.

TS4 play doh sims aren’t as attractive as Yea Forums and especially /vg/ let on.

no, cant fix this shit without an x64 release, which you won't get unless youre a mac tranny

3 is the best imo
set it to run at 59 FPS because it seems to break if it goes any higher

3 is fine if you have an SSD, go through a optimization guide, and avoid loading up your game and worlds with a ton of CC. Where people run into annoying stutter is when they do none of that and cram their game full of everything and have 150 sims walking around.

Just to repeat myself here, 3 is notorious for having performance issues and being broken, but all of those problems went away for me when I limited FPS to below 60 from my GPU control panel.

>And no, I don't care about sex mods.
What are you, a fag?

They're modded and reshaded out the ass so of course not. Most of the pics showing off sims use reshade settings that would suck to try and play with.

x64 alone wouldn't fix anything, they'd need to update the game to take advantage of it too. If anything I could see EA monkey pawing everyone by providing a x64 version while doing nothing to allow the game to take advantage of it, so nothing would change.

technically 3 with all expacs but the reality is it doesnt work with all expacs so you just have to install the 3-4 good ones you like most
2 with all expacs was given out for free for a long long time so literally everyone owns that, but not having open world limits the sims far too much

>if you care more about collecting things, exploring the open worlds, maxing skills
This shit is such a boring way to play. Especially the collecting bullshit.

I'm more interested in the whole "focus on few sims part". These games seem to want to make the sims disposable characters and force you to focus on the bigger picture, kind of similar to Crusader Kings where you can't keep a character because you are meant to play as his son when he dies. At least that's the feeling I got from TS2.

What makes the open world so good? Honestly asking.

How's Ambitions? Does Island Paradise still break the game?

How's seasons?

It's a nice thing to have if you like immersion, mostly for the freedom of movement. Though I can agree, open world can be shit if the game doesn't know how to implement it right.

Imo Seasons and Pets are two of the must haves for 3.
Seasons adds both actual weather and seasons along with aliens, makes the world feel that much more alive to have your Sims stay home on a rainy day or go out to make snowmen with the kids.
The pets expac adds both dogs, cats and horses as well as critters like lizards, birds and pets and it can be a nice way to add more variety to a town, but I personally love animals so I am biased

i dunno lol, i didn't buy them

You're not locked down to a tiny lot with the world and its sims blatantly revolving around you. You have a big map with sims all going about their lives that you can watch over and manipulate if you want. It feels like your sim is actually living in a world and you can freely visit other sims without any loading screens and see them interacting with each other. It's just way more interesting and a perfect fit for this type of game and I usually hate "open worlds".

the sims 3 is the perfect balance of graphics and content although in some aspects it's of course a neutered successor and a clunkier predecessor. my main gripe is of course the playdough autistics every character seems to look like no matter how much tweaking you do and the fucking rockstar/celebrity bullshit expansion. who thought it was a good idea to have fucking annoying sims come to your house and talk and gibber to themselves, waving through your windows and screaming? god forbid you don't lock the doors for everyone but your household out of pure muscle memory before it starts happening: apparently sims live in some faggy fucked up quasi-communist dystopia where any dumb cunt can walk straight through your front door and make themselves at home. lots of tiny stupid shit problems like that in the sims 3, general AI/developer logic/user control things that consistently pull you out of the game and make you think "yea, i'm playing a video game and watching dumb little robopeople pretend live"

>the playdough autistics every character seems to look like no matter how much tweaking you do
That can be fixed, you just need to find mods that look good to you. This girl is randomly generated with no work from me, she even generated with basegame hair, it's only default mods, a lighting mod and reshade.

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One of the two must haves alongside generations.

Is Generations that good?

It expands on the core game instead of adding a bunch of random side junk, so yeah.

Honest to god World Adventures should be one of them. The actual traveling is shit but it's the first Expansion for Sims 3 and it has so many life improvements in it.

>The actual traveling is shit
I found the whole tomb exploring thing in Egypt to be fun, myself. People even made their own custom puzzles

It ain't past the novelty of it. Collecting shit is gay, traveling across map is gay and slow even on 3x, half the time you go to a community lot and it's empty until the game randomly forces sims to go to the lot to appease the player, and the way they did it makes hopping families kinda annoying. The best thing about it is that the world ages with you, but without mods you'll end up with a kinda fucked up population, and really aging up the world is something that could be done without the open world. Wish there was a middle ground between Sims 3 fully open world and Sims 4 neighborhoods.

Seasons adds events to community lots tho

Outdated meme. Google the sims 3 guide on steam for performance and follow it. Don't download the entire store catalog, just get what you need from the store, it's mostly shit anyway. As for expansion, it helps if you leave out a couple of them (some are absolute shit anyways, like pets, which is also bad for performance). 3 is amazing with its open world concept, you can do a lot more with it than 2. You can never go wrong with 2 either, but 2 is lacking in mods compared to 2 (not just sex ones). 3 is so good people still make mods for it to this day after all.

You could have events on community lots without an open world.

no loading screens
i'd much rather have a one-off 2min loading screen than need to wait 30sec every time i want to go to a different lot

the Homeless challenge
never had more fun playing the sims than doing that

for me seasons, generations, ambitions and supernatural are the must haves
nice rounded bunch of content with minimal shit installed.
ambitions is meh once you've played with it for a bit, world adventures is top tier but once you've played it thru you're done with it, late night was buggy and laggy as fuck, and the later ones like the future one and the island one were just shitty, laggy & buggy

Yeah Adventures is World Adventures.
The traveling is just a pretext for the tomb exploring which is the closest to actual gameplay you get in the Sims. I wish you could just pay extra to buy a month or two of vacation though instead of having to level up your visa to stay more days and so on. I guess logically you should just search for collectibles and level special skills and stuff on the first trip and ignore the game's attempts to bribe you into tomb raiding with juicy high LP quests, but it's hard to resist.

yeah i retract my comment on world adventures, you're right.
every time i do an install and i go "nah i dont want WA" i end up installing it anyway an hour later

Which is the best? No idea. My favorite is bustin' out.

for me it's just the fun of trapping my sim waifu in a tomb where she has to pee her pants and shower in a can until she finds her way out

i liked that feeling of accomplishment when you finished all the dungeons, had a house full of cool loot and unique gadgets and a bank account full of money.
like other guy said, its the closest thing to an actual 'game' in the sims.

Where did this meme that 3 looks bad comes from? It has actual graphics, the structures in particular are pretty good. As for terrain and sims, nothing half an hour of modding can't fix. Sure, the default sims are a garbage, but even without mods you can make something decent.

This, Sims 3 is king at oc donutsteel kinda playthrough where noone ages

Yeah, you could do the generations but the household limit of 8 sort of bites. I guess it's because the game is so unoptimized, but now that we have better hardware, can we mod it larger?
Or is Sims 3 32-bit? I forget.
I never played 2, did it have such a strict limit too?

retarded 4coomers and /tesg/ cocksniffers who cant play a game unless it's more mod than game

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3 is very easy to fix.
1. Set FPS limit through your GPU control to 60 or under
2. Make it recolonize your newer GPU
3. Give it more memory to play with
4. SSD

Mine runs smooth as butter, and I have every expansion, all store content, and a shitload of mods, on top of 4k shit and upping rendering for native assets.

I'm a huge modder and coomer myself, and even then 4 couldn't hold my attention. It's just completely barebones with nothing to do outside making sims/houses and sex mods.

I really liked Late Night but mostly because of the city it came with, I found it worked pretty well for a detective RP, winding down at seedy locales late night. Having pianos and forming impromptu bands with randoms was swell too

I think World Adventures was the only expansion that ever really led me and one of my sims into a lifestyle naturally. I ended up having a globe trotting archaeologist with displays and keepsakes across his house, traveling constantly and making his living with that or more local level collecting and such.
For the paranormal expansions, celebrity status or rock band ones and all of that I always had to go out of my way to restrict myself and intentionally guide my sims into that life. It might be a smaller difference but it really made me notice how lacking that sort of immersive character building was in the rest of the games.
Just get your money, buy it whatever themed item from the huge catalogue of furniture, boom done. Or get a handful of thematic items from careers or aspirations but that's it.
World Adventures led naturally into a pretty complete identity for one of my guys.

>first mention of current gen in thread is just how shit it is, 50+ posts in
Maxisisters where did we go so wrong

3 could be seriously argued to be the best coom game of all time if you put the effort into getting it up and running.
It has literally everything.

I want to make a painting goblin but she's a pretty girl with a nice costume that would be good for an archaeologist like one of those tan or sand colored worksuits, and then once she's made enough money and the family above all has some sort of death delay or immortality and she does too, she becomes my main Sim and I take her on vacations and get all of the collectibles and keep expanding her formerly tiny basement cell to hold all of her curios.
From slave to globetrotter the epic journey.

>sims 4 came out 8 years ago

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Sims 2 if you want a family simulator, if you enjoy controlling lots of characters, and playing out a dynasty. Sims 3 if you like self inserting, or roleplaying. Playing out specific, elaborate characters with unique lifestyles, like a homeless bum, Lara Croft, ghost buster. It's great if you enjoy controlling few sims, and playing out many scenarios.

>I really liked Late Night but mostly because of the city it came with
same, i was just so disappointed with a lot of aspects of the expansion.
i end up installing it half of the time anyway just so my town has a fucking bar to go and hang out in.
>the city
yeah the city map was cool but it's a pity it was so buggy and laggy from the start.
the apartments were a cool idea but implemented badly, elevators and subways were just broken completely, and without mods the way the nightlife works results in every bar being empty all the time.
>detective playthru
thats a fucking cool idea

then there was other shit wrong with late night like how just existing would make you a 5 star celebrity in no time resulting in you never needing to get a job, but you'd always have 2~5 papparazi sims around you blocking your way and getting you stuck.
or cunts dropping everything they're doing to join some guy starting a rock band in the park.
or sims taking a taxi 1 block, to take the subway 1 block, to take a taxi 1 more block when they couldve just walked faster.
Late night vampires were a bit fucky too, but supernatural and/or some mods fixes this.

For me, it's Generations + Seasons + Pets + Ambitions + University + Late Night

Was 3 that bad on the PC? Pets run fine on PS3.

This makes me sick, honest to god. And they have just announced a new game pack, and people are still hoping for another expansion pack. Just let it end already.

I feel like I should really like the sims but they were simultaneously not deep enough and slightly too wacky for them to click.
I keep wanting to reinstall 3 but then I remember I've done this more than I want to admit.

I wish the martial arts in SimChina had more depth to it because going out there solely to train and earn some training dummies for home and trying to find sparring partners to test yourself against gave you a brief little taste of another situation like that.

What did Paris have again? Bread or wine making?

Now that I think about it that future expansion offered some pretty emergent gameplay too.
Finding your future self/family and all was one thing but scavenging the future for materials to craft my sex-android was a really enjoyable use of a day or so and there were other things to influence and bring back. Nowhere near World Adventures in my opinion but it was another thing heading in a good direction. More consequences or permanence would have been nice to see in, say, a follow up attempt in the future Sim entry but
haha ea haha

Wine making, yeah, though they called it nectar. IIRC you could also get a scooter and a working camera, no?
Oh, yeah, it was definitely a mess. The elevator broke on me once and I had to use the console to reset it and even then the Sim would find pathfinding problems trying to use it sometimes. Somehow the cat was more capable at navigating.
I've heard about subways being plain broken, yeah, though I never used them. I just found the visual of this big, hulking detective in a trenchcoat getting everywhere on his bicycle because he's broke as crap too amusing.
That said, there's gotta be custom worlds that do a better job at feeling like a city proper than this one.

It's a good concept, it's just unfortunate that only the wrong bunch were willing to make games like these. I honestly think a more mature version of the sims would have been popular with the more autistic side of the GTA audience.

>a more mature version of the sims would have been popular with the more autistic side of the GTA audience
thats not what I want at all but ok

Yeah the karate bottomed out pretty quick, it was a nice feature though.
Really it was just about tomb raiding and finding new collectibles in different maps than the home one, though. And you could make a friend or two, I think there were limited slots or something, and call your foreign friend on the phone if you wanted to for some reason. Not really a huge point in that but it was kind of fun meeting shopkeepers or assistants or whoever. I guess you could date them too, I don't know if you could bring them into the household.
Sounds cool, might get the future expansion.

You could learn songs from native people as well, if I recall? Did you get to use them at will or where they only for when your Sim is showering?

beyond based