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>came in my hand while thinking about my sister again
how do i fix myself


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ass too big

built for white bois

Its literally the same model from OW1.

Nice legs.




Is there anything good that can be said about OW2? Is there anything good that can be said about OW a year after release?

What can you say about OW?

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Finna counter this thread again

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You don't user, you're perfect as you are. I do this too and nothing bad has ever come of it!

Meanwhile Latinas are able to have pale white skin, long flowing straight hair but still have fat asses.

but it's illegal I think!

Thoughts arn't illegal, actions are. If thoughts were a crime I'd of killed more people than hitler by now.

that shit is flat as fuck

are you pretending this isn't extremely flat?

We had this exact same thread in 2016

Lots of good ideas that aren't able to shine because the game is so much of a visual clusterfuck. The setting and characters were interesting, but they lacked the writing talent to do any of it justice. No community servers or modding tools is a crime. Mei's ass is cute.

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built for bimbofication

You find tracers ass and you BRING IT BACK BRING IT BACK

the lesbians ate her ass

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I would post some, but I have almost nothing sfw of overwatch.

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If I was a mod, I would ban me for all of those but the third one, but you do have a point.

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It's literally a better game and the pic in OP is OW1 Tracer.

give it to me straight Yea Forums, is the model really that bad in-game or is this edited?

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I am so weak for these kinds of captions. I wish there was more fresh stuff.

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The OW2 model has a much bigger ass in game. OPs pic is the old one.

This post convinced me to finally figure out what extension this is and is the first fucking thing I see. This is gonna be a real eye opening experience isn't it?

This is the exact same model that was in overwatch 1. Constant sfm porn consumption have warped your brain

it's usually for NSFW dumps, loli dumps, BBC dumps, and other deviant shit
Mixed bag that's mixed with shit

There's a significant bias towards more extreme fetishes. Be aware because while you'll find some great stuff, you're also going to get a load of blacked, scat, cunny, and other things. Make sure to increase your file limit so you can see more than 5 embeds, because some images have much more.

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Thank god for japanese developers

What extension wtf

Wait, there's only 1 image, right?! That's one of those weird porn altchans

What extension please sir, I am with the other anons and do not understand this sorcery.

Post screenshot

The link is on a word filter, but if you install it into a userscript manager like 4chanx, it'll let you embed catbox links into images, and see catbox links embedded in images.
You can fit a lot of images in one. For example, pic related has 17 tatsumaki cosplay images embed in it.

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It looks like , except with captions like instead of normal porn.

It's literally one google away, use your brains anons it's really not that hard and not that interesting. Main reasons I got it is to make it easier to find out which threads to hide and to figure out why there's all the seemingly misplaced outrage towards OP images sometimes.

That post is just but instead of OW pinups it's the Fortnite pedobait shit. Not much to look at but the fact that's the stuff in the very first post I saw with this is very telling.

Anyone that doesn't find this absolutely perfect is black

i know the perfect cosplayer for this

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Who does the plugsuit look better on?

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Its the same fucking model
This is what off model porn does to you niggers, it makes you think characters have bigger asses than they actually did
Either that or the model they use in their cinematics, because that also has a bigger ass than her ingame model
Either way, Tracer has always had a flat as fuck ass in game

So what you're saying is: Black men have better taste in asses.

If you think cellulite is hot and "better taste"

If this is what you call flat your brain has been ruined by porn

look at it from the side, user

I tried googling it and all I could grab where image expanders, nothing for multi-posting. thank you.

Whatever, man. You've already lost the culture war. Women world wide are seeking bigger booties.
Some of them do it by allowing themselves to get fat.
Some of them do it by getting fat injection.
Some of them do it by doing 1000 squats every day.
Some of them do it by wearing form shaping leggings.
Small butts are out, and will remain out. Because nobody wants a stick for a gf.

I dunno why niggers call this a nerf. Have you seen her ass in OW1? She was always built like an Irish idol. Her thighs literally just plug into her back. No actual cheek.

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"Yea Forums embedded image viewer"
Front page result

My statement stands.

Literally bones

Will this place ever talk about overwatch or will it always be about tracers non existent ass that's been that way since the 1st game

White boys be like ZAMN THAT'S A FAT A$$!

it's her hand blocking her ass curve, they changed her hand position

Wait, 2D women don't have cellulite though.

First, that search combination does not lead to an embed script. If you're getting it's, it's because of personalized search results.
Second, how were they supposed to know to search any of those terms before they knew what the extension actually is?
Once a substantial portion of us start consistently playing the game, which won't happen because the game isn't fun.

Yea Forums isn't a place for logic. They only like sensationalism in news and like watching things fail to the point they'll lie about it failing or even make up fake news articles to strike up a circle jerk of hate. This board is almost hate machine 24/7

nice legs

porn wins again

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>I love the thought of teens and kids jerking off.Let me show this picture to my ten year old nephew!

Kill yourself pedo scum.

Yeah and would you look at that, it literally comes up with image expander only

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