Warframe anyone ?

I wish I got into it earlier I was intimidated by it honestly, seens like a lot. What are thoughts on Warframe? Love it or hate it?

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confused by it
then love it
then hate it
then keep playing it while hating it
then drop it
then pick it back up 3 years later and repeat the cycle

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This. I'm almost at the end of my 3 year hiatus and I've almost forgotten the pain. The temptation is growing again.

I have over 2,000 hours in it
Don't play it
Listen to me
save yourself

The new focus changes look interesting.
How's aylmao huntan with these changes?

Most player hate it but they still play it anyway like this user For me, I like playing it but I'm not expecting to play warframe all the time, took it like an mmo, if there's new update or something I want to grind, I'll play it again, if not, I'll drop it and play something else until I want to play it again, sometimes it took months before I play it again

I played it as a sustitute while I was detoxxing from Dota. Sank 600 hours on it and everything was fine until I got tired because the Nidus chasis would not fucking drop, so I kinda stopped playing.

Don't bother with it all. It's garbage that gets progressively worse with every update. I haven't bothered with it since they added the shitty mechs and the railjack thing, which I'll assume are still shit and or abandoned at this point like every new thing they add.

Almost the same I think, the only noticeable changes are lessening the grind for waybound and small changes that doesn't change shit too much

>the Nidus farm
I didn't need to remember that.

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Yep, been a couple years since I last played it and I'm feeling the hunger. I'm waiting until the Duvriri Paradox thing comes out to start the cycle again

Spent 4 years on it and watch DE fuck up a lot

Are they still releasing vast swathes of content that all has about as much depth as a drainage ditch?

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Really? Without voidstrike stacking I figured there'd be complaints.
Or does the alternative damage-amplifiers make up for it?

Right... same... game seems fucking huge and I dont remember paying for it !? Makes me feel dizzy trying to navigate all the customization, cool that its there but yeah I feel dumb.. Feel better now thanks bros

shit game
faggot devs
if you are still playing itk you are mentally ill

Played entirely too long on promise of other friends playing as well, virtually every weapon and warframe I liked playing as has been nerfed, sometimes multiple times. I'm just glad I got out before the Chinese bought it out.

i like the weapons and im only at level 2 or something. Maybe you just suck?

>virtually every weapon and warframe I liked playing as has been nerfed, sometimes multiple times
this is what made me quit, making super ember build so I could afk missions was fun only for her to be unusable a patch later
they also went through and scrubbed nearly all the cheese farming strats for no fucking reason

>seens like a lot
Not realy.

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Just checking the Warframe's warframes page and some of the new warframes look ugly or soulless as fuck. This game used to have sick robots released non stop, like what the fuck is this??? Also saw that wisp guy that looks straight out of destiny 2 (soulless)

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lavos is rad, but sucks
wisp is OP as fuck but also coomerbait

and soon you'll wish you had quit earlier

Have put in several years of activity in this game, started as a nobody and now i'm part of the elite. The sheer vision of my name in chat makes some people go bonkers just to talk to me. Both in region and clan. Endgame is still shit.

I second this, user. You have no idea what you are getting into!!

What's the point of this game? There is no punishment for death, everything is fucking easy and the only content is the gear treadmill. Literally a game designed for SEA monkeys.

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Can do way more damage to eidolons and generally has more combat skill, but irrelevant because normal frames can wreck.
Is far far worse at surviving despite being way more emphasized in gameplay.
Way slower with the changes to void dash.
Grinding for focus is easier overall.
Zenurik is still meta and still way more useful than all the other schools, except Madurai if you're hunting Eidolons.

All in all it's a change for the worse, though SOME areas have been improved.

You can't convince me to play this piece of fucking shit ever again.

i haven't played in like 2 years

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He is the god of railjack.

you are right and I forgot railjack existed

Railjack is hard now?


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No but it's 100x faster with Lavos and actually fun to use the tactical mode with him. You become this unstoppable guy who lays down deathtraps for your buddies who are boarding while endlessly using abilities.

It has a lot of content simply because they have added systems on top of systems for years now. As a new player you have a shitload of content to get through just to get to the "endgame" even though there isn't really one. You could spend the next few months playing it nonstop and keep finding new things. Not all of it is good but most of it is serviceable. If you like the main combat, Warframes, gunplay, melee etc. just keep playing it until you get bored. I go back to it every few years after a few big patches come out and usually sink another 100 or so hours in. It isn't something that will keep you interested forever but especially as a new player I would be shocked if you didn't find something you like about it.

So he makes the RJ forge pointless then? Having a dude crafting energy with 1 pilot and 1 guy on the cannon was kinda neat.

I quit playing when they made the niggermech mandatory for RJ missions.

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Loved it, then DE ran it into the ground, and then they sold it to the chinks, twice. The mod system never should have been replaced in Update 7. It was the first of several massive changes for the worse.

No, forge just becomes used for actually useful stuff like forward cannons and such.

Using it to restrict abilities (the funnest part of warframe) is garbage and interrupts the flow if you can't find a full team, especially since you can't make your AI crewmates forge shit for you.

I've been wanting to get back into it for a while, but I remember 0 percent on how to play. So I kinda want to start over from scratch. But I know that certain things get vaulted and are only limited time access and I wouldn't want to lose those or the weapons and unlocks I already have. So every couple of weeks I just check out the wiki to look at stuff and play vicariously through that.

>My press-1-button-to-win-frame got nerfed
Oh boo hoo

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Doesn't matter, you'll just use the Kuva Zarr anyway.

Ember can still cheese pretty much any non-SP mission still. I use her to clear those infestation defense alerts, can do a wave in 30 seconds.

Did they ever nerf Mesa or is she still fucking overpowered to the extent that she completely invalidates the rest of your team entirely?

>The true endgame is fashion
Tired of this shit.

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Still pretty OP but not as OP as a lot of other frames.

holy fucking NECC

more like it was no longer a frame since they made her 4 so powerful that after the nerf there was no reason to play her
then they buffed the shit out of saryn for no fucking reason until she became worse than ember

I want that tenet arca plasmor, someone explain the process to me.

Do you know what kuva liches are?

I've seen more people use mirage to cheese lately.

Eidelons and the "open world" jank ruined my love for the game.
So did riven mods.
I basically dropped the game but I remember having very very fond memories of the game when they kept it simple and didn't bloat it to death.

I played 2000 hours
Got back on, played the new quest, got some new irrelevant characters and confusing mechanics thrown at me, finished the quest and alt+f4'd. Back to Elden Ring.
Olay the game only if you want to keep up with devs that do not play their own game in any measure.

Remove niggerwave, then we talk

Mirage with explosive legerdemain is really good, but I've found Ember's 4 just more energy efficient. Mirage kinda needs to be paired with something else to generate pickups.

Eidolons would be 100x more bearable if you didn't have to keep the lures alive and if their attacks weren't all just giant fields of instant unavoidable damage.

If you asked me back in like 2015, I would have said Warframe was better than Destiny, now I sincerely believe that Destiny 2 is managed a whole lot better than Warframe even with all the flaws that D2 has

the open world shit was the real beginning of the end. Suddenly every update added some bullshit ugly ass weapons or mods hidden behind a massive syndicate renown system that never interacted with each other

Eidolons would be 100000x more bearable if I didn't have to set up a fucking alarm to know when it's night and instead could access them at any time
I fucking HATE and I repeat HATE time gated shit

Honestly I shit on Warframe all the time but at least they didn't cut content to make space, instead they reduced the size through optimization by a LOT (like reduced it to 20 GB) and it was pretty impressive. Even the lowest points of Warframe don't even come close to removing paid and story content from the game like Destiny did.

That too, profit-taker is far more bearable and every other fucking boss now works off bounties that are always available.

It's dumb that they don't remove it when they already removed it for Deimos too.

>see new features
>see new dlc
>download it all again
>play online and other players just sprint through the level literally killing everything with their auras
>wait 2 weeks in real time for a mediocre weapon to be made
>all the male warframes besides the default look like the dumbest weeb level shit with gimmick powers
>maybe it'll be playable in another 10 years

>no feet
>coomer bait

That is where you're wrong!

The first 10 hours will make you feel lost.
Then the next 100 hours will make you feel like it's the best game of all time.
Then it's a 100 hour cycle of being bored, hating it, then loving it again after a break.
At least I get to enjoy the female frames.

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Eidolon fights are literally half switching to your Operator to avoid massive unavoidable damage fields.

Haven't played in like 3 or 4 years I know it'll be a nightmare trying to get back in

Got any more pics like this

Yeah and that's why it's stupid.

there's Nehza if you want a femboy

I had fun with my warbros homies roughly 2 lifetimes ago, but it's a bad, horrible game designed to waste your life

I know, I'm agreeing with you. I'm pointing out that you can avoid the damage and that doing so is the most boring fucking thing imaginable. You spend half the fight crouching as your Operator waiting to be allowed to continue fighting.