Yea Forums, why aren't you playing Dwarf Fortress, the greatest game of all time?

Yea Forums, why aren't you playing Dwarf Fortress, the greatest game of all time?

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Been there, done that, dropped like a rock when dwarf therapist practically became a requirement and every fucking play turned into a game of find the vampires again.

Isn't there a way to disable vampires altogether? Alternatively you could just use dormitories and the vampires will get caught every time

I’m waiting for toady to die



Adventure mode sucks and i'm not planning on wasting time on some ascii rts sims bullshit.

Just use the GemSet 24x tileset, it's the best one by far, looks great and you can tell what everything is without having to manually look

Explain the vamp thing to me?

Vampires can (and will) join your fortress but you're not told that they're one (although there are many ways to detect one.) After a while you might get a message saying that one of your dwarves was found drained of blood, or that someone was attacked and they had suffered lots of bloodloss but nothing else. The annoying part is having to check all the new migrants that come to your fortress, or if you screw up then you might lose an extremely important dwarf

Every single goddamn fortress turns into a game of "secret vampire/wereanimal/etc. appears and murders your dwarves one by one unless you stare directly at every single dwarf all the time to find them and then extrajudicially kill them"

Ok but how many distinct animal man sprites does it have?

Because the gameplay is ass and I'm not redd1t enough to make soiface and clap with joy because the game simulated some wacky shit and presented it to me in text

>Your dwaven commander Big Chungus The Sporkus killed ....Dragon...with ....uhhh....stone-carved dildo

I'm pretty sure it has all of them, I could tell between a cobra man and a python man so that's good enough for me (I like to have a squad of various kinds of snake women, don't ask why)


i do, DF2012 v0.34 with mods
new versions run like shit, have the personality of the game stripped out and are filled with pointless pozzed bloat

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>don't ask why
Don't worry, I don't need to.

>when dwarf therapist practically became a requirement
trying to micromanage every single dwarf is a newfag smoothbrain approach to the game.
a true DF player just embraces chaos and lets his migrants do whatever job they want.

who cares they're all scum that need to die anyway, you shouldnt be looking at their sprites long enough to see more than corpses in the first place

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>have the personality of the game stripped out and are filled with pointless pozzed bloat
care to elaborate?

Whats the tweak in RAWs to prevent this.

absolutely pathetic cope desu

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you can do it in advanced world gen

Spacefox looks so fucking disgusting holy shit how did i ever use this horrid tileset

Well, I dont want them completely gone. Just not have a chance of appearing if I'm not in an evil biome.

world activation in 2014 added massive lag to the game, reducing starting framerate by ~60%
world activation meant that threats dont just appear on your borders anymore, goblin armies (etc) have to manually march an invading force across the world map to get to you, meaning they usually never arrive if you're too far away (they usually get killed by other shit on their way to you, are preoccupied with closer threats or just simply get distracted by ocean waves cuz intelligent creatures in DF like looking at splashing water)
emotions added in this update and then later expanded upon in 0.42 etc neutered the dwarves personality so they all became mindless husks that just do what they gotta do
when dwarf memories were added, they started tantruming again from remembering shit like being rained on once 10 years ago and was so overtuned that the toad just removed tantrum spirals completely
fagdwarves for no reason
mountains of pointless adventure mode fluff
mods died in 2014 and later cuz of one faggot stealing everyone's mods for his modpack, then collecting patreon donations for it

i can go on but you get the idea

DF2012 was the last version where DF was a colony building game, every version after that ruined it.
t.i used to be the archive user for /dfg/ before the gacha spammers came in 2015

>filtered by fucking vampires of all things

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i dont think you can set them to only evil biomes, but you can reduce the number of them (or at least the curse types)

>filtered by vampires
>use casualbuttface tileset
Yea Forums never fails to disappoint me. Bunch of casual niggers

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literally what's wrong with using a tileset

i was in high school when toady announced he was working on the magic update

You didn't really play the game if you do.

vampires are great though
you get a vampire, you lock him in a room or his own private little fortress and your fort is literally invulnerable now.
with a vamp locked in a cupboard somewhere your fort can literally never fall.
use him for your bookkeeping or train him to be a super soldier.
if you want to be a bro, drop him some dwarf children or elves once in a while for him to feed on

I'm waiting until the Steam version becomes available as that will also include UI improvements

>not starting a weredwarf army

but i am playing it though, it's fun

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This. Make sure it includes achievements too toady.

>goblin armies (etc) have to manually march an invading force across the world map to get to you, meaning they usually never arrive if you're too far away
this shit right here
nu-dorf is boring as aids because you never get attacked
at least old versions the size of the attacking force got larger and larger every year

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DF already has achievements though
Soundsense has an achievement system built in that's more annoying than anything.

that looks so fucking soulless.

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His main gripe is retard /pol/ shit, since in newer versions dorfs are allowed to be gay and such. This is a retarded complaint, since it's in service to the simulation aspects and affords no advantage to the faggots - in fact, a population of gays can be beneficial, since they don't have worthless babies. It's a non-issue to anyone who doesn't get triggered by the existence of cock suckers.
However, he's right about everything else. Versions past .34 are basically unplayable due to FPS tanking after less than 100 years. The world is more alive than ever, which is cool, but the shit coding can't support it so the game itself doesn't function. Not to mention Adventure Mode, which due to the new dialogue/questing system doesn't function at all beyond basic combat. You can't get a quest without a shitload of hassle, you can't find where it is without a shitload of hassle, and even if you complete it telling people that you did it is a shitload of hassle - and only the town you got it from will give a shit. Basically, the game is fucking broken and unfun.

Okay but make sure it has steam achievements as well. I need to show that shit on my steam profile.

Don't care, didn't ask, Rimworld is better

at least i can tell what i'm looking at and don't have to manually look at everything

vampires made me quit

N-nooo Z-levels...

your archery range is set up wrong
they wont train properly if the zones overlap and if you dont have a zone set up for each target.
you have to put each target in a long narrow room on its own
also put a channel behind the target and along the walls so any shots that miss fall to the floor so you can re-use your crossbow bolts

because it pisses me off. I swear every single game I get a vampire infestation around the same time and just dont want to deal with that shit

>I have no imagination and everything MUST be shown to me at all times otherwise my zoomie adhd brain will have a meltdown

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lol no-one looks at steam profiles
do you to put your cheevos on your xfire and myspace as well? lol

make a younger world, you only really see vampires in older worlds.
also see , vampires are a blessing and overpowered as fuck if used properly

>also put a channel behind the target and along the walls so any shots that miss fall to the floor so you can re-use your crossbow bolts
this but you also designate an auto-melting zone for each individual metal bolt so you can multiply your metal bars
>not training with metal ammo
what are you, an ELF?

bro i literally don't know what i'm looking at

>he doesnt exclusively use wooden bolts just to piss off the knife ears

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>do you to put your cheevos on your xfire and myspace as well?
Yes, don't forget twitter either.

Because it's not on Steam despite the depot being there for like 3 years now.

thats a you problem, zoomie zoom zoom zoom

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your reaction pics are straight-up bussin', sheeeeesh

>fish laying around
>mixed with random ammo
>plants also just laying around
>useless archery range
>everything in one z-level
So this is the power of tileset users.......

Used to play it a lot, even made my own tileset. Just got tired of it. Every new fort is basically the same thing and the constant looming threat of FPS death is a big motivation killer.
I also don't like the way development is going, focusing on fluff shit non-features and adventure mode.

>It's nethack all over again

i'm trying to learn ok, also idk why my dwarves won't clean the place up even though i set up stockpiles and dump zones

>everything in one z-level
Not having to constantly >>>< to keep tabs on everything going on in your fort is very nice.

>Dwarf Fortress is full of bloat
>CDDA is full of unfun mechanics
>Caves of Qud is jewish
>Tales of Maj'eyal is brainless
Is there even a single good traditional roguelike out there other than Cogmind?

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>not setting up dig zones once so you can dig for ores and gemstones
>not utilizing the f1 f2 f3 "bookmark" function so you can quickly check out why the kitchen orders have stopped going through and setting up smelters nearly instantly on different z levels

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1-zlvl forts are the comfiest
i use digv to dig out metal veins to turn into hallways, then use the digcircle command to put rooms on the ends/sides
this fort went good until werecreatures fucked it up
from what i remember it was on a world with a weregiraffe plague and every fort would get fucked by one in the first year. c

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Shiren the Wanderer?

not him but i mostly have no idea what i'm doing, i haven't even found any metals