Play Horizon

Play Horizon.

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Yeah, she's crazy.


What's rthe word she's not a fan of?


Looks like the Avatar (2009) of video games

With how ugly all the characters are you can't tell what ones are the trannies.

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I hate that way crazy people look at you after they just say something crazy and they look at you for some kind of affirmation, but all you see is someone who is just blankly staring at you crazily.

The whole "le heckin problematic word" shit aside, animations feel weird in an uncanny way, not sure what's wrong with them



who gives a fuck.

its too mo-capped, any of the cutscenes with movement look green-screened.

its so uncanney that it ruins the game in a big way, not that the game needed much help.

all that effort for a cool setting ruined with dumb woke shit and bizarre animation.

No thanks I'm playing good games, like cyberpunk2077

Already did

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I don't play games intended to tick boxes for ESG investing

it isn't affirmation they are looking at you for, its infection, they want to see if the can infect you with their ideology, or their politics, or even their definition on what things are.

they KNOW what they are saying and what they believe is insane, but they are what Yuri Bezmenov called subverted or Demoralized.

Nice hat.

For what reason would a man make the effort to wear woman's armor in a post-apocalyptic world filled with bloodthirsty robot dinosaurs? Wouldn't he realistically have bigger things to worry about than self-expression?

Probably just fits him better. Not that hard to work out

waiting to see if they are going to give it away for free like the first game

I was going to play this game since I enjoyed the first one but some of the devs throwing a fit over ER's success put me off.
Also the increase in SJW shit from the looks of it.

because injecting current year political messaging and social engineering is more important than making a good video game that has a clear logic to the setting.

Oh, so 3 months later and you guys are finally posting the real tranny instead of the weird old guy who just wanted to die

>When I chose to wear a woman's armor, people called me crazy, too.
Sounds less like "this was all that could fit" and more like "statement."
And if it WAS just a fitting issue, why couldn't the tribe's armorer make him dude armor that fit? It's not like they have to go to the mall and pick from a set assortment of sizes, there's a guy in like every tribe or camp that makes custom armor for every person. inb4 i'm way overthinking this virtue-signalling moment

i'll play it for €20

Meh, the quest really all comes down to "Hey Aloy this armour is great, I can make one for you too!"

>not on PC

also for a game that's supposed to take place after the world pretty much falls apart and it's only strong patches of people that survive there sure is a lot of wokeness/PC talk in it

as an old school playstation fan, im so glad elden ring destroyed this game. nusony can eat shit.

they also talk like modern day Zoomers.

anyone got the pic of the lilly white leader male in the womens grass cloths?

such graphic and artistic effort wasted on making an ugly little man in womens attire, really sums up Horizon Forbidden West.

the Dev's are fuming they didn't get the accolades they "deserve" because they thought they could muscle out Elden Ring.

Its like this game is trying to be offensive to anyone normal.

worse, they think YOU are abnormal and that you need to be taught a lesson, an endless list of lessons until you submit, and they will do collectively through any medium that they can.

if you wanted to depict gays or trans people you'd do it like Oda does in One piece with Bon Clay, or the new characters from Wano ALA Yamato or the ninja "lady"

they don't do that, they are teaching you lessons with their characters instead of having "a character who is gay" just be cool as hell.

video related, the coolest gay man in animation.

Because no one played the game

Absolutely. GOTY.

>I'm not a fan of that word

Imagine people talking like that in a post- apocalyptic setting. It's the end of the world and civilization has crumbled but people still talk like Twitter morons. Fuck I hate video game writers so much

the straightest black guy I know fucking loves Bon Clay, easily one of the best depiction of a gay guy, even so far as going very very over the top, but it didn't matter, he was just that cool.

Unless I am missing some context, I think the non Aloy person hates the word "trying"

I am, here's some random end-game playthrough.'sDen

this looks like rage 2 where everyone was covered in wacky colors

Because the post apocalyptic world of robot dinosaurs has been life as usual for centuries

I think of Gren from Cowboy Bebop. Not sure if he was gay before the experimental drugs but regardless.

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You know the game is shit when you just post some random bitch talking instead of actual gameplay.

the melancholic feel of Cowboy bebop has only intensified with time, and the Live action completely failed to capture it, which in a way makes it even more intense, now there is no hope for any future for that era of storytelling and animation.

people quite literally do not animate like they did when that show was made anymore.

nothing even atempts to feel like pic related.

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I thought it was "crazy"?

Who is the target audience for this?

I hate how that webm looks like a shitty netflix show. Gripping dialogue, thats for sure.

people who don't buy video games.

they just browse reddit and twitter and maybe they also work dayjobs as video game creators, but they don't actually BUY video games.

Its 'crazy'. The next sentence is him talking about others calling him crazy.

I don't have a playstation

Nah i think i'll do another play through of elden ring instead of horizon forbidden tranny

Crazy people.

I said as much herewe are the "crazy" ones now, society has gone insane.

There is absolutely nothing gay or trans about crossdressing.
Some of the straightest shooters I know cross dress and look damn fine doing it.

>who buys video game.
>people who don't buy video games.

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Why does Aloy always look like a trashy prostitute in Forbidden West clips? In the first one he was at least an attractive caveman.

im sorry but i cant think of a more accurate way to describe" shit on her ex husband's bed" than crazy

the question was "who was the target audience" and I correctly told you, people who are ideologically aligned with it, but they don't buy video games.

its pretty fucking simple here, the target audience is a misfire, progressives don't play video games, but this game is mostly for them, and the rare people who also are progressive and have a PS5, the rarest item on earth.

No. I am not interested in identity politics that only exist in a small minority of echo chambers on the internet that you mistake for an accurate cross section of reality.
No one that desperate for recognition and legitimization is in any threat of ever getting either.

lol there's a fucking Tranny as your head of Health and Safety, a big fat old tranny.

they are worming their way in, and retards like you think they are perpetually outliers.

I'd worry about that tranny living in your head first, you useful idiot bad actor.
You realize by being such a idpol warrior you only help to legitimize them, right?
All you do is boost their signal.