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Hat Adult

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No topic coom bot thread.


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bot thread. report and ignore.

Is someone actually making an actual hat adult mod/fan game?

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Nope, never.
Enjoy the new upcoming Yooka Layle instead

>Had this genuinely interesting moment at the end of beta
>Throw this plotline out entirely

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it's a shame because it was probably the only interesting plot related thing we knew about pre release

fuck off pedo

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I think it was meant to be a OOT mechanic but obviously it got scrapped.
I can’t honestly imagine AHIT with this, it’s like night and day. Guess it would explain why time travel is barely a thing in the final game

AHiT has a mountain of cut content. Subcon forest could've been it's entire own game.

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That or considering the books in the store the game might have been hat kid imagining stuff in her favourite bookstore while playing with her friend MU and then coming back to said store years later, there were several possibilities.

Most of the stuff in the Beta looks more interesting than the final game, like that rocket level, the cut worlds, the overall seemingly more darker and serious tone, the cut characters, the fact that it was apparently longer and no Bow Kid or trans flag (yeah I know the director is trans but he didn't need to put that flag in the game)

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It is confirmed that Hat Adult was playable but got removed because the play testers didn't like the way she played

>Play testers ruin everything again

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yeah I wouldn't be surprised if trying to adhere to this sort of thing was just getting in the way of development. For what it's worth it probably was in the game's best interest that this was cut so it could be a more tight experience just focused of some 3D platforming good shit

>buy platforming game
>there are sections where you play a character that doesn't jump
no shit it was removed

i think the more disappointing thing is absolutely no sign of them returning to capitalize on these concepts
It's one thing to cut some shit that's not working atm in order to ship the game, but if you're not gonna follow up with a sequel or something it's just sad


idk why people are surprised trans devs can't comit to a game if they can't even comit to a gender. you should be surprised the game even got dlc


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We have no clue what they're working on now. Maybe we'll see some of the old ideas return.

Fuckin faggots could have just made her play the same but taller. Faggot devs

Sounds to me like HitT almost fell into the trap of 2deep4u indie shit. Good thing they cut it.


>made her play the same
Then what would be the point?
>whoa, you're actually an adult woman and not a kid
>cool, so what changes?

Fun fact, this song is actually describing the moonjumper, a third character who was meant to be competing on some level with Vanessa and Snatcher for turf.
In the end they just merged the concept for him with Snatcher, guess that was too many concepts in the kitchen or something

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le argentinean has arrived


I didn't even notice there was a trans flag there until the webm restarted

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What other decals does deselecting that option remove?

Would fuck

Hat in time was great, and I loved it, but it kind of felt too short. iirc it took me around 6-7 hours to finish. Luckily mods picked up the slack.


>OP's image
>"lust provoking image"
>calling him a pedo

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There's too much Hat Kid porn, especially for a character so intentionally non-sexualized as this one.

Did you make this post before? I'm almost certain this isn't the first time I've seen it.


Its Shadman. Part of his parole commitment.

The character is ruined and the the person that made that should be ashamed.

I feel like I should be able to talk to this thing and have it understand me. That would really fuck me up.

How is the character ruined?


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>November 21, 2021A sequel to Yooka-Laylee is in development, developer Playtonic has confirmed. That news comes as part of an announcement the company made earlier this week, revealing that it has sold a minority stake to Tencent.

what did user mean by this?

I bet the director cut out Hat Adult so that just like him, we'd never be a woman.

It makes sense, if devs can't turn into a woman, then Hat Kid can't either.

NTA but she has a huge fucking schnozz for starters

Bow Kid is so unpopular that even the Conductor and The Empress got more porn than her even if it's all off model, this unused song makes me wonder if the later was supossed to have a boss fight rather than just having the player be chased by her:

I still love Hat Adult.

Is tranny shit all you can talk about?

Which is odd because brown lolis seem really popular.

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By the time bow kid got added, HiT was no longer fotm.

other peoples preferences make Jimmy uncomfortable in his body.

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I mean, what did the post he was replying to have to do with trans shit?

she's jewish huh

Nyakuza got tons of art though.

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So many things break this board now it's kinda fun honestly. I want more games to trigger this board into a mental breakdown more oftenly. That latest news about Sonic's show is the best thing i've seen out of the IP since they hired Idris Elba for Knuckles in the Sonic movie.

Exactly. His schizo is showing. Fuckers around here love to project random thoughts unrelated to what others post.

Well yeah, that dlc actually looked good, and nyakuza hat kid was se- I mean, cute as hell. That's not the dlc that added bow kid though.

Captain Toad

Not a platformer

I don't know what my college nickname has to do with anything.

Another unused music track was posted on Youtube 4 days ago:
WAY better than the final music for that world IMO, I wish more open areas in platformers had this kind of music