Here is your Halo Infinite Season 2 bro

>Here is your Halo Infinite Season 2 bro

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Women’s rights was a mistake.

>every spartan leaves their helmets on except this fugly biscuit lipped ape

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>challenges for last man standing aren't working
i really wish microsoft would just set everyone on 343 on fire

I bought ODST the other day and thought Dare's face looked freaky but this is 10x worse.

why are black women forced into every single game when they are like what, 6% of the US population and probably

feminist jews/white women love their little darkie pets

forget the negress, this looks like 2004 grafix

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Reminder that Cort4na got retconned into this.
343 deserves to burn.

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i thought palmer was going to be the new johnson for scenes like this. Would have still been awful.

Gaming will be a better place without their kind.

I mean 343. Allthough joggers are unwelcome too.

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Were the Covenant the good guys the whole time?

im still surprised milftana happened in 4
what a great time to coom

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I'm fucking tired of ugly black people in vidya, bring back sexy nigresses

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nobody is going into africa and demanding they replace black people with white people
but for some reason white people, mostly anglos and nordics, are the only ones that have to blackwash their culture and history
kind of racist

>what a great time to coom
A great time it was. The last good year.

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Looks like she always did except more opaque

That's because Kikes are getting ready for the storm of climate refugees hitting Europe and the USA. They have to re-accommodate pop culture for the new majority.
They think Latinos won't do anything about it, kek.
Here's hoping the Chinks kill them on sight.

Halo is not anglo-nordic culture you daft twat

Are you retarded?

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>cherry-picking: the image

>Implying anyone in the west is doing anything to accommodate any refugee except Ukrainians
Why are the people in your conspiracies always so much nicer and better organised than real people?

>Coping and dilating: the post

That's the exception, man

>Implying anyone in the west will stop the refugees
Stop playing dumb.

Uh, yeah, they already are, dipshit

I'm not talking about this specific game but the broader trend in gaming and other media. halo has more roots in white culture than anything else though. its made by bungie and the main protag is white

>I'm not talking about this specific game
Yes we are
>halo has more roots in white culture than anything else though. its made by bungie and the main protag is white

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God I fucking hate self-loathing white traitors applauding the replacement of their own people by thirdworld browns.
Enoch was right.

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I live there

You're making a great case for your own replacement here

I'm sure you're one of those ((((White Liberals)))) that hates whites so much, aren't you?

ah, your an anti-Semite as well, well have a good day user try not to choke on your own stupidity and hatred

Friendly reminder that an anti-Semite is just someone that Jews don't like.

A Jew is just someone an anti-Semite doesn't like.

>Halo 5 is so bad the storyline gets completely dropped and the Created get replaced by the Banished while most of the garbage that is the Spartan-IVs are killed off making the Spartans endangered again
I still can't stop laughing at Reclaimer Saga fags. They get what they deserve.

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What is this image trying to convey, am I supposed to be nostalgic for Palmer?

I wish that were true

Why is this military nigger female archetype in every fucking game these days?
Who the fuck wants this shit?

You literally started calling random people Jews because you disliked them

what sec, that thing is female?!?

Palmer and 343's version of Cortana can die with the rest of the Reclaimer Saga .

This looks like a combination of Halo CE-3 Cortana even with the same stance so go fuck yourself for liking the character assassination version of Cortana we got with Halo 4.

user, just say you like men and get on with your life.

Alright, fag, prove him wrong with your own examples.

Looks like a fucking abomination.

cringe opinion

Nah, I hate they ruined Bungie's characters with their shit games, and I'm happy they finally dropped and that that games and books are equal on canon shit they were going for. Halo and 5 were trash games.

The purple cortana is meant to look like halo:ce

That and if you look closely, she resembles Halo 2 and 3 Cortana but is more purple.

Bungie ruined their own characters in 3. Making Truth a raving zealot, Miranda a literal retard ("to war" and suicide rescue mission), and making everyone else a cardboard cutout. Looking back its a miracle 2 turned out so well. Get off Bungie's cock, user. 343 are still faggots that don't know what they're doing, but I'll at least give them credit for making 4tana and Palmer look like actual women.

*Halo 4

I forget, did we ever find out what happened to her?
Did her and Lasky bump uglies yet?

Truth and Miranda were dying in that game so who really gives a shit if they acted different, 343 would have made them worse if they had survived. Also, I'll take "To War" over all those cringe lines from Halo 4 and 5.
>343 are still faggots that don't know what they're doing, but I'll at least give them credit for making 4tana and Palmer look like actual women
4tana cried and whined all the time while somehow being more annoying than Halo 3's Cortana moment while being cringe at the same time, Palmer was a bitch that deserved a bullet in her head. I'll take Commander monke over her any day.

No, but I doubt anyone really cares, honestly, lol.

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Do Americans really look like this?

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why don't they just make a Wakanda videogame. it's clearly what Vanguard/Blackrock wants.

ya'll don't play.

Palmer was overrated and didn't look nice. Kat looked better than her.

because video game employees get into little micro pow-wows about feeling so awful about those retarded subhumans
and how their game doesn't have ENOUGH alt skin characters
and then your boss chimes in "well, the customer has already signed off - but i totally would add more if i could"
and then turn shis own fucking self-insert into a minority

it's all pretty silly

How di you fucking kill a franchise this badly? Nobody wants this shit

>Sherry had nude textures underneath
I miss when Capcom was based