Are you aware that Dev teams have been working on MultiVersus all night?

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I don't know what that is and I also don't give a fuck

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>Another shitty smash clone
Fuck off shill.


Can we talk about the game?


Kill yourself

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Welp heres a picture of the Multiversus confirmed and datamined characters for those who dont know them

also heres a tierlist maker to rank them

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Kinda hard to talk about it when everything has been datamined and discussed to hell weeks ago

Not datamine/leak.
Just in general.
Like share your thoughts/opinions, talk about the ideas, and wishlists.

>spics playing vidya

*Kinda hard to talk about it when everything looks like shit

it looks better than nicker all star balls

>twitter post
all fields

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>Shit looks better than shit

>15 bucks for such a tiny bundle of sticks
What the hell, man.

>”I don’t give a fuck!”

>First post in the thread



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Well once pfg gets their stuff together after getting their plans fucked up by hungrybox's loud mouth, im sure this game will have a decent success and audience like brawlhalla, quiet but surprisingly big

found the smashfag

What if MultiVersus gets canceled after It got leaked?

i cant wait for rosterniggers to attack the developers behind this game just because every character found in the datamine isn't coming to the base roster

Original Leaker here,
I looked in both files. They're same. Credits haven't changed yet. Velma's voice actress haven't added to the credit list yet.

WB isn't that retarded to throw a game away just because of a smash player and hundreds of redditors and anons leaking it, but I will say they're going through a lot of damage control just to keep it secret

once twitter got a hold of that datamine roster the secrets were kind of fucked

Keep choking on sakurai's yellow dick you nintendo loving cuck

Yo leaker dude, can you just post information on the multiversus subreddit with a burner account? theres a lot more active people in the community there that would love what you have to offer

imma just repost the most based mvs tierlist here

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I got a deal for you user, because I like ya.

12 bucks, wait no.. TEN bucks for a bundle of sticks of the same size. Now before you answer, realize this is a YOU price, I don't give it anyone else. I knew you were a girl who knew a scam when she seen one the moment I seen you in this thread.

I just wanna see his moveset in full action already (also if you're wondering yes this is the official artwork for Rick Sanchez in multiversus)

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why? I don't want to getting striked by NDA and getting IP Banned from Reddit. That's why I prepare posting it here since It's user. Nobody knows who we are.

don't listen to ANYONE telling you to go to reddit

op continues his crime spree of felonious cock sucking

Probably in the middle of a big city, what are you gonna do make your own faggot from sticks you find that long

>15 bucks
plus tip

Yeah I understand that, but ive seen a bunch of people post major leaks there and they don't get banned after the fact. People like JPMB5555 and that higashikujo dude have posted crazy shit on that subreddit like the voiceline leaks and they still get to post after doing so. But Yea Forums is cool too if you're comfortable with it, thank you for being willing to provide more info man.

if they're not signed by NDA then They're fine and they wouldn't get in troubles. but I signed NDA when I got invite from email. I would get in trouble.

If Raven is Teen Titans Go style I'm going to lose my fucking shit

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>relying on redditors to hype up smash bros: warner bros edition because the game's marketing is so shit

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You'd be surprised at the amount of nda signed players posting leaks on that subreddit who get away with it

alternate emails and blurring out codes/personal info does a lot to cover your ass lol

people who unironically plan on maining the retarded OCs might be retarded themselves

Do you have any information as to when the open beta test is coming out, I wanna play as my niggress Garnet again

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Kemonomimi erotic


Bruh just fuck off with these multiversus threads until the next playtest comes out, it's dryer than your grandma's cunt trying to discuss this game

*Bruh just fuck off with these multiversus threads

Static is my nigga
The others can go. I'll take Rand and Perrin Aybara (WoT book version not the niggro they got for the show) and Rincewind in their palces

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I would love to discussion about the game.
But I have to do my college homework and eat my dinner first. Will be back in a hour later.

I have no idea.

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ok, that's funny. why did you do that?

Because I don't like Steven Universe.
I think It's dumb cartoon

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Why do they waste 3 slots for shitty OCs when they could've used them for other characters, such as Sauron, Aragorn, Frodo? Why the fuck does "The more she shat, the more she drank’s Game of Thrones have more characters in it than LOTR?

Brutes hot. Leave him alone.
What will you do if they use chris rocks skin for black adam like the movie?

ok this might be the funniest anti-SU post that ive ever seen

never will be

ciepla twarz is older than that image even. I used to chat with wojak back in the day (he was a faggot btw lol).

>Surely this Not-Smash clone will succeed!
>these characters from literal Baby Boomer childhoods are still popular and relevant, kids infact love the Loony Toons and the Wizard of Oz!
>Normies who liked GoT and it's hyper violence, swearing, and fucking will appropriate the tone change to something more family friendly!
>LOLSORANDUMZXD Zoomer chartoon characters
>Shaggy and Scooby Doo is just there for the meme
>Remember OUR version of Lord of the Rings guys?!
>Shit we need at least ONE character from something current and popular....Eleven!
>Oh, Here is Godzilla and Lebron James btw

This game reeks of having no idea what the fuck they are doing beyond throwing all the IPs they own in to the blender.


ngl id probably throatfuck blackface garnet if i had the chance

are you the same guy that's been making velma and WW porn with the multiversus models