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gay thread.

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they should just target black women as their audience, im sure they'll be golden

Is this really important? Nintendo seems to sell like gangbusters and no one ever seems to play their games on twitch

Blizztranny defense force has arrived

gay roll.

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needs more black gay trans non binary character to be successful

oh boy another thread about hating video games! luckily nobody likes video games around here!

blessed roll





How do I play this there are no guidelines.

A lot of people are underwhelmed at the lack of changes

How about this?

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It had to be that Dunkey video. Most of those followers hadn't even played the game yet. He's 100% right, though. They made OW1 worse and then called it a sequel.

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Nintendo doesn't have any esports titles.

They already target gay white women who wish they were black women. It's close enough.


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If I get Kat she gets another game and a PC release.

how the fuck does this even happen
cmon midna


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rollan for bayo

Hope this game dies a month after release

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pls not 12 pls not 12 pls not 12 pls not 12 pls not 12

give felicia
give morigan
give samus
give android 21
give juri
give menat

anything good

>dunkey video
It legit had nothing to do with any video any """""influencer""""" could have put out. It has one single thing dooming it.
Its literally the same as OW 1. OW 1 already burnt itself out, and now with OW 2 comming out and literally any stream you pick out looks literally the same as OW 1 people just dropped it.
If they pushed new game modes harder, or a solid overhaul of maps and heroes? Maybe would live a few weeks longer, but right now anyone who tunes in just gets greeted with OW 1, and just tunes out.

Basically they made the game feel exactly the same while having it be simultaneously worse and only in ways that made one of the most toxic communities even more toxic. I put almost 5k hours into 1 and less than 20 into the beta. I don't think I'll even try the next beta event.


oh fuck

Solid 5 my brutha

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this, I played like 3 matches on the beta and it just reminded me that I hated OW1.

god damn it

rollan for 6 please cat gods i need this

I'm surprised someone thought that audience was totally really 100% legit pure organic interest. Also, wasnt like 3 days?

why were blizzard so fucking retarded in the first place to reboot their dead game? unironically should abandon overwatch and try to grasp on the tail end of the battle royale fad. but now they're tethered to this dead game.


here we go

Dumb thread

I need more

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>no furry ladies
what are you some kind of gay?

oh yes

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that you have to resort to this to keep the thread bumped is super embarassing

OW needs to be forgotten. Roallan.






ok. I only care about OW porn


Roll for someone weird

Yeah, because that was a one shot event. Makes sense that after the key drop people will leave.
Stupid article for a stupider game. OW PvE will be the way.

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blessed roll


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Yep, it's rolling time.

Overwatch 2 is just Overwatch 1 with new maps and characters. I was honestly shocked when they revealed it however many months or years ago. It looked like a midsize update for OW and they're selling it as a new game. That's a damn joke. And OW isn't even a good game to begin with and they fucked it up intentionally for the whiners. Should've just made Titan...


No you fucking retard. OW had that many viewers because everyone wanted to get in the beta. Saying that it "lost it's audience" is like saying stores are empty because is no longer black Friday. I swear, it's like it's forbidden to have a normal view opinion.

Nah I only wanted to derail a blatant shitpost thread. I'm the user that posted the dragon pic. The waifu user is someone else.

>literally the same game but with less content and you have to pay for it again

robo roll


Bitch ass nigga

rolling for etna

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rolly rolly rollin

I literally said "gay thread" because this endless overwatch twitch viewers shit is gay as fuck. OP doesn't get discussion, outrage, or (you)s. I get all the yous from retards rollan. Fuck OP and fuck overwatch and fuck overwatch rage bait threads.
Now roll


multi roll

video game related roll

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at this point id take any waifu thatd love me

rollan for 98