Would you love a Assasins Creed japan?

Imagine feudal Japan and you play as a ninja supporting a good clan over the other clans and the shogun ends up being a templer bent on destroying Japanese society by allowing the Mongols to easily invade? That would be a epic game imo.

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only if the mc is a cute jomon like wolf and not some white guy.

ubisoft games are boring chores. they run like dogshit, they play like shit, and the writing is always god awful.

Ghost of Tsushima already provided the ACJap experience without all the animus shit

This, ubisoft isn't going to meet that quality so just play it.

This. There's no way Ubisoft could mak Asscreed Japan without it just being a worse GoT.

>ubisoft isn't going to meet that quality so just play it
sad but so so true

If it was 10 years ago, maybe.
Nowadays it would be a mediocre RPG-wannabe full of filler shit, a billion progression systems and with a barebones parkour system that the game clearly isn't designed with in mind.

it needs to be a pure stealth game. enemies deliver insta-kills if you get caught.

They should do one in India where you can Leap-Of-Loo

This, Ghost is kino and is better than any modern AC game.

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I'm still begging for the PC port

Just wait a few more months

It's called Ghost of Tsushima and it's better than Ubisoft could do

Maybe before the series went the Origins gay direction. This series has been dead to me since Black Flag

No. Do something I don't know about.

Wasnt one of the sidescroller spin-offs set in Japan? Think they had one in India too.

You mean Ghost of Tsushima?
That already exists tho??


Kino post

Fuck that's a good screenshot.

This game is so fucking beautiful

Hey Ubisoft shill, let your masters know they make that game they'll have finally shown the world that they're complete hacks.

they missed their shot. they had years and years to do it, but waited until ghost of ronaldoshima did EXACTLY what AC in Japan would be, and sekiro delivered something better while looking similar. now if AC goes to Japan it won't even seem fresh, it will seem like it's copying those two games.

Ghost already filled this niche. All that game needs is to be ported to PC so PCfags can enjoy it if they're interested too.

Tsushima is cool and everything but I'd love to explore the mainland

Maybe that's what the sequel would be if they ever made it.

Considering its canon that Shimura lives there is reason to go to the Shogun

does ghost of tsundere have any urban areas? cause that's the main appeal of the ass creed games.

Could always do a different protagonist and have Jin be a mentor

Fuck you mean urban areas? You mean the real life shit nobody likes?

It has towns if that's what you mean. And a few castles but nothing over three stories. Its not about that

Back then Japanese cities didn't look like modern Tokyo you know

Ass Creed set in the era where ninjas were still a thing seemed like the most obvious game to make for this series and yet it still hasnt happened and I dont understand why.

Really bc I'm a big supporter since origins and love black flag and think it just got better and better. Also. Their sales went through the roof too so I'm not the only one. Sorry but your in the minority here.

>feudal japan
overrated and overused settings. Just go with Bakumatsu era, that was when all the fun stuff happened.
>Political assassinations happened constantly
>Pistols and revolvers were present but in small quantity
>focus on swordplay since most assassinations carried by sword
>whole political situation involving foreigners in Japan which can be tied to the whole templar shit

Sounds like a get of jail free game for when the franchise is bombing. Let them eat cake shit

Sales but not retention. Take a look at the new DLC and completion rates of the Valhalla main game.


no, the places with lots buildings and people.

i've played shogun total war i'm an expert on medieval japan

The island of Tsushima wasn't like the mainland you fag.

most depictions of feudal Japan is still from an era way after the time of GoT. GoT is really early and not during the age of Sengoku period which is what most people think of when they think ancient Japan.xxppw

You just know Jewbisoft wouldn't be able to resist the idea of pozzing feudal Japan just as they did Vikangz.

Already made it, it's called Ghost of Tsushima.
The thing is being a stealthy ninja-like character is more interesting in every setting besides Japan. Not that nu-Asscreed has anything to do with stealth.

I'd take any ass creed that actually goes back to the social stealth formula. It could be in India or whatever and I'd be okay with it.

AC hasn't had animus shit for like 10 years grandpa

2 late

Shut the fuck up retard yes it does, the last fucking game they did has them going into the animus. The only thing that's changed is they no longer need to be a descendant of the person as long as they have the DNA.

Ghost of Tsushima is better than every single AC and better than anything Ubishit could do.

It still does as of Valhalla

I'd take three kingdoms
Fiction and all.

>inb4 nobunaga templar
>inb4 masamune with a piece of eden
>inb4 muh piece of Eden kami kaze

I'm not playing anything made by Ubishit. I actually like my games to be fun.

Ubisoft already said they wouldn't do Japan because it was too obvious and it would be a sign they'd run out of ideas for settings. It'd be too obvious and too overdone to touch the Sengoku or Bakumatsu periods and slap some templar/assassin bullshit all over it.
Ghost of Tsushima kinda proved the point since its gameplay is basically an AC clone with somehow less mechanical depth.

It's a shame they wasted Imperial China on a spinoff, there's lots of great options in Chinese history.

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>Ubisoft already said they wouldn't do Japan because it was too obvious and it would be a sign they'd run out of ideas for settings
Oh yeah, Ubisoft has such unique ideas for their settings. So mechanically deep too.


But I can't play Ghost of Tsushima on a PC

Not him but what he probably means is, a Stealthy Assassin like character is not usually what comes to mind when you say a game about the Crusades, or a game about the American revolution, or a game about the renaissance. But when you say a game about feudal japan, people usually think Samurai and Ninjas. So yeah to want Asscreed Japan is boring, and obvious.

>ubisoft games on PC
Might as well light it on fire

Pretty much this, Ubisoft dropped the ball in favor of those inferior Witcher clones.
Ironic, given that AC Origins is the true embodiment of that fear.

no, because Assassin's Creed blows ass

I'd love it if Ubisoft shut down cause all they produce are shit games.

I Google the game and it looks cool as shit. Maybe your right. Oh well too bad. Maybe make another game that focuses in northern Italy and you can travel to any of the giant cities of Florence and Venice and bologna.

who the fuck still cares about asscreed after the last couple god awful releases, not to mention stealth missions being the same design as AC1