ITT: Tutorial levels/areas you actually enjoy

ITT: Tutorial levels/areas you actually enjoy.

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Peragus and I'm tired of people saying it's bad.

Half-Life's basic training.
Max Payne's tutorial.
the Great Plateau in Breath Of The Wild.

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Hazard Course. Very comfy and messing at the end with the NPCs was funny.

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started Darksiders 2 again yesterday and the tutorial was nice
gets you right into the action and fighting the MC of the last game within the first ten minutes
and really lets you feel how much better death feels to control than war
music is fucking great too

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Deku Tree in OoT.

I'd say Kokiri Forest is the "tutortial"? Has all the control tips on signs like SM64 and the area to get your bearings on jumping, climbing, using the sword etc. Very much like outside Peach's castle in SM64.

On that note...outside Peach's castle in SM64. It's a smart way of doing the tutorial in their first 3D Mario, a peaceful open area with trees, slopes and water to get the 3D movement down.

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Definitely Spiral Mountain.

I haven't played 2 but I actually really like Taris.
Although I guess the real tutorial is on the space ship in the beginning

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After extensively playing the game myself, watching my 9 year old nephew making his way through the plateau made me appreciate even more how well it nudges you in the right direction and teaches you the mechanics. A lot of extremely well thought out touches

Bullshit, the most popular of the early mods was to remove this whole section.

The one where you pass out after Anduin appears and wake up to everything trashed? That's actually better rather than having your big bad threat swooping around popping in and out of buildings like a common enemy.


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Carrington Institute........home.....

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Spiral Mountain… home…

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Advance Wars is the best tutorial of all time

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Go back

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How about it?

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Seyda Neen in Morrowind, since you can basically just leave it as soon as you get out of the character creation building or stick around and find all the little quests or items in and around the town.

KOTOR 2 on the other hand

What are you considering the tutorial in KOTOR 1? Just the ship at the beginning? Taris? And KOTOR 2 that whole fucking ship? The ship+the station or whatever? Telos too?

Can I count these?

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>GoodSprings, home...sheeeiiiit.
Still makes me feel comfy every time I see it.

Yeah KOTOR II had the Peragus Mining Facility as a long tutorial. I actually didn't mind it the first time through but any time I get the itch to replay KOTOR II I have to keep in mind I'll need to sink a few hours plowing through Peragus...

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Hello child, shall we continue your lessons?

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based darksiders chad

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based af, love the guardian fight theme

this games sucks ballz and dick

Can I count it?

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>only an hour long
>50 minutes is cutscenes
>teaches you valuable skills like how to look up and down and left to right

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Hmm, yes, I should get good at my shooting.

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We're talking about New Vegas not your mom

For sure

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I actually like the opening cutscene quite a lot, very atmospheric, but once Alduin comes and you start parkouring through burning buildings it gets silly


Heart of Evil?

>finding the secred mac-10s

I really love to just fuck around with different weapons on the huge horde near the middle

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I played it with the mod here and it's actually great. You get the slow execution cutscene then suddenly a dragon shows up and wrecks everything, and you wake up and wander out the ruins into the world.

Excellent choice. I liked how full on they went with it, it was nothing like the hazard course. They could have been lazy with it but they went all in on the boot camp idea.
Half-Life Opposing Force

I'll miss Island of Dawn in TERA.
Such a relaxing area.

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I was so retarded the first I got a N64 I could not do the bridge section

Bridge section?

Yeah Alduin popping in and out of buildings like a common enemy is really goofy, this is your big bad dragon, and you're level 1 with no equipment or dragon shouts, he should be melting the whole settlement in seconds and it being a miracle you didn't die immediately.

This was tough, but I'll probably never forget it

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Secrets hidden all over the place in easy-to-find places to train you how to find them, very basic introductions to vertical gameplay, and enough pickups to encourage exploration. All of this with no dialogue telling you outright what to do. It's all through gameplay and level design.

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Welcome to training, cadet. I like to think of this lovely place as my home. Now you wouldn't even think of upsetting me in my home, would you? Of course you wouldn't. So do what I say, when I say, and I won't get upset. I do bad things when I get upset.

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>the Great Plateau
easily the best area in the game.
sad really.

>a few hours
you can do it in under an hour, and thats if you do absolutely everything. Now that I think about it... I havent actually tried it yet. I've always just jumped straight to the story.

The Great Plateau is a glimpse of what BOTW with more purposeful design would've been like and it's a crying shame more of the game wasn't designed similarly.