Have you played any decent fdom games recently?

Have you played any decent fdom games recently?

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What does that tattoo mean?

EXPLAIN the appeal of femdom

I'm lazy in bed
need my wife to break my pelvis after work

A girl who pushes me down and takes what she wants is hot as fuck, simple as.

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>tfw maidenless at level 29

It means she will rape you on sight

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I need recommendations

which sequel is this slut from and does she have scenes

A life in Submission recently got an update if you like story focus.

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Femdom only works in fiction since it could be a demoness or something. IRL it's just gay roleplay.


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It depends since femdom is a broad umbrella term that covers lots of topics that on their own would be opposite to each other. For instance there's hard, violent femdom where the woman is verbally / physically abusive and it's clear the guy's enjoyment is not a factor. But you also have softer femdom which is just sexually assertive women who might lightly tease but still seek to gratify their man.

She's the main character of ASYLUM, named Malice. She has about 60 scenes in the game since she's the main girl.

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I just played L.Depth this weekend, it was great

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merci beaucoup

Well recommend me some games with femdom and /ss/

Forest of Blue Skin
Succubus Affection
Parade Buster
Smash Boy

Succubus Affection
Your Sweet House

shota porn is illegal to own in most of the developed world btw, watch out


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Thankfully I am fucking brown subhuman
I'll check these out

I don't see a futa dick. What do you mean. There's no other possible abbreviation this could mean. Why the fuck would I play anything that involves projecting into the sub. I'm not a bitch

Succubus in Wonderland
LustGrimm Again
Female Occupation Army vs Prince
The Three Charms

L Depth is actually fappable unlike 90% of the scenes in the Sequel games.

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theres the kind of femdom where its basically a woman trying to break your will with force and pleasure, basically a role reversal, then theres the gay kind where its just an overly masculine woman making you pleasure her and you get nothing in return. idk how people like the second one. the first one is a nice roleplay of restraint vs desire and the inevitability that you two will bone is creating this sexual suspense/build up. the second one is being a sex toy.

I played Rashe and the Village of Sacrifice last month and loved everything about it. The ero content is a slow burn with lots of teasing, which was unexpected and highly enjoyable.
Right now I'm playing L.Depth and the Fire Emblem-style SRPG Senki Luluka by the same developer, which has been fun but a little on the easy side.
The Three Charms series
Monster Girl Quest
Forest of Blue Skin
Succubus Affection
Rashe and the Village of Sacrifice
excess m games

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L.Depth really exceeded my expectations, both story-wise and h-wise

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The same developer as Rashe*

men with womans souls

Women are hot

What the story about it?

keep fighting the good fight

Simple explanation is that the MC and the two girls are trapped in an area filled with monsters that they have to hide from. It's your job to find out how to escape.

So where does the porn come in?

From exploring in the darkness, the MC’s mana needs to get purified through ejaculating. There’s a hub area where the sisters usually are, they help you out.

i dont play games with shit fetishes.

it's my favorite, malice.

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the bestiality scenes are pretty good in this game, shame about no knotting though

I just like it when girls are passionate about sex. I don't like the chastity belt, foot licking, leash stuff. Just having a girl go to town on me out of nowhere is super hot

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how do I stop enjoying femdom?

You can’t, because you’re a man of taste

Getting everything I want from a woman is boring. The idea of me putting in all my effort as the man while a woman just lies there and moans like a retard is annoying. It's lowly, bottom of the barrel shit that you'd envision entitled e-girls on OnlyFans doing because they never worked for anything in their fucking lives. Letting a woman understand edging so that she knows how to keep me begging is hot.
The less there is of something (orgasms), the more valuable it becomes.

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>era where women cheating is common
>fetish where women is infatuated with one guy

I'm making a femdom game. Have some drawing experience but that's it. what program should I use?

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Wolf rpg

Either Rpg Maker or WolfRpg is fine if you only care about art quality.

I'd suggest starting just short comics to drum up interest while you get your feet wet making small tech demo games for yourself (and try to drum up a lackey to do the game making part for you)

monster girls and reverse rape

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Source...asking for a friend...

Wolf RPG or RPG Maker are the main two people use.

didn't mgd get updated recently? and new Kotone updates?

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oh noooooooo this terrifying monster is going to pin me down and rape me with her tits haha

Wait fuck it came out already? I assume untranslated?

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Dwarfbros...not like this

Yes just 3 days ago. Translation will take who knows how long, but I saw someone post a machine translation on /vrpg/

Damn cause I still haven't finished up Kludge's postgame and I'll be damned if I leave best girl single

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there are two kinds of femdom user

the, "stomp me on the balls and fuck some stranger while I watch femdom", and the "gently stroke my head while I suck on your tits" femdom.

I'm more into the latter

femdom and ss are some of the laziest, low testosterone, borderline gay preferences out there. What pissed me off about SEQUEL was the pussy MC not growing a pair and pounding the whores into submission. It's like he loses his virginity every time with how clueless he acts.

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>he says as he posts redditserk

Hey, did you notice? smarrel

I'd say there's more than two types user... I for one, prefer getting snuffed, but for the most part, I really do enjoy lots of sexual stuff that goes alongside it, like getting smothered by boobs, or energy drained until I'm bones, even snu snu.

Tell me why you're a homosexual instead of becoming the new man of the house.

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