What game are you most “gud” at?

what game are you most “gud” at?

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whatever game i am most good at there is always some neet Russian or Brazilian who is better than me and spends 12 hrs a day practicing

I have played Doom and F-Zero everyday since their release.

I got a lot of S ranks in Hotline Miami 2

Puzzle Bobble

I was very good at Tetris Attack, I played it every night when I came home from school on my computer, and because of the keyboard advantage I started to get extremely fast at the game. I could do combos involving almost the whole screen more or less constantly, which thinking now seems pretty crazy to me. I think it's the only game I was really good at, I'd probably be in the top 1% if it was an online competitive game or something like that

I'm in the top 500 for score rankings in Dustforce, that's gud enough I think.

play Panel Attack

dont think im "good" at anything, ive played racing vidya since i was 5 but i basically have surface level knowledge in every game i played, im decent enough to complete the campaigns but i doubt ill be able to compete with other players

Portable Ops (Plus) back when it was still alive.
Peace Walker.
Autistic knowledge of Dragon's Dogma.
Used to be able to consistently beat Metal Gear Rising without taking a hit, but I haven't played it in years.

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I was number 1 on the worldwide leader boards for the Batman Arkham Knight challenge maps on PS4 so that I guess.

Not killing myself yet.

I can beat Slay the Spire pretty moderately on the highest difficulty (ascension 20 + Heart)
Have poured a few couple hundred hours in Darkest Dungeon
I beat base Monster Hunter World solo and played it for around 500 hours, though that probably doesn't mean I'm remotely "gud" at it. Fastest kill on Nerg with HR gear's like... 4-5ish minutes? Without bombs.
The game I am at my best with, is probably Sekiro. I can beat the final boss(on base difficulty) in 90-ish seconds.

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I've played super metroid like 3000 times and can easily get through the lttpxsm randomizer without a tracker, but I still don't know how to do that or the mockball.


When I was doing all the achievements in Cave Story many years ago I was pretty damn good at it. I probably could have put up decent speedrun times. I had Bloodstained Sanctuary down to about 2:50 but I had to stop once I 100%ed the game because my fingers were hurting and seizing up.

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It felt like I was okay at gran Turismo sport but I used a controller with some assists and such. Other than that I'm not really good at anything else. I get told that I can do it and get better but I always turn into a Debbie downer and say I never will/do get better

I was in the top 25 in the world at Bubble Bobble Plus.

Funny you post that image. Super Metroid

2009ish, Before speed running was really a thing, I got about 45min on my fastest run and could regularly beat the game in under an hour. Back when speed running wasn't about breaking the game so hard you literally go from start menu to credits via some glitch and "beat" the game in a second.

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mockball is fun to execute
crystal whatever is just, I think:
>have low health
>select power bombs
>enter morph ball state
>hold R+L
>press whatever button you use for power bombs
It's something like that and its use is pretty niche. It DOES show her doing it in the demo though, but I never knew how to do it until recently.

>TFW you are doing a speed run and you actually start messing up at Ridley making the Crystal Flash an actually useful ability

I have used the Crystal Flash in actual gameplay once and it was basically because I lost my attention for a moment. I panicked too making me unsure if I had the conditions and button combo right, but I got it!

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I'm 32 years old but I can still shit on all the highschoolers and college kids that still play. My greatest fear is that I will someday atrophy to the point where I can't just jump into any TF2 server and top frag

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Been playing this game since I could hold a controller in 1990. I know each beat by memory, and I still enjoy playing it.

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>tfw been playing TF2 since the day it came out
>tfw still just as dogshit at it as I was when I started

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Im one of the best double vision players in Audiosurf, but nobody plays that anymore and spotify killed it completely

This may sound retarded, but I'm sure I'm one of the maybe 3 fastest people on Earth at Piccross 3D for the 3DS.
I am just autistically good at recognizing patterns in that, and thinking of crushing tiles faster than sometimes they get uncovered.
If I were to give a shit, I could probably showcase the game on AGDQ, even with a random shape mod, if those existed. I get a lot of comments on how impressive it looks, because to them, I'm solving a 3D Sudoku at lightning speed.
Too bad I know what the majority of shapes are for most stages in the first half of the round 2 game now. And no one's doing more Picross 3D.

I wanna be the guy fangames, and I don't even consider myself good compared to other people who play them

Monkey Ball

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I guess I'm doing alright at the new Halo game.

>introduced some friends to tf2 very recently
>one asks me to teach me to rocketjump because he can't do shit
>find a jump server and help him for an hour or so
>wrist keeps hurting the whole day afterwards
I can't play like before and I'm not even 30 fuck

For some fucking reason Overwatch, but that was back in season 2. I I haven't played since season 4, but I had over 4400 SR in season 2 just playing zenyatta and reinhardt, with maybe some other picks if I felt like they were better.

planetside 2
became such a high tier bolt baby that I would get rage tells by heavy assault shitters

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Thanks to the new update, i'm out sniping infilshitters all day with my GodSaw.

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Are keyboards really faster than a dpad?

Thats what happens to me when I play Melee after a long break. Hopefully you shouldn't hurt if you get back to it for day 2

NC is fucking insane on the latest patch and for whatever reason every VS gun feels like a water gun that deals 0 damage

and you guys are still a pain the fucking ass to fight! lol

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its because we have tryhard gigagooks tweaking out on adderal forming 24 man heavy assault stacks
good news is the beatlguese is shit so they just swapped to the orion

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+, I'm in the top 50 on the leaderboards. Removing ~the top 15 or so who are hackers I might crack the top 10

are you aiming with your wrist or something?

Nice. I was in the top 100 or so. Such a fun game to just... Zone out to.

I use the wrist to move the mouse, yes. It's way too uncomfortable to lift my hand and move all of it when using it for any reason.

I was pretty gud at Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I could 5* most difficult songs but I wasn't FCing them or anything. When I'd play with other people they'd comment on how good my skills were like I was some kind of freak

I'm really good at F-Zero GX and Ninja Gaiden Black.

Get a lighter mouse and fix the ergonomics of your desk/chair

At this point, probably Ocarina of Time. It used to not be the case, it was just a game I played once every couple of years, but after I discovered randomizers I started playing it every other month so I know the game inside and out now, including conventional ways of getting through dungeons if you don't have the right items.
I know dick all about MQ though

he shouldn't be moving a mouse with his wrist in the first place.

How do you do it without using the wrist? It's how I've always done it, what came naturally, and right now it feels too odd to use my whole arm instead.

Move your whole arm

Mario Kart 64. Obviously played it a ton as a kid and then absolutely destroyed everyone in college when my roommate brought his n64. I'm not even that good at any of the other kart games, it's just I have every frame of that game memorized

Original Smash Brothers or Battle Network. I can hold my own in either.

Rayman 1

Have you tried playing puyo puyo?

Madden 18

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league of legends and cave story


This image makes me feel things in my heart

Completely beat Sonic Adventure 2 and unlocked green hill. Some of those A ranks were a pain in the ass.

rhythm games, 8k and 4k
the funny thing is, that the more I improve the worse I get

I'm pretty gud at battlefield V, it's fun to PTFO with arisaka

I can play Expert songs with hyperspeed on Guitar Hero.

Currently in the middle of a daggers play through of Eldenring

probably GTA games since I beat every mission people seem to find hard on my first try