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Holy shit is that gumby?

nothing personell

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>Y + RB to switch to one handing.
>LB to hold up shield
>Stand still while she gets maybe 10%, tops, of her HP back
>Go back to poking her with GS

Don't see what the big deal is honestly. The start up is like 10 minutes long, you have all the time in the world to react to it. Her quick dash forward into a rapid flurry is far harder to react to, especially if she chains to together multiple times.


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Block, roll, walk backwards

What now, bitch ?

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>Her quick dash forward into a rapid flurry is far harder to react to, especially if she chains to together multiple times.
Just roll in ffs. You won't get damaged.

its insane the kickback you see for people using a shield in this fight, spent the last few days just helping people with malenia and more than once i just saw people run for their lives despite having a greatshield equipped
just press l1 niggers its not that hard

There's a middle point where rolling in wouldn't get me close enough to her to poke her before she could start the second flurry of the combo. If you're right on her you can roll on, and if you're at range you can roll/run back, but there's an inbetween zone where both will get you caught.

>Summon Tiche so she reduces her bloated HP
>Also dual wielding two colossal hammers
>Knight's resolve
>Spam jump attacks since this is how Elden Ring was meant to be played

It's just that simple.

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Even if she's a bit far it still works. Once you get the positioning right phase 1 is a joke.

Don't you even dare. I will accept no fucking smack talk about the bossfight from the drooling retards that are doing it like you. For the past 5 days I have been trying to help others fight her at RL150. I have an STR tank build so I can actually tank her hits and block her Waterfowl dance with my greatshield. Every retard is trying to spam their le ebin blood katana combo and magic and get 1 shotted. How in the name of fuck do you get one shotted at RL 150. I see them taking 1500 damage from one of her stabs and going down in the flash on an eye. I lose aggro on her for 5 fucking seconds and everyone just fucking dies. I have done,no joke,100+ runs of which I only died 3 times. The connectivity of the game is ass so I got booted out about 7 times. But the rest? The host just fucking dies on the spot, I can't deal with you fuckers. I had only 2 successful runs and those where successful because the host was an STR tank build themselves.

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I've never seen rolling forward not worth. The only problem is the move happens so suddenly you might just panic roll. That alone is enough to make it the scariest attack in phase 1, nothing else is particularly bad.

Chill out bitch, I just saved your fucking brother.

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>Equip Greatshield and Shabriri's Woe
>Summon Mimic
>Unequip Greatshield and SW

We all say that you didn't beat the game.
you didn't beat the game, you didn't beat the game,
We all say that you didn't beat the game
you didn't beat the game, you didn't beat the game,

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Post yfw you first managed to dodge the initial set of her waterfowl flurries while in close range

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It's more like 30% if you block the entire waterfowl.

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>not yet
>just a little longer
>okay, NOW you may roll.

>The sheep's headbutt doesn't instantly 180s and hits his dick mid air after dodging

>Stuck in hitting animation as she jumps up
>Spirit summon in corner backing away before jumping back into the fray
>Shield up, half stamina because she was vulnerable before pulling this move out of her stun stated ass
>Breaks sheild after four hits
It's basically a real life luck check at this point

>Summon Tiche
>Press L2 to lion's claw

No idea how people could play with interact button on Y. I immediately changed it to the A button and put jump on Y.

I'm telling you, mate, the moment you understand how it's done is the moment the fun of the fight gets all the more bolstered. You can actually be really aggressive against her, fuark

It's as fun as exploiting Mortal Kombat 2 ai

You get used to it after 5 minutes

Same. Never looked back, jump on Y is so much better.

I'm already using throwing knives to trigger her aggro because it's easier for me to weave in jabs while or after she's attacking rather than trigger getting countered trying to attack her while she's pacing. All I gotta do is figure out Waterfowl and this fight is done. I'm having a hell of a lot more fun here than some of the other bosses.

Crazy how one move completely altered the difficulty of the fight.

Without the dance she’s just a walking stagger boss.

after 100+ attempts I just summoned a rivers of blood guy and didnt feel bad about it at all and never looked back, trash broken boss

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>throws ice pot
In fact, I'll kill Miquella too

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>Run on reaction to get away from first volley as long as you aren't in a animation with to much commitment like a colossal weapon or ash etc you're fine
>Dodge through second volley which will mainly miss
>Third volley has less tracking when 2nd is dodged
>At worst you get hit for like 1/3rd of your life but its a consistent way to dodge it.

Even DSP figured out that part. Albeit his victory came from godlike RNG after 100 plus tries of being garbage. But he didn't lose because of waterfowl more so because hes awful.

Haven't the slightest idea what you mean

She's definitely a boss that suffers from pressure more than she lets on, esp with how susceptible she is to staggers and poise-breaks. Her waterfowl and clone attack just fuck up one's perception of the fight, but it's all a trick

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>Y for sprinting (easiest button to claw with, and I prefer quicksteps anyway)
>X for jump
>A for interact
>B for sips
Objectively best control layout

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based fellow shieldbro

>dsp figured it out
he watched a guide he didnt figure shit out. watch his reaction the first time he saw it.

>sheep is confused as fuck after the third dodge

I beat her with greatshield + bleed rapier (as STR FTH with no arcane lol)
Rollfags will never know the true smell of cheese

I have a elite controller and but jump and roll on the backpedals.

Beat her in about 10 tries, pretty good for an optional fight. Final fight was fucking cancer however, what the fuck were they smoking when they made the Elden Beast?

Elden Beast is a much cooler Rennala

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If you use that you don't need to dingaling

I don't know man, I had fun fighting Rennala. Chasing EB around the arena was just fucking boring.

The chasing does cut through the fun, I agree. Though I generally like him, I'm sure no one would disagree with the notion that Elden Beast would've been better if you could use Torrent in its fight

I love these threads

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>has a katana
>has a prosthetic arm like sekiro
>has the same dragonrot face and "rot" theming as sekiro
>can resurrect like sekiro
>has a punch and kick melee move that uses the same particles as genichiro
>automatic thrust attack on heal which, if in sekiro, can be mikiri countered - is the same behaviour as genichiro and isshin
>heals on hit and block, which fits with sekiro parry and posture system to defeat bosses instead of destroying their hp
>waterfowl uses sekiro effects like nightjar slash and that flying slash from sekiro
>that move where she flies into the air, sends out six holograms would have been amazing to parry, she also ends that move with a diving thrust that you could mikiri
>she blocks and parries you too
She was supposed to be tomoe.

i don't understand how you're actually supposed to dodge the 3rd hit, sometimes i stand still and it misses, sometimes it clips me

It’s hilarious I thought I would coop some other bosses to get arcs and runes but even 3v1 it’s easier to invade if you need arcs, I got 100 in a few hours without even cheesing too hard.

the standing still method requires extremely precise positioning to not be hit at all, if you're at medium roll you can just roll directly underneath her and then back and not worry about that (doesn't work with light roll)

>Spam jump attacks since this is how Elden Ring was meant to be played
They should've had that rape your stamina or something

Maybe the heavier you are the more stamina it eats


Go go gadget ice pot!

ill try that ty user

>laugh as she goes after and misses Tiche instead of me

Opinion discarded

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Just run for this attack. Get fucked if it decides to throw those long range slashes at you right after this though.

Roll the RNG dice again.

Don't worry user, I had to summon for her too, she is legitimately poorly designed and no fun to fight.

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The cut version of her waterfowl moves really similarly to the enemies in the Fountainhead Palace, too.