It's time to play Blue Archive

It's time to play Blue Archive

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im not playing gacha shit

Okay but Is it fun?

It baffles me that all it takes is an anime skin on a gambling app and weaboos eat it up every time

Do not reply to obvious bait
Do not reply to obvious bait
Do not reply to obvious bait


The gameplay has You looking at your squad from an isometric perspective. While their attacks and movement is automatic for the most part, the skills they use is 100% on you. Part of the strategizing in this Game is knowing when to use what skills, which girls to use for what mission and so on.
It could better, it could be worse.

Bunny Asuna's cool but I like Neru more. And I wish Bunny Bonomi was a thing

Yes, when the eventual discord raid with BLACKED shit starts spamming this thread. The answer is simple: ignore and hide the post.

the tit on her mole needs to be more prominent

I dropped it very fast, it's just not interesting to play.


No, moles are cancer

I wanna drop it because I couldn't get (small) in time...

>cartoon parody>weg>trainer

I can't take this shittim seriously

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Are they still censoring stuff or did they learn their lesson?

I love Neru

This game tricks you with a ton of fat tits but it's actually a cunnyge.

Yeah that sucks

whose the flattie on the right

>Summer Mashiro's l2d popsicle slurping untouched
>Summer Iori's topless back and thong still intact
>Bunnies are fine (B Asuna not yet released, but she's arguably less risky than cute and funny Neru or big choco ass Karin
Last hurdle to clear would be hot springs,.then I think we could say they learned their lesson (unless they keep fucking with story CG specifically for some reason, maybe it's because that's all they show rating boards?).

fellas do I roll for bunny neru or bunny asuna

Got my bunnies, didn't try Karin yet, but I actually like Neru jump in the fray and beyblade her way!

I don't have enough primo gens for bunny asuna since I spent most of it on Neru. Will there be a rerun?

If it helps Neru and Karin are the only limited ones, Asuna appears later and she's permanent in the pool


These are the only girls that matter.


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I don't like that the gameplay itself uses chibi models. Such a shame with these gacha games. Same with Arknights. Same with Azur Lane. I'll just stick with E7.

They haven't learnt their lesson until they undo the censorship.

Bunny girls only appeal to ironic weebs. I thought Blue Archive was more prestigious than this.

I really can't blame either Azur Lane and Arknights, if they didn't use the chibi in the gameplay it would be a visual mess. They would have to rework everything from it's own core to fit the original artstyle.
Blue Archive is a special case, the chibis are amazing expressive for a mobile gacha

stfu weeb

>hating fat chibis

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I'm not playing from scratch
Does the kr or jp version have english?
Thinking of buying an account but I want to know if global is too censored.

Who the fuck is shilling this game here on Yea Forums? You don't actually like this game, do you? Because Yea Forums is the last kind of place you'd want to bring people in from. It seems more like you're trying to shit up the community more by drawing unwanted attention to it.

The only censorship so far was a story cg they zoomed in to not show naked flat tits covered by hair

KR is in English and uncensored, there is no reason to play on global.

That's why it's good.

>The only censorship so far was a story cg they zoomed in
They also removed a second CG from the same scene entirely.

How hard is it to get the brown bunny f2p? This decides whether I give your kusoge a try or not.

This's just a screenshot of the game, relax bro.

their job is to make you think about them, and you're doing it for them by preemptively mentioning them long before they found this thread

shut the fuck up with your moral greyism Kreia I'm just telling people to not be retarded

is there a lot of latency? I'm in europe.

The gameplay is not online.

Well, shit! I'm way too deep in the global server to change now!

If that's all you want as a new player you can just reset your account until you get her.

I wanted bunny asuna back when this game launched. The gameplay is just not fun enough and now I'm too lazy to download this piece of shit again and hope to roll for a hot but mediocre unit.

If you didn't start yet it's this is the time to get specifically the brown and the flat bunny! And it's pretty easy since the game itself has a built in reset to reroll

Man how hard is it to make a game with sexy chibis and good gameplay?

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What about the blonde bunny

Sadly the blonde one will only appear in the next banner after the limited duo, she's a permanent character in the summon pool.

So I can reroll for her?

If you want only her yes, if you want all 3 bunnies no

I havent opened the game in like two months.
Has the red hair kusogaki been on banner yet?

The game is boring as hell. Especially if you dont want to give them any money.

Yeah I only want her, she is so sexy

Did you start from a new account?
First time playing gacha?