Tails Tuesday

>no tails thread
tails is fucking PISSED

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I want to cuddle up with him on the couch under a blanket so bad



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same, except instead of cuddling under the blanket, I want to give him a blowjob under the blanket.

thats lewd user, tails would never

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I swear to god...

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>bench post after 7 posts in
phew i was beginning to get worried we werent going to see the peak of comedy again

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Theres nothing gay about wanting to cuddle cute fox boys


rope cope



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is there any new merch/figures/plushies that came out from the movie?

Not really for the movie, but theres a large Tails plush that vibrates.

theres the mcdonalds toys

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which ones that? ive been thinking of getting a nice tails plush recently

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I'm Waluigi.

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Nothing more based than giving tails a knee shacking climax.

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Tails is busy.

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dandi and hanuvo are top tier tails artists

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Fuck you the ice cream machine is always broken no matter what time of day I get here.

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You're the so called genius you figure it out.

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wagie tails is so cute bros...

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These models still look fucking disgusting, why didnt people like the previous one?

>original trailer causes massive outrage all over the internet for ugly design
>delay movie just to redesign sonic
i think youre forgetting how atrocious the original looked. also i thought tails' design was really cute

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meant to reply

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boom tails compilations convinced me to watch the show, wheres the best way to watch it?

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I just watched all the episodes on youtube.

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How girly is too girly for Tails? I think we need a scale?

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Gawd I love McDonald's Tails.

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Tails should have more appeal in Japan than Sonic.

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>riffing on Scary Movie

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he's so fucking cute and precious... i want to protect him and make love to him

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>tails will never say this to you irl
it hurts.....

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Have a Tails sprite sheet.
And a glitchless widescreen Sonic 3& Knuckles speedrun. youtube.com/watch?v=NOvI8UlhoGY

Fuck you degenerates, you don't even play these fucking games.

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