Momiji and Ayane waifu thread

Why is Momiji so much prettier than Ayane and why is Ayane almost flat chested compared to her and all others if it isn’t DoA X3?

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Play Ninja Gaiden

Momiji is the prettiest DoA/NG girl and Ayane was always rather cute than pretty. She never was as good looking as girls like Momiji, Kasumi or Kokoro who are all out beauties but rather on the cool and cute side. She also was always known for her small breasts in the earliest DoA or NG games.


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Momiji is perfection.

I would claim Ayane has a better ass than Momiji. Proof me wrong.

Nanami exist which makes anyone inferior to her. i love my little hedgehog lover.

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Is it true that General Butch got caught by his government?


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Nanami has inferior boobs to both Miji and Ayane. Inferior face too.

Damn she’s gorgeous. Also why is Kasumi still the best rack of DoA?

Momiji is the most beautiful to me, but she's too polite. She acts like a mother, or an older sister, it's hard to imagine a rough anal with her and then having her throat fucked together with the balls. I didn't like Ayane at first, but her style appealed to me the most. And then I fell in love with her. I love her red eyes, her purple ponytail, her quotes, her cocky personality. Sex with her would be unearthly. As for Kasumi I think she's nice and pretty. And that's all. I don't like playing her, although many people recommend Kasumi for beginners to play, but she doesn't fit me at all.
As for Ayane's boobs I thought I had a mania for it because I noticed it too recently, in DOA x3 her boobs are big and shapely and in DOA5 and 6 they're kind of... I don't know... small...

but my wife Nanami gives good comfy sex

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>why is Kasumi still the best rack of DoA?
Main character gets that privilege.
(Interestingly, hers are among the smallest though, only beat by Leifang, Marie and Ayane in the main games)

>in DOA5 and 6 they're kind of... I don't know... small...
She was very small even in X1, DoA3 and 4. Though 6 is probably her lowest point

Nanami is for nakadashi

Aren’t Momiji’s boobs pretty tiny as well in DoA5/6? Those two have only big tits in VV/X3

passionate nakadashi is best kind.

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Nut inside Nanami

>Pvp event was more than 2 months ago

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Wow Kasumi looks super sexy here! You got more pics of that particular set?

No. Ayane, has one of the flattest asses if you look at measurements

All DoA girls are very pretty, but for me it's my bunny wife Luna!

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This bitchy stuck up fat shaming momiji is hot

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PvP butt battles should be coming up soon for ENVV which should bring this event:

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I swear to god if I dont get honokas im gonna fly over to japan and massacre every single dev for this shit game.

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i wanna take tsukushi for ride.

>pvp butt battles with one hand in my sexy Chinese cartoon dress up game
You people are an embarrassment.

Learn what a general is first, faggot.
This is a waifu thread and those belong on Yea Forums

All video game generals belong on ackkk----

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>Damn she’s gorgeous

She is.

>You got more pics of that particular set?

Most of the screenshots I have are from images that were posted here on Yea Forums for the past decade. I don't have a Kasumi Photo Album unfortunately.

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he has been doing that since august of last year. he goes to every doa thread and mass report it until they either autosage it or delete it.

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Ayane’s Ayanes are so tiny compared to Kasumi and Momiji it’s a sad sight.

This isn’t even a DoA thread per se but just a waifu thread

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I don't think so.

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it has doa characters, so it's doa thread in his faggoty eyes.

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I never can decide who’s the more beautiful between Kasumi and Momiji. Both are absolutely stunning and perfected video game girl designs

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momiji is great though.

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Most beautiful doa

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If it isn’t the one or two particular games where she is suddenly buffed, she’s usually pretty tiny in comparison to the others. Can be considered almost flat by the others average sizes

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Kasumi has rather tiny boobies too

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I've only got 30k saved up. I need more time.

jesus, sucks to be him. also, use belt to discipline women from cheating.

>Coach becomes a victim for GB racebaiting
Poor Coach, he just wanted a chocolate helicopter and watch Midnight Raiders concert.

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what kind of madman would say this is flat?

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Best Shrine Maiden.

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When I mating press with her.

This update about to drop for english servers should bring that sailor skirt uniform for Nagisa and Leifang though.

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Kasumi is relatively small chested herself and below the DoA general but still has bigger breasts than Ayane in most cases. She’s also definitely the prettier of the two. I say that even though I really like Ayane too.

Well I guess if you look at her in 5 and other mainline games she’s considered small or “flat” by some nowadays in comparison to the rest of the girls at least.

Ayane's ayanes

Nut inside Tina
Nut inside Momiji
Nut inside Leifang

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I will give Kokopuffs my energy

Beautiful bunny wife.

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let's use her power to make it possible.

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Momiji has small boobs in DoA5 as well.

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>one more day before beat girl's bday

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Ayane's bedroom eyes.

I will beat her alright.

Kasumi has very small ones too actually, she’s probably just as small or even smaller than 5 Ayane.
You can’t really say Ayane is that small in comparison to others in 5/6 since they are all pretty small there

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Nut inside Tina
Nut inside Helena

My two favorite blonde ladies.

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where can i find DOA 6 skin mods?