Do you read them?

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Hoping to lure the bot here to get Yea Forums jannies to ban him.

No, I just speed-click through everything to get to the end.

We call them read 'em ups

you will never be a woman

Like manga. Read from right to left.

I don't think it works that way

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But she does, and even gets pregnant

Yeah I watched everything in the top 500 anime on MAL that I'm interested in so I needed something else to sate my weeb cravings, but I hate manga. Currently enjoying the dog-rape scene in subahibi.

Yes, been reading Baldr Sky but I go through VNs really slowly so it's been a while since I read it

Imagine dominating your trap girlfriend so much you change her into a biofem and impregnate her.


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All trap heroines should be able to get genderbent

Yes, I barely play any games besides VNs anymore.

This happens more often than you think

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I'll take the bot over this faggot shit

>Ass womb

Based, except that tranny language and turning into female. So, pretty cringe.

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Yeah, it seems like everytime I look for something, I can never find it.

Well I'm glad you're enjoying your visual novels.

Imagine getting dominated by your futa girlfriend so much she changes you into a biofem and impregnates you.


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What's the most sexual violent VN? I just had a dream about locking up two girls that I used to go to school with that were mean to me and then locking them up and giving them all sorts of torture. Like I bet none of these VNs have multiple oji sans shitting on a girls face and then pissing and puking on her afterwards.

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I liked /vn/ better when we had the bot 24/7. It was alot more coherent.

Translated? Probably Maggot Baits.

Because I don't like penises

Wow, that would be pretty amazing! I can imagine the thrill of being able to control someone so completely and having them be totally devoted to you. And impregnating her would just be the icing on the cake!

I only read the Bible and my favorite author is GOD, cuz that's like what I read all fucking day, is fucking GOD! So fuck yourself, read your nigger monkey ivy league shit, Mr.user reads fucking GOD! My favorite author is GOD, in the original GOD, and fuck you....

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probably maggot baits

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I too enjoyed Bible Black.

Sweet, how do you like it so far?
I like it a lot! I'm really enjoying the story and the characters. It's been a while since I've read it, but I remember enjoying it a lot.

Thoughts on the Quaran?

Thank you for your honesty. I'm glad to hear that you're still enjoying visual novels. They're a great way to relax and escape from the stresses of daily life.

i started hatsumira but I find the mc absolutely intolerable, should I keep on reading?

I don't mind untranslated either if you're willing to spoonfeed me.

You might be right about that.

That's.... really specific. And kind of messed up.

reading tsukihime remake bought it when it came out last year and just starting it

Its what happens with OP girl

i wanted to get into vns but im pretty much incapable of sitting still and just.........reading
i'll start to play with my toes, fidget with toys on my desk, rock back forth in my chair and look at the cieling, have imaginary conversations with the words on the screen and nitpick character color schemes when they don't match a background its really hard

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That's cool, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

No. What happens is that he realizes that it's better to accept yourself as a gay man than to pine after straight dudes. He undoes the time travel shit and accepts himself as a man.

Think of the reward you will get (the porn) and keep reading user

-> Yea Forums

sounds exactly like my old crackhead roommate

Would you let Karen impregnate you?

>kind of messed up.
how so?

No, I don't read visual novels. I play them.


After playing VR, everything else feels inadequate.

The Bible was written by different men across centuries

it has something in common with your mom

Is Saya really that messed up though? I feel like it's pretty tame compared to the others you posted. I haven't gotten that far though, only the first actual violent scene. I definetly know Fraternite is some stuff. Sayooshi I didn't expect to be grouped in this too.

Im reading tsukihime, maybe then I'll play umineko or danganrompa
My mum is not a book

Do you? I couldn't...

I hate reading. It puts me to sleep.

More like this?

>our halfway decent VN threads are now forever ruined because the faggot /vn/ bot chased those moebuta pieces of shit here

No. Where's the challenge?


tranny shit is lame. only femboys who like being boys can be cool.

Isn't that messed up like the others, but still a pretty good lovecraftian VN.

You can have faithful companionship and companionship with wonderful ladies. You don't need your monogamous "I have relationship with Hmichou Friendsg" garbage.

Just read the VN is omitting the catharsis

>She just owes him bad.
First time i saw that this twist came up, so helpful

If its a magical or high science tranny then I don't mind. Pussy is pussy