Now explain why gacha is bad

Now explain why gacha is bad

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post it

I don't know what gacha to play

I sucked an user off IRL to gacha sluts
ask me anything

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Why do you keep posting this one instead of the delicious brown with the ponytail?

ignore this shit thread and roll

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shes a baad girl

>""""""""""""waifu"""""""""""" roulette
the true antagonist has arrived.

Post more blAsuna

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niggers are so disgusting.

What's your point?

Literally the Lootboxes of the East

alright I'm rolling but only because I'm retarded

This is a blatant blacked thread

>I sucked an user off IRL to gacha sluts
ask me anything
What does "to gacha sluts" even mean? Like he was looking at gacha sluts?

Why is Yea Forums like this?

Porn addiction isnt a game genre.
Even if it was, better H-Games exist and gachas are for low impulse control subhumans.

Do you want to just be the best by spending money, then almost any will do. If you want to have fun for a while before the grind wears you down then Genshin Impact, if you're below average intelligence and want to hit your head against some rocks before giving up and looking up a clear then Arknights.

don't mind me, just doing my roll

It builds habits that make you play, even if you don't want to. It exploits that FOMO like nobody's business. It hides cool characters and/or items behind lootboxes and either makes you spend for them in order to pass a stage or (more insidious if you ask me) makes you like a character in the story to build attachment. Those """games""" are built to muzzle and tame the primal instincts of gambling addicts. Fuck gacha.

I bet these people don't even play the game, they are only interested in Asuna because of the blacked meme.

i can click on (more, better) anime tiddy for free on my phone already


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>embedded porn

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Basically him laying in bed looking at lewds on his phone as I suck him off

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Here we go



I'm about to get started lets GOOOOO.

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Did you kiss and cuddle afterwards?

That's gacha I can get behind.

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My Duchess!

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Gacha players are literally NTR cucks.
>spend money/time on girl
>talk as of they own her
>everyone else enjoys her for free and with no waiting around

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Explain why I should play a gatcha game with the mechanics and dont mention anything sexual.

Pro tip, you cant

Go for atleast 2 more

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Here and some gameplay mechanics too.
The gacha is a system in which you roll to acquire students of various rarities(1 star-3 star) with different chances. Upon rolling the student they are added to the roster and are usable in combat, can be called in the Cafe, and gain affection in the Lessons. When rolling a duplicate of an already acquired unit, you gain a gem for the shop called Eligma(this I will go over in the shop section)

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God zamn! This is the reality for all pretty white/asian girls in America.

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don't post it

I can't. I've been banned so many times in 2022 that I'm conforming to the blue boards jannies. One of the jannies on /g/ banned me for calling them an erectile dysfunction haver.

>embedded 3dpd
>no asuna
shit thread

someone redpill me on "embeded images", wtf are they?

which extension?

It's a meme you can use on any thread you don't like to shitpost in it.

90% of the time gacha is balanced towards monetization similar to dlc and in the case of most competitive games its pay or be left behind at the cost of overall player base health. If you wanna jerk it to gifs though I'm not judging you

lookup "fuckjannies lolipiss"

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now, let's see...

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>search third eye in opening posts
>follow the links
simple as

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i think gacha and findom is good in moderation because they're basically the same anyway...

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>looked up the script
>first thought is that it could be used for kiddie stuff
>it's confirmed that it was made with cp in mind
I hate this shit so goddamn much

Going for that pity

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Gotta use it to be aware of this sick shit


A monkey would look better than your chud lmao

The worst part is the people that DON'T have it installed that will end up accidentally bumping child porn/blacked threads while being none the wiser.

mods will get around to dealing with it eventually

gacha is bad because it produces faggots like OP

Fucking will they? Jesus Christ, how would they even deal with this shit?

give foxwife

I don't know how they'd deal with it other than completely revamping the way posting images work or something.

pretty sure they nuked the threads on /g/ that distributed the addon already so they might do more shit soon

Meant for

Can't they just tweak how the board works so anything with metadata like that can't be posted?