What gacha does Yea Forums play?

What gacha does Yea Forums play?

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feetsin impact

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I main Arknights

I play on the side the new Seven mortal sins, it's okay

source? I will now throw money at your game.

user.... it says it in the image name

i can't find the image though. i wanna see a collection first.

I only play hentai gacha

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They are all shit, but thanks much to you consoooomer retards for funding my coomersim rent free. Thank you for paying for jpegs with your time and money.

The skin releases in 2 weeks and that image is all the devs have shown so far, there is no "collection".

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it looks like de rance, is it a game that no longer exists?

The only good thing to come out of it.

Im tired of gachas being cockteases, give me one where you can get double peace aheago womb drowning in cum scenes with the girls you roll goddamn fuck shit ass cunt fuck

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Yeah it died a few months ago. Gameplay wasn't anything special but the characters and porn were top notch. Don't know if it wasn't making that much profit or if the company just didn't want to run 3 different gachas for the same IP at a time.

where? I want to add these to my image collection.

The only Yea Forums approved gacha game is Fate Grand Order.
Get out.

Just go play the taimanin one

Brave Exvious
War of the Visions
what's some good hentai gacha?

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used to play arknights but couldn't keep up with the fast banner releases and the gameplay is unironically difficult, i never finished the main story and i couldn't do many event stages and thought about getting into genshin impact because of the lewds but i don't think i can afford it

Well Yea Forums explain yourselves

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SF Girls
King of kinks
Lusty Odyssey
Legend of Hypnotic World
Devil Carnival

DMM, jav girls gachas:
Sengoku aibu
Hamekan(this gacha only has office girls of different types)

looks cute, i'll try it
which one has loli or monster girls?
I'll save the list but can't check right now all of them

>jav girls gachas
Wait, they actually have gachas with 3D porn? That's oddly hilarious

There's a monster girl tower defense gacha that came out recently

Most of the games have a certain amount of token lolis but I've never seen one where more than 25% of the units were ones.

I sleep

You'll never get rid of your shotas thanks to Monster Girl Quest. Resign to your fate.

yes, and it's quite funny how they act like the characters in some games
there are quite a few more than those on that list, you just have to search, if I have time I'll expand it later

I'm playing this shit since launch. Little gameplay but a lot of collecting stuff. I tried to get into other gachas but i can't stand the chibi garbage like 90% current gachas have. Any recommendations?

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>i can't stand the chibi garbage
War of the Visions
Brave Exvious is old school sprites
Epic seven

Nintendo had this thing for Mario's 35th that you can get prizes if you play the Mario Kart gacha.

Never won anything (assholes...) but still play it sometimes.

FGO, waiting for Caster Arturia and Summer Tomoe
AL, waiting for more skins for my favorites
BA, waiting for more nuns

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Only one I still really play is pc-play.games.dmm.co.jp/play/aigis/
Mostly just since the game is good with the addition of getting to fuck the girls you roll.

If it's just the porn that is good, usually you can find a rip of it on panda or somewhere and skip the grind.
I used to enjoy the ones where you got your girls and upgrading them would reduce the clothes and make the portrait lewder, but those ones usually had bullshit where you couldn't actually do anything without grinding your life away or paying.

Most gacha are fun for a while but get pretty shitty after a few months when you stop getting easy upgrades and new girls from rolling and most of the game is trivialized since you finished upgrading your units.

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Blade idle and soon warcraft arclight rumble

none because I'm not a faggot

You posted it, I play Guardian tales, but I will download Master duel and see how that goes.

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This one's a great example.
All the units are CG from a scene, but you can't advance the scene unless you roll dupes, and most often the dupes are time limited and locked behind cancer like a ranking system or time limited paid only gacha, so you just end up with a million units that are permanently stuck on the first image.

The idea is nice but then they monetize the fuck out of it since they know they can get away with it with horny people.

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Another Eden. Although I can't really call it a gacha even though it has rolls. All my favorite characters are free and strong as fuck.


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Here have the rest of it

Would've been a fun mechanic if they just sparingly handed out stuff to upgrade any card you want so you didn't get left with dead ones. Also if it didn't ask you to spend every waking hour grinding the non-existent gameplay to complete events.

Anyone tried the new Queen's Blade game?
How lewd does it get

Genshim Impact
Azur Lane
Master Duel
Fate GO

And hoping for Digimon New Century and wonder it if i should try Last Origin

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>Master Duel

Oh yeah, used to play that too. Then the Switch games made it obsolete.

>new Queen's Blade game
Tell me more

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This is honestly a shitty porn gacha since its been running for about 8 years. 2 cgs without any variation, no voices, no animation. Honestly wish they would just announce a sequel or something.

Queen's Blade LimitBreak

I'll give you that. Especially no CG variation makes you wonder how that shit even made it in there.
For how primitive it is it still manages to make for some pretty good faps surprisingly. Can't really place my finger on why.

There's also the issue where it's so grindy I've played it for 2 years and still only have barely unlocked the scenes for 60% of my units.

>soulless generic new artstyle
I hate this and I hate everyone involved in this.
My day is literally ruined fuck

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>sf girls
>Mist Train girls
These look appealing, which one is the best?

Nothing. Deleted Genshin, Mortal Sins is another chibi auto battler, Echoes of Mana was dead on arrival. I am just waiting for Tower of Fantasy now.

yeah, I noticed it too when I started the game, my perfect elf wife looks weird in this art style

Azur Lane
Guardian Tales
Fire emblem:heroes
Looking for recommendations

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It might be a bit of a scam and there is no l2d/animation but Evertale has some good illustrations

Who are these succulent caramel goddesses?

azur lane
native americans from the eagle union

South dakota and Massachusetts from azur lane.

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>AAA studios will never syop being fags and give us a good Queen's Blade /Hyakka anime fighter with clothes being broken with damage


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Granblue, Arknights and Blue Archive are my main ones, although I have a bunch on the back burner I just pick up when I'm in the mood.

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cute, the game has a pc version, i didn't expect it

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Azuru Rane. You'd have to be clinically insane to have more than one potential money pit staring you in the face going on in your life at once.

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