GUILTY GEAR event going on, will most likely include a trailer for the next character

GUILTY GEAR event going on, will most likely include a trailer for the next character.

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Tranny game

I sleep

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Yes and there are two trans women playing. You gonna shit your pants?

Any random Strive tournament has those freaks? LMAO

>that guy in chat who keeps sliding a "he" in when he talks about deb

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>wannabe black mexican
time to mute the audio during matches

What are the teams? Anyone notable?

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dios mio...

tranny game, tranny genre

High rank HC gameplay is the most boring thing I've ever seen.

not for person who plays him

>not FT1 like the Japanese team tourneys

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Wait until you verse it

Strive sucks

Okay FT10God.

Yikes. Is this some kind of special club?

>be man
>look 100% male
>sound 100% male
>don't even attempt to act like anything besides a normal straight male
>"no I'm a woman because I said I am"
what kind of mental illness is this. Like at least most trannies TRY to some extent to appear feminine


How many of these players AREN'T mentally ill?


apologyman maybe?

no thanks

Apologyman, LordKnight, and Diaphone.
Two normal, slightly awkward dudes and a married white man.

I doubt there will be any season pass 2 news until Combo Breaker at the earliest.

i would have bet he was the next one to make a vtuber avatar and start transitioning

he's married to some chinese woman like linus

>next character

How dead is the game at the moment compared to SFV/Tekken? I only played it a bit after launch but it was fun

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or sin

Looks like Morty's sister

averages 1-2k daily, so it's still very healthy for a fighting game

it's deader than dead. takes hours to get a match even on weekends.

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Apologize. To me


can confirm i queued in october and i still haven't found a single match

Here's the current steamcharts page

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Man you're back and still coping?

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3-0 cope with it

There's always people playing in park in Australia though.

>transgenders make up .6% of the population but 25% of a guilty gear tournament
>"It's not a tranny game you're just schizo!!1"

>>transgenders make up .6% of the population but 25% of a guilty gear tournament
> >"It's not a tranny game you're just schizo!!1"
> lol

I really need to set up filters for these nutjobs, they're in like every thread.

>an invitational is the same as an open bracket
>is surprised when professional gamers are mentally ill
rent free

higher you are in the oppression stack the more places you can shove yourself into
an uncharismatic man gets nowhere, an uncharismatic troon is literally being genocided rn and NEEDS allies to signal boost her

I play a ton of fighting games but I don't actually play them, I just learn combos in practice mode

you're better than 99% of the people in these threads on that alone

SNKnigger deflecting. This is what a dead game looks like.

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eh i doubt it, looks like a pretty irrelevant mutt event

Tranny characters and lots of tranny pros but is not a tranny game, lmao

Literally inexcusable Bridget hasn't been reintroduced to new Guilty Gear.

Probably the most recognizable and popular character in the entire franchise for players who don't even play GG.

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I'll blame the pandemic for this mainly,
I don't think people would be pulling this shit if they had to show up to events in person

bridget sucks only secondary coomers like him.

Daze seems normal. A majority aren't though.

I'd love to see you play against Ruu, and go 0-150

Is anyone maining my Theyfu at this event?

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>good players who like him exist that means he's popular

bridget is baiken with a penis and you know it.

>will most likely include a trailer for the next character
wat? season 2 hasn't even begun yet why would they show a character

But Baiken already has a penis.

bridget is too problematic for strive by being anti-trans

as far as I understand Testament isn't a very strong character so no one has swapped to main him, at least in the competitive scene.


it's the rising sun in the background you dumb cuckold

6p completely stops this. Unless the Ram is just an idiot or there's some weakness to ram I don't know.

>tranny players
Three strikes, yeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr out!