Why is this game praised as a masterpiece outside Yea Forums but here its considered shit?

Why is this game praised as a masterpiece outside Yea Forums but here its considered shit?

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The slobbering over this game is the worst here.
The rest of us are just annoyed by it.
The game was only just ok.

The gameplay is too easy and simple. The open world is lifeless without meaningful exploration. It is a 6/10 game.

What are you talking about?
Yea Forums loves eccentric japanese man and his game.

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That's simply not true. Try to make a critique thread about it and I guarantee you the majority of Yea Forumsirgins will defend it.

wrong. There are absolutely 0 threads on here anymore besides coomer ones and this game gets shit on everytime its brought up here

Then you're really just a newfag. Not having threads doesn't mean shit but it probably still gets one from time to time. The game literally won the Yea Forums awards.

The game ultimately has very little to say yet the run time is spread out so fucking thin.
If you're planning on going into Nier Automata just for the story... don't. There are much better games for that.

I literally never see one in a few years and im on here everyday checking every post. I think you are confused by the coomer threads pal

There's a weird sect of shitposters that don't like it because it got really popular. Yea Forums loved it for the first year or so.

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I played it the year it came out and thought I was going insane with all the dickriding going on.
The gap between the game and the praise was like a fucking ocean. I've played games like Nier Automata before, much better ones.

japanese movie game

>Why is this game praised as a masterpiece outside Yea Forums
It is? First time I hear of this.

It is prased here as well.
Coomer-zoomers just fap to exaggerated r34 and don't even play vidya though.

Nier Automata's an absolute timeless masterpiece, that feels like something that would've come out of during the Golden Era of gaming, rather than in the middle of this regression era.

>I've played games like Nier Automata before, much better ones.
Can you name me some? I'm starving for profound and atmospheric like the Nier.

No you haven't.

A game with mind-numblingly easy combat and a faux-openworld sold entirely by merits of a character's ass and a 'deep' story that anyone with half a brain can figure out within the first 30 minutes.

Yea Forums despises anything once enough outsiders praise it, and hates when you remind everyone that Yea Forums loved FNaF and Undertale on the first 2 weeks of release

I think Automata got its popularity from the fact that its a Doki Doki Literature Club tier "tweest" where people didn't expect the sexy robutt game to actually be emotional and deep!
I'm talking about normalfags and people who don't already know Yoko Taro.

You literally need to apply the oldest rule to yourself then:

The combat is not that easy, and it's very fun.
But as always, the zoomer Souls-fags only care about the truly mind-numbing patter-memorization boss rushesh that can last hours at once, and do not even consider any other type of "gameplay" to even exist. Thus it is not a surprise that you homos dismiss actual gaming masterpieces like Automata.

The story's also a step above the average, and certainly far more than your "30 minute analysis" would end up being. But it's especially the brilliant sub-text and how it is conveyed using the gaming media's unique interactive nature, that elevates Nier Automata to a true state of ludonarrative art work.

Peak Redditfag post

You got that backwards.
DrakeNier fans were already on his case back in 2015 when the game was revealed. A big name studio like Platinum working on it also promises better than ever before gameplay and quality control.

In fact, had it not been for the real fanbase of the game trying to discuss the game's story and themes in a similar hush-hush manner as the Silent Hill fans used to do at one point, I'd not ever even given the game a chance. Which would've been a huge loss on my part, because this game rocks in every conceivable way.

Sorry kid, but you need to gb2&kys.

Yea Forums is part of Yea Forums which is pretty hobbyist/enthusiast grade when dealing with their own hobbies. The themes in Automata aren't common in video games, and being done well is much less common.
But we are anons, some of us read literature, some of us are actual people with educations. The themes in the game aren't revolutionary to entertainment, only to gaming.
Contrarianism also has a hefty cart to pull.

I'll allow you to discuss the story and its themes but the moment you start pretending the combat is good I'll have to stop you.
It sucks, user. Okay maybe it doesn't "suck", its okay for a 4, maybe 5 hour games like Transformers Devastation and Metal Gear Rising.
But for a 40+ hour game? No. Just no. It's made even worse by the fact that the combat in Nier Automata is even LESS indepth than those short games.
Yoko Taro should try making shorter games again.

This has got to be bait.

>but here its considered shit
too old for Yea Forums

I got fucking cancer from reading your post.

There's a salty samefag ITT kek

The underage Yea Forumsro loves to be seen as a contrarian.

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A bunch of literal whos except Kojima

>this smug cunt got to hang out with 2 people in this picture and ZUN
its not fucking fair bros

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The combat is extremely mediocre and I say this as someone who considers Automata to be in my top 3 vidya. It's serviceable, sure, but also shallow
It has the best combat out of all Taro games, but that isn't saying much

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>the moment you start pretending the combat is good I'll have to stop you.
Sorry little mate, you are not stopping me.
The combat is extremely satisfying and gorgeous. It has enough depth and variety for the autists who care about that jazz, but at no point does it become a tedious show-stopper that allows only 1 "meta" to succeed.

I have played Nier Automata almost 200 hours now. Once 100% on PC, then 100% again on PS4. And I will almost certainly revisit it again and again in the future, because it's just so goddamn beautiful and fun game.
Yeah, I've beaten the DMC games and MGR, but I really don't feel like replaying any single one of those any time soon. They offer no variety or meaningful themes, and generally just get old very fast.

Nier Automata is not only Yoko Taro's greatest game to date, but also the best game Platinum has developed.

Why are zoomies so goddamn insecure when somebody opposes their shallow contrariarism?
No, it's not a "bait". The game is a masterpiece, period.
I bought it twice for myself, and I've gifted it twice to my friends just to let them experience this magnificent game.

Good. Hope you die quickly so the IQ and taste of the gaming world increase oncea again to the Y2K standards.

Everyone tells me I have to beat the game several times to get the story but I just can't be fucking bothered.

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You can just say it meshes story and gameplay well, please refrain from using this pseud term unless you are trying to sound like a pretentious journo.

>bla bla bla bla... sooo shallow!
Yeah, you've been shitposting about this crap for 4 years now. Never ever do you actually explain your bullshit in any detail.

>inb4 "b-but there's no combos!!"
Not only there LITERALLY is, dozens of them for different weapons + characters + enemies, but there's way more tactical options and customization involved than in any even remotely comparable game.

>inb4 "b-b-b-but you can just R2 to win!!"
And I can beat DMC using nothing but guns, MGR just by springing and slashing... etc and so on.

>inb4 "b-b-but bosses are 2 easy!!"
Just because they don't take two hours of rolling on the ground and occasionally hitting them for chip damage =/= bad.

It tells me a lot that you homos never talk about ANYTHING else than "muh combat". Nothing at all.
Literally pearls to pigs.

>Bought it twice
>Gifted it twice
Never change user

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>you have to beat chapter 1, chapter 1.5 and chapter 2 up understand the story

>I've played 200 hours of Nier Automata and haven't gotten bored of the combat
>DMC gets old very fast
Do you live on fucking bizzaro world? I mean, I don't doubt you, to each their own, I've just never come across anyone like you.
You seem like a cunt though from the way you type so I'm glad for that.

>pseudo term
I guess burgers are starting to get from school right about now, huh?
I hate how yanks keep butchering and downgrading language.

it's a 7/10. every time I play it I wish I was playing bayo or some other game with better, similar combat.

Don't worry, I won't.

The game is too new for Yea Forums to fully like it. It happened with New Vegas, VtMB, Shadow of the Colossus etc. It takes years for the grumpy faggots around here to accept new things as good.

I could say the same about stuff like the Souls series. The beauty of games like these is experimenting, exploring deeply, learning all of the systems the game doesn't tell you about. Even if the game doesn't require you to do any of it to complete it.

>Do you live on fucking bizzaro world?
I guess Yurop is a totally different planet for the British rebels, yes.

I know countless person IRL that are equally obsessed with Nier Automata, and many other games like it (ie. Silent Hill, MGS, Talos Principle...). It's a honestly not only a fun game, with a killer OST and visual design, but also a lot to say for those daring to listen.

Jesus Christ user, take your meds. Soulsfags live rent-free in your head
The combat in Souls games is mediocre too, btw

>The beauty of games like these is experimenting, exploring deeply, learning all of the systems
>of nier automata

it’s a masterpiece who cares how Yea Forums feels

>literally no comments nor arguments
As always.

>souls combat is mediocre too
I wonder what is your idea of "good combat" then. Really doesn't leave much options.

DMC, Ninja Gaiden, Baldr Sky, Nioh, God Hand

I can't take seriously a game that is explicitly coomer bait with half naked robot trying to tell muh deep story. Any depth is immediately discredited by 2B, unless any of you can give me a reason why being half naked with 2 million polygon ass is necessary to the story

How about you install it, do even half the side quests, upgrade even half of the weapons, experiment with mixing weapon attacks together, fully roam its world. How about you invest some time in it, have fun with it, exploit it to you liking. Then come back and say that again.

art doesn’t need to be “necessary.” Life is necessary enough without needing rules for everything involving expression and free creation

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Yoko Taro explained it, but then he said he just really likes women.

Why is the mc a half naked robot? Imagine shadow of the colossus but the main character is a big titties slut swaying her ass when she runs. It would be a joke

Does it have to be necessary? It's one of the things that can be ignored, a thing that means nothing in the end.
Is shitposting here necessary for you to live your life?

Show me the hour-long vidya essay you picked your buzzword up from, user. Also,
>muh americans
Obligatory rent-free

>One of the things that can ignored
>Shes the main character
The devs explicitly made this choice and intends for you to stare at it throughout the game. Your argument is we should ignore this?

The MC is a half naked robot if you use self destruct to specifically make her half naked. The ass is covered otherwise.

>a lot to say
Not for a fucking 40 hour game it doesn't.
The issue with the game is that it's just so poorly paced with too much empty space between each story beat.
I'd like the story, and by extension the game a lot more if it wasn't so excruciatingly boring and exhausting to get through. I guess the whole "forced slowburn" approach filtered me.
I've fallen in love with game worlds before. Earthbound, Pikmin 2, Bloodborne... but I only fell in love with them after exploring them on my own terms. It's there and you can choose to either take it or leave it.
Nier Automata so badly wants you to appreciate its world that it pretty much just shoves your face into the mud and says "LOVE IT!".
The player has to learn to love the world themselves, you can't force them to.

Yeah, like everyone should ignore mouth breathers like you.

>She's the main character
You never played the game.

Why can't something have depth just because a character is hot?

I kind of doubt the user actually cares about it

The design choice is coomer bait. I have a hard time taking it seriously when the main selling pt appears to be a sexualized robot.

I loved every part of NieR Automata's world. Maybe you just got filtered.

Amazing soundtrack
Pseudo-intellectual weeb plot
Juvenile characters
Mediocre combat
Good art direction
Clever genre bending gameplay elements
Terrible side quests

That's my review of the game

>I have a hard time taking it seriously when the main selling pt appears to be a sexualized robot

On a board that keeps seething and whining at western video game developers to stop making their characters ugly for years now, you lower yourself to a resetera tier mentality to be a contrarian.
C'mon mate.

She is very pretty!

>pseudo-intellectual weeb plot
What is pseudo intellectual about it? The plot is extremely straightforward. Maybe you're just dumb.

Yea Forums is contrarian and terminally stupid. You can get some decent discussion here once in a blue moon but overall the vast majority of posts betray the poster's extreme stupidity.

Think about a moment in another game where the story really spoke to you. And now imagine the characters in that moment were hyper sexualized and half naked for no relevant reason except to bait coomers. Would that change your perception at all or no?

Contrarian implies most ppl find nier to have a deep story and is a masterpiece. Sounds like thats not the general consensus here.

>What is pseudo intellectual about it?
Name dropping a dozen philosophers with no regard for their ideas

>still going on with that half naked shit

>Would that change your perception at all or no
No, I don't know why you think it would
Also she isn't half naked

Do you agree the game is coomer bait

If this game didn't have an amazing soundtrack and a pornstar main character, no one would remember it. It's gameplay and plot are just okay.

No, if it were coomerbait they wouldn't have wasted time on making the gameplay, soundtrack, world, and story acutally good.
Coomerbait games are things like galgun, where unironically the point is to jack off while you play, not something like nier

>Contrarian implies most ppl find nier to have a deep story and is a masterpiece. Sounds like thats not the general consensus here.

why are we moving goal posts?
weren't we on the subject of 2B's sexualization being bad a bad thing?

if the game is shit then why do I have a toobee body pillow?

haven't played it btw

You mean Pascal and Engels? Those are the only two references I can think of. Also:

>Pascal is a reference to Blaise Pascal, a French Philosopher whose work "Les Pensées" talked about happiness, belief, education, the fear of death. He also contributed to the birth of probabilities theory. The fight with the Engels is a reference to Friedrich Engels' criticism of Pascal's work.


I didn't enjoy Automata as much as I'd hoped but I don't think you can dismiss and sum up the game entirely as coomerbait. It just reeks of being a shitposter who is just here to bait and doesn't care about actually critizing the game and having a good discussion.