What's the best 3d sonic?

What's the best 3d sonic?

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Sonic Adventure 1

Generations with mods.

lmao capecucks destroyed squeenix

sisters? our response?

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Vidya Husbando Thread

Can't wait until Sonic beats and absolutely HUMBLES this bitch.

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Of all the new comic characters, this green bitch is the worst one.

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These two are alright but like whisper they are extremely limited after this story.

Yeah they are suffering.

Is Sonic gonna get cancelled again?

I remember reading years ago that they were hemmorhaging money and looking for a buyer, yet here they are still pushing along while still dipping in sales. What the hell's going on over there?

surge sisters.....

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Currently IDW's second best selling ongoing at 9k which is far less than what TMNT pulls in
IDW's future plan is to get the same level of creator owned success Boom and Image have been enjoying
Sonic is fucked if sales decline, the creator owned stuff performs far much better, and IDW wakes up and realize that most fans of Sonic comics don't even support the damn thing so why bother paying for a license to begin with?

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IDW was never good at original stuff

All of these also seem like network pitches than sincere products.

Oof, I remember people getting worried when the Archie series started dipping below 20K. You'd think with the movies doing so well the comics would get a boost

They do...on RCO
Because licenseshitters can't comprehend supporting a comic keeps it alive and have no other intentions on actually purchasing at an LCS let alone know what one is
We've seen it happen to Archie Mega Man

IDW should release the comics digitally ad supported rather than paywalled.

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed

Sonic Adventure

Regardless, licensed comics aren't as big as they were back then
They were a failed experiment to make more fans of comics as a medium and didn't attract people into checking out non licensed comics
Creator owned original works are proven to be healthier because most fans of those actually buy the damn thing and genuinely have interest in comics period
Fuck licenseshitters

That checks out, I used to read the old Sonic comics as a kid because I liked the games but it didn't turn me into a regular comic book fan

Would you fuck Surge and impregnate her?

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Why don't they sell that well based on fan demand? Are you meaning to tell me the majority of the people who geneflect on the comic do not even financially support it?

With piracy on the rise, they should charge to produce the comics rather than selling individual copies.

Is that the fucking family guy death pose

Make the digital versions ad supported they should not cost more than an episode of Spongebob.

Cute clown bot

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Again, licenseshitters mostly exist outside of people who actually buy comics
They'll maybe get a trade to put on their shelf as a decoration
A few maybe do digitally
But the vast majority don't purchase at LCS' because they have no other incentive to do so and are ignorant to how IDW is bleeding money and that the Sonic comics don't fucking sell as well as they think
Licensed that do well are stuff like Star Wars and TMNT, basically stuff that appeals to capeshitters who already buy comics to begin with

Its not like Sonic can't have high piracy AND sell well at the same time
Saga is read a lot online
It also sells around the 40k mark with each issue AND does well in trades and digital releases
Sonic is mostly read online alone because that's how licenseshitters work as an audience

That would work, but I still think charging for production or public release would be the best because ads are annoying af and lead to all sorts of scummy practices.

I am trying to figure out how IDW combats the service problem that RCO solves.

I had been hearing this recently I am kind of surprised that Sonic actually did not sell that well despite being number 2.

I heard constantly that it sold well for IDW but apparently that is not the case

Twice Daily

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Arc is cute as hell

It did for IDW's standards but compared to all sorts of comics even outside Marvel and DC, it gets mogged
9k on average is good
9k on average isn't a breakthrough hit
9k on average cannot save a company being left in the dust

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I would tongue punch her tight, filthy green asshole.

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Would you?

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Adventure 1


I want that faggot to hypnotize me and make me his little bitch

Do you think he loves human dick?

Surge is a comic character, it needs to go.

Idk, probably

And other things

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Would you?

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Made for METAL.

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For Tails, that's her brother.

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This is without a doubt the stupidest looking Sonic character I've ever seen, what the fuck is it?

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Eggman got amnesia and became good for a while
Called himself Mr Tinker
Made a daughter named Belle to play with kids
Get it?

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A clown

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I'd bite it.

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Would I even think twice about it? No

See, this shit's funny, because the way the story's going, they're going to have to blow the fuck out of Eggman to fight Sonic
I'm honestly more interested in how that plays out than watching a designated jobber rock up to the most rigged championship match of the year

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Sonic Robo Blast 2

This is a more forced character then those 2 fucking lesbo fuckers