Who you guys maining?

Who you guys maining?


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What the fuck are those green things on the bottom row?

>Reddit Guy
Go back

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*ahem* Just a reminder that Spongebob is the greatest cartoon ever made, you can't refute this and if you reply, you're a faggot.

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>American Chad has more spotlight than Redditurama

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Justin Roiland doodles from the poorly written show that only streamed on Hulu. Cheap to license because he's a product whore (R&M on Fortnite, Space Jam, every fucking t-shirt in hot topic).

Anything would be better than that. Sit Down, Shut up. Cleveland Show. The PJs. Bob's Burgers. Obviously nothing by Groening or it would already be in there.

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I want to fuck that fox

im maining Blorpo

Don't forget to mention The Critic or Duncanville.

Stan with a Hayley secondary

American Dad as a serious main
Normal Words but a Family Guy as an ironic main

Based Groening for not selling out to this shit.

for me its Blungus

1. Bobby
2. Luanne
3. Stewie

>my nigga didn't make it in

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>No Chris

holy fricken sweat this is going to be so epic

pupa is op as fuck

this feels like we memed those fake KOTH online threads into their own game

Isn't American Dad on TBS? How did they get the rights for that?

What the fuck is Apple Arcade?

Fox owns it you retarded zoomer, they just air it on different networks. Archer and Brickleberry are also Fox, with the latter being on Disney+.

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Good catch where the fuck is Chris?

I still think Justin Roiland is funnier than jar of his own farts Dan Harmon.

The GOAT, east choice

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Matt Groening hates The Critic


>We'll finally have a good Hank model ripped for Smash and Mario Kart mods

The PJs was based and I miss it

Fuck Roger and Dale. Peggy's going to be THE troll pick.

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The aliens from solar oposites? I guess even in its current state rick and morty are too much for this kind of budget.


rick and morty isnt owned by fox its owned by warner
solar opposites is owned by fox (greenlit in a desperate attempt to get some of rick and mortys popularity)


Where the fuck is Bender

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Roger obviously.

No he doesn't. He was just upset at what he felt was a producer shoving The Critic into The Simpsons for free ratings boost.

>Fox/Disney owns Family Guy and American Dad
>Fox/Disney also currently owns American rights to DBZ

...bros. We're coming home.

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You making that kind of post in a thread like this is even funnier as it sounds exactly like a non sequitur joke you'd hear after a serious moment in a Seth Macfarlane show.

>Apple Arcade
dead on arrival

Spongebob is like the Simpsons where the bad seasons far outweigh the good ones as it was forced to extend beyond it's natural lifespan.

This. A mobile phone game where you have to pay a monthly premium service to access it. Reminds me of a lot of the more ambitious phone games from the late 2000s and early 2010s that were fucked over due to controls and not being 99 cents

>Justin Roiland is funny
Then be sure to pick up Trover Saves the Universe and have a great time listening to Justin spout non-sequitur sentence fragments with a forced stutter in a baby voice for five hours.

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Go back

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you guys know apple makes more money from gaming than nintendo, microsoft, any sony combined right?

Is Yea Forums old enough to remember Family Guy Mania (2005-2008)? It was one of the biggest cartoons back then with video games, toys, t-shirts, Youtube video with millions of views and quoteable lines.

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>artificially pump their numbers by giving everyone and their dog with an apple device free access to their service for 3 months and banking on them forgetting they're subscribed
>"durr they make da most monies so dey da most popula"

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God, that really takes me back.

is that rick and morty on the bottom

Solar Opposites. Different show and/or network, but same creators.

>no chris
>no klaus
>no boomhauer
>rick and morty ripoffs

Did anyone of you know that American Dad had a theatrical short? This is the closest we will ever get to a Seth MacFarlane cartoon on the big screen.

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>no Futurama
>no buy

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Really? I thought hulu owned solar oposites.

the point is that normies and kids love mobile games and they make money from idiots so it's retarded to say it will be dead on arrival just because none of us will play it

Yes. Solar Opposites is owned by Hulu, a division of Disney. Only Rick & Morty is a Warner property. Keep in mind, creators don't own original works. It's standard business practices.

It's already known Apple users are retards user, why do you have to reiterate it?

>Keep in mind, creators don't own original works. It's standard business practices.
Expect Danny Antonucci

Yeah they do, Disney owns fox and hulu now so i grouped it all together.


hmm, probably Frannie or Terry

Will it even be voiced? Luann's VA died years ago.

I main as
>Hayley Smith
>Roger Smith
>Hank Hill
>Dale Gribble

watch the trailer, it has full voice acting

Except the simpsons had like 8 great seasons and spongebob had like 3

What the fuck is the one on the bottom?

yes but it has been on for much longer so the average probably equals out

Newfag, Yea Forums shilled it back then.

ah that explains why no Avery Bullock, probably couldnt get patrick stewart

Why is being a product whore a bad thing?

What went so right?

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>Troll Pick
Also this gay fucking industry can't crash fast enough. Also people talking about Futurama, that shit should have stayed cancelled since all of the come back seasons were bad.

you heard user

Make Vegeta, Gohan, Goku, Cell and Bulma as DLC characters

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No integrity, Stephen Hillenburg made Spongebob and retired shortly afterwards to live in privacy. He didn't care about fame and money.

am i the only one who likes american dad but cant stand family guy

Soulless Consoomer image.

>mods do your job
Whatever rock you climbed out of. Go THE FUCK back there.

You are on Yea Forums. Yea Forums for FUCKS SAKE. Mods and Jannies don’t do jack shit unless the thread is actual fucking porn.

If you expect mods and jannies to do anything then I suggest you unironically get the fuck

Yea, I think the new Futurama is going to suck hard. It had four great conclusions, and I don't think we need more.

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Doesn't change what I said. Simpsons is on something like season 34 something so the vast majority of seasons are garbage even if you decide to be generous and put the number of good seasons up to around season 10.
Spongebob went to shit after the first movie which was between seasons 3 and 4 and it's now officially at season 13 (as Nickelodeon stretches premiering new episodes for literally years) so it's had a higher amount of bad to good as well.

>Four 2D Cartoons
>Cursed 3D designs
What's the point?


>no driving Piccolo with the backwards baseball cap

No. It had one great ending. Idle Hands. The movie season is ok but is still a regression, and the comedy central shit is awful. They regressed character development from the Fox series a lot to make any of their plots work, and the comedy central stuff just wasn't funny.

>Mods and Jannies don’t do jack shit
God I wish. Jannies delete my funny webm threads all the time.

Well, technically four endings altogether. Meanwhile was a great ending, especially for an otherwise uneven Comedy Central revival, but it's no Idle Hands.

How come this has voice acting while Nick games don't?

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Oh shit, I forgot to mention that. That's perfect!

Because Viacom doesn't care