PS5 completely dropping the ball

>PS5 completely dropping the ball
>Nintendo making another hybrid
>All Xbox exclusives also on PC
Is this the opening SEGA needs to make a new console?

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user Sega is too poor to even afford to keep the lights on. I doubt that can make a console

Unless Microsoft drop out.

>PS5 completely dropping the ball
>best exclusives
>best performing multiplats
>most sales
That anime loli ban really warped the minds of this board

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That opening has been permanently closed ever since multiplatform games became standard. Would love to be proven wrong though.


what they would even do? consoles are more like "specialized" PCs these days.

>PS5 completely dropping the ball
It is by far the most consoomed by every console normie
Switch is only for children, manchildren and women
Xbox is dead

>chip shortages keep happening forever
>only way to play top notch vidya is arcades again
>SEGA introduces the pod-arcades
never ever but nice to dream

Lower technical/monetary barrier for entry than PC, much easier to plug and play for retards

series S already fill this role.

>PS5chan rn

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What ever happened to the new Atari console?

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As much as I'd love a new Sega console they really have no need to. What could they gain by reentering the market? They already sell all their games on all current platforms, why limit it to one?

The only benefit reentering would have would be for the consumer since Sega would probably want to bring back as many old IPs so they could have some exclusives on the console along with creating new IPs with fresh talent so you'd probably see a big rise in games on that system that you'd never have seen before, and no current gaming company cares about the consumer.

>Snoy calling anyone else a manchild

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with all consoles using PC components it would make no sense

Why would you want another console? It's just gonna be another APU set up with single memory pool and a controller with basically the same layout as the others. There's no point.

Prove any of this

Consoles are basically glorified PCs nowadays, I doubt they're as expensive to develop as they were in the MD and Saturn days.

I don't know, Sega does have the IP to make a hypothetical new system a success. Atlus games, Yakuza, Virtua Fighter, Shinobi, Phantasy Star etc. Making all these games exclusive is guaranteed to sell any system.

Would you buy a SEGA Switch competitor?

Ouya-tier garbage.

The game series has only sold 17 million copies in total, it's not really a massive franchise(plus its creator left sega)
>Virtua Fighter, Shinobi, Phantasy Star
All pretty much dead franchises

I would buy both a Sega PS competitor and a Sega Switch competitor. Game Gear revival would be kino, but Nintendo has the handheld market on absolute lockdown.


SEGA has been dead since 2004 when SAMMY bought them.
It was always a scam.

Consoles are pretty much retarded these days.
Back then
>exclusives games
>easy plug and play games
>physical copies
>cheaper price to performance ratio
>at one point actually better then the majority of PCs on the market
What's left from that list?

Consoles offer far easier development for software since it's a controlled environment.
Theoretically OP thinks SEGA would build this console, rehire all the talent they lost and make Eco the Dolphin or Shinobi for the modern audience to fill the void of lack of multiplats while they lack the talent and devs to do so.

The Switch has
>Exclusive games
>plug and play games
>Physical copies
>cheaper price to performance ratio
Nintendo consoles were never better than market PCs though.

Yeah but Nintendo is the exception not the rule here. Also they've stated slipping a bit with a day patch here and there

If "SEGA" (actually SAMMY) where to return to the market they would need to operate like Nintendo as they couldn't just rely on gamepass/ps plus to make them money.

>exclusives games
Still applies to PlayStation and Nintendo
>at one point actually better then the majority of PCs on the market
Applies to the Xbox series X and PlayStation. You need to get used parts in order to match their price/performance on PC

>Still applies to PlayStation

I don't think they'd be able to. Remember Sega Europe runs a very profitable pc business

I really really really miss Sega but they are no longer the same company....just a yakuza front now to launder cash

Sammy could just rebrand it as a PC venture and have their SEGA brand as console.
This isn't that hard but Sammy has no interest in non-retarded risks.


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>14 studios
>barley release 3 games a year
How? Fromsoft made ER in like 3 years. Surely they should be able to match that.

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A Sega console might succeed if it did not try to compete with Peess5/Xbawks and was pitched at a budget and hobbyist level.

The Saturn has always been my favourite games console - it's the one that hit the sweet spot between power to achieve visions and restrictions that required care and ingenuity to achieve them, and its part of the last age when console games could be genuinely experimental. My dream console is a Saturn Mini which as well as compiling dozens of great games which were underappreciated in their time and translating lots of Japanese classics that we never got to experience in the West, also came packaged with a devkit so that developers could submit new titles to be published in Sega Flash packages, Net Yarzoe/Evercade style.

Pic just a bit of Saturn trivia that always amuses me. The UK Official Sega Magazine was one of a kind, it was basically a lads' mag like Loaded or Zoo and even game with vidya chicks in their knickers from time to time.

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>__'_ ____ ____ ________ ____ __!

Series S Chads rise up

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Half the games listed are completely new IPs. Elden Ring's engine and mechanics are pretty much unchanged since DS1.

It's the only opening they have. As soon as people play shitty android sonic ports its over for them

>That anime loli ban really warped the minds of this board
didnt they ban lolis ever since they removed >>>/l/ ?

>Half the games listed are completely new IPs
>God of War
>Gran Turismo
>MLB the Show

If Valve can't do it right (Shitdeck anyone?) then SEGA sure as fuck can't do it right.

Deck isn't a console, it's a miniPC.

>unchanged since DS1
How can one man be so wrong?

user what the fuck do you think a console is?

A specialized device used to play video games. The Deck can do much more than just play video games, so it's not a console.

never ever

It's neither though. An overpriced little linux box sure, but they delivered on what they promised.

I hope the switch successor is another hybrid console.

sega cucks are so mentally ill lol.

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If Sega made a Pc-But-Not console, people would just pirate the shit out out of every game for it and we'd have a second Dreamcast scenario as far as piracy goes.
And look, while that's great for us all, personally, I do want Sega to survive insteaad of suiciding in that manner.

yakuza games sell like shit. try again

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Why are segafags so delusional

>best performing multiplats
That's PC though.

>he doesn't do excel sheets on his xbox
>he doesn't log into teams meetings with his kinect camera

But it's competing as such against the switch. How many normies do you think are gonna use it for more than games and socials? It's also cheap compared to other devices of similar form factor and performance, much like console to PC (assuming you aren't a very saavy parts buyer at least), possibly because Valve expects to make more off of Steam. It is definiately a PC, but it's competing with the Switch as a dedicated gaming handheld.


I bought it on clearance last week for $99 at GameStop. It’s a decent htpc and emulates up to PS2/GC. Don’t know how the Atari side is.

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>Xbox is dead
Xbox is selling better than ever though. And by what metric is the PS5 the normie console? If that's the case, then the Switch still wins.

Sony's IPs are derivative from other franchises. Ghosts of Tsushima and Horizon are basically polished Ubisoft games. Uncharted is Gears of War and Tomb Raider. TLOU be described as "Uncharted: Resident Evil." God of War was inspired by DMC. Killzone was the failed Halo killer.

>How many normies do you think are gonna use it for more than games and socials?
You can only buy one if you reserve it through steam and its marketing clearly targets enthusiasts. I doubt many normies picked one up.

>He thinks the market hasn't changed since 2013

Microsoft will own Sega within 2 years.