Why did Miles Morales flop?

Why did Miles Morales flop?

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If they accounted for stolen copies it probably moved more physical units than the first one.

Because they just made Spiderman 2018 and put a miles skin over it, if it was a into the spiderverse game it would've slapped balls

Its because he's a nigger and a racial attack on White people

Nigger-Man Ape Morales


I love how sony insists on having their main characters be minorities then wonder why their games don't have a mass appeal.

They tried to sell DLC pretending to be spiderman DLC without having spiderman in it while charging full price.

I tried watching spiderverse with my dad and he kept saying niggerman out loud

I think it's because people (correctly) assumed this game was essentially just DLC for the first game

Because its literally just DLC for Spiderman but they tried calling it a new game

they couldnt capture the exxaggerated swaggerr of a black teenagger

This , plus it's a PS5 exclusive

50 bucks for a game that's less than half the length of the original game.

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There's a lot less content too. Not to mention the villains aren't nearly as cool. I mean the Tinkerer? Come on. It should have been DLC.

Looked like an xpac sold as a full game.

Miles was only good in Spiderverse. Beyond that he is the least shit character of all the bland terrible new characters Marvel made in the comics. He is bland as fuck outside of that movie.

the kid's voice was so whiny

because we hate niggers

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>almost full priced DLC pack
>was mainly advertised as a PS5 exclusive even though it was on PS4

Racists, BAKA

It is available on PS4 too since day 1, but marketing deceived most people into thinking otherwise.


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Which other Sony game has a minority as the protag?

because the first game wasn't that great. Why would people who didn't like it buy the half-assed sequel.

Because no one other than nigger-worshipping Americans wants to play a game where they;re a gioddamned porchmonkey


>Glorified expansion pack priced as a full game on a console nobody has
You tell me, OP.

Horizon, The last of us part 2, Ghost of Tsushima.

isn't that a significantly smaller game with less features? Why would it sell the same amount?

Ghosts of Sushi looks decent though

Asians are the majority, not a minority

Women aren't a minority wtf

they advertised it as a PS5 game, which made most people go "well I don't have a PS5, so I guess I can't play it then" because Sony didn't want to publicly state that it was also DLC for the PS4 game because they wanted the PS5 launch lineup to be strong, and admitting that one of your launch titles is just a stand-alone DLC for a game on the previous console isn't a good look

it's also on ps4. it's also technically a ps4 game and was simply ported to the ps5.

>if it was a into the spiderverse game it would've slapped balls
there have already been several spiderverse games and they all sold like shit

Even rabid Spider-fags don't give a shit about Miles. Literally nobody does except secondaries and journalists.

>Why did Miles Morales flop?
There is only one Spider-Man and his name is Peter Parker. Nobody and i mean NOBODY likes Miles Morales.
>inb4 you're just racist
Nope. If they wanted to make a game with a balck Marvel characted i'd like for them to make a Blade game, not a fucking Miles Morales AKA shittier spiderman.

It's the same game. It's not skyrim. People aren't just going to buy it again.

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Because they went woke and celebrated BLM. Despite the fact that BLM is just a scam so the creators can profit off retarded niggers.

for the people that actually want to know

1. the ps5 had horrible launch, and miles game was a ps5 exclusive first
2. what does miles begin black have to do with the $60 on a 4 hour game?
3. its the same game as the first one. (but worse) but your saying if he was white it would sell?

just fyi i hate peter and miles (game ruined how they act and talk) but when its a video game i care more about gameplay and content


Not to say it would've been a super hit like that guy said, but one would expect a significant boost after the movie, mainstream public can now recognize Noir and 2099 unlike when Shattered Dimensions launched .

These are the reasons why no one wants to play as the Nigger Sneederman

Miles is the worst alt-spiderman and the only alt-spiderman they'll never stop trying to force

>i hate peter
Fucking based, too many people excuse that Reddit quipster cancer just because Miles is somehow worse.

that also killed sales. It's not like they couldn't have said it was a standalone dlc, i mean, infamous did it too with First Light and people were ok with a smaller game

you know why, the devs know why, the corporation knows why: nobody fucking likes miles and never has. but they'll push him anyway. people like peter parker, peter parker IS spiderman, he put on a costume and mask but he was the same fucking person in his speech and action and personality.
plus it was a shit dlc-tier game on top of that

Doesn't play like GTA San Andreas

Because you don’t like black people due to your reactionary politics spurned on by right wing agitprop. You then come here to start bait threads because you can’t do it on /pol/ since they get 404’D.com. Yiu attempt this multiple times a week till at least one thread gets by the jannies. Yiu get your dopamine hit because niggers am I tricky fellow America First newfriends and then you go back to playing Elden Ring if you even do play games at all.

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Did you get stroke or something???

So true


Finally, a good fucking black character.

Nobody wants to play a game about Peter's divesity hire mary sue successor.

>extreme left politics
Bingo, we got a bingo here!

>this reposted shitpost its ok bc I want to own le snoy xDD epic

>Marketed as spin-off when it was a sequel
>Peter Parker not playable
>Most assumed it was a PS5 only title

There are the issues.

I came looking for this response and I wasn't dissapointed.


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It was uniroincally shorter than the DLC for spiderman ps4. It only took me like 3-4 hours to beat