I don’t give a fuck I’m a mod

I don’t give a fuck I’m a mod

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How many people on Yea Forums actually look like that guy in real life

About 40% I reckon

what are we supposed to learn here?

anybody got the webm?

Cuh ringe

Mods are gay niggers who tongue my anus.

donating money to that bitch or any other Twitch whore is a complete waste of money

Nailed it.

this is the person disparaging you for not having sex


Webm would be useless, you need a sound for that one

You'd think that with her looks she'd be hot, but she has uncanny valley vibes

just the image alone and the context i glean from these threads are enough to make me not want to watch this

It's almost as if nearly everything about her is fake

That guy isnt in the wrong, its a comic con of course theres gonna be awkward autistic people there, and he isnt doing anything intrusive either its just a silly pose for the camrra. The whore is a bitch and full of herself and clearly thinks being the stinking village bicycle for a bunch of Hollywood jew role contractor cocks makes her magically better than everyone else. If I was there I would call her a whore bitch cunt

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This was physically uncomfortable for me to watch.

I wish I was that skinny.

the funny thing is that he's still her mod

lol k

vidya butts

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how do men become like this? loser didn't get a high five from a woman, doesn't even look at him once. the woman is just being a woman


He does it for free.

I imagine all mods and admins looking like that and this.

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donating money to streamers in general is degenerate behavior
whoah bro, you're projecting

What am I supposed to be seeing in this screencap?

Be american

I've met people who aren't american that look and act like them on the internet. reiterating the question, how do some men become like this with nothing to back up their arrogance?

anyone that does it for free on any gaming related community looks like this i bet


His humiliation is bad enough, but actually trying to act tough after that is astoundingly autistic.

what's more funny is that his arms are skinnier than hers

She works out.

oh god oh man oh god oh man oh god

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I look like a spic young elon musk

I don't get it why didn't she high five the mod?

What makes a man thirst for thots yet go out of his way to look as unfuckable as possible?

There's actually been a shit-ton of research put into this and it's been concluded that this what no pussy does to a mf

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Because she doesn’t want to touch him



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>the troll posture
>the unkempt facial hair
>the pokemon shirt
>doesnt even face her when going for a high five
You can see by his posture and unwillingness to be close to her even when asking for direct physical contact that he is intimidated. By a woman.

Arrogance? He went for a high five and was denied. Then he did nothing about it. People starting ragging on him so he said "i dont care". Why is he arrogant?

they've been taught to put pussy on a pedestal and this creepy shit is the result

>I don’t give a shit about them I’m mod
He says thinking he’s better than others

I didn't even know that was a pokemon shirt fucking kek

kill yourself janny

Don't touch strangers at a con.

he's literally me

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Being a mod means you have more power than other, therefore better

Yeah let me see you using those "powers" irl

Lol what's the point in being a simp orbiter mod for an e-girl if you can't even use it to get a high-five, eye contact or even a glance in acknowledgement let alone pussy

I wonder if he's still a mod in some camwhores twitch or something

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he probably killed himself. people who get bullied relentlessly aren't exactly strong willed.

I don't actually think most people on Yea Forums look THAT bad IRL

namefags, jannies, and mods however... Yep, definitely this type.

How do I stop being so terrified of people anons
but especially women
my dad went into a Walmart and I refused to go in with him because I was so scared
I cannot look people in the eye and I'm never honest with them because I'm so fucking scared of embarrassing myself that I just lock up

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Shut the fuck up

poke them in the eye

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do what I did, go out and embarrass your self loudly and publicly. I went to an open mic and just started calling everyone cunts and dumbasses. I can go to the store pretty good now.

yo mama a bitch

You need to learn how to stop giving a fuck. Nobody gives a fuck about you, so why do you give a fuck what they think?

The best way to get rid of social anxiety is to go all out and walk naked in public. While walking naked just yell at people who look at you, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT"

holy shit this is what removing mandatory military service does to men

Think about this user— you're so busy thinking about what you look like to other people, are you thinking about what THEY look like to you? Probably not. You can only focus on so many things at once after all. You need to realize that most people are thinking about themselves the entire time, and aren't really going to give you shit unless you REALLY fuck up.

If you go to Walmart, you aren't going to actually have to talk to anyone or even really look at anyone. Maybe a hello to the geriatric greeter at the door, another at the register if you buy something, but that's about it. People are more concerned about why the freezer aisle is out of Mozzy sticks, rather than "the wierd guy walking around silently" (which is what you think of yourself).

You'll get used to it, but you need to try. Next time go with your dad.

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when you have incels and skinny ass chumps all around you, it's best to upgrade to actual horses
>she wants to quit and have a large animal shelter

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