What do you do anons when there's no love?

What do you do anons when there's no love?

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Video games

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Browse Yea Forums

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He's literally me

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I don't need it. I can pirate games at dozens of megabytes a second

I will never love myself, if i'm going to be loved then great (not happening). I dont deserve it, i would rather hate myself than tell me that "im doing great"

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I think Einhander is kinda rare

Who deserves anything? There are murderous, fucked in the head cultists who have hundreds who love them, why do you not deserve love compared to them? I don't think you are that bad user.

Sorry bro we don't discuss video games here

My fellow self hating user. We truly are our own worst enemy.

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I can't handle the feels

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Me? I love. I choose to be what I want to see in the world.

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Nobody that see themself really is, but even if i wanted to be supportive of myself i have nothing to work on. Working out kept me busy (even there i streggle to keep it up), porn, music, games, books are really nothing. I feel normal either when i talk to myself or drain my soul at a shitty job

What do you do when you can see the love someone had for you slip away and you don't know why.

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I don't even feel anything anymore.

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Think about your (recent) actions

Lel just admit it bb

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I don't feel a thing and I stopped remembering. The days are just like moments turned to hours.

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any more souls related goslings?

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>and I stopped remembering.
Haha that would be crazy, to just forget huge chunks of your life haha wouldn't that be fucked up ahahahaha

Start by deleting all these anime reaction images from your hdd/phone.
I'm not joking, its fucking with your mentality.


I drink. I just drink.

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Like anime all you want user, I love anime. I've just noticed the people who start self inserting vis a vis reaction images always end up going down your road.
You are more than that reaction image user, stop seeing yourself as just a reaction image.

>thread still up
Keks mods are head over heels for me

I can't, user. I am literally addicted to feeling depressed and these help

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Where do I sign up?

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k, you aren't a people though.

Mother Used to say
if you want, you'll find a way
But mother never danced through fire showers

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I was asked in an interview for a job what I've been doing for the past few years and I had to make shit up because I can't remember.

Grit your teeth and power through. It shows up in someway, shape, or form.

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What if I say it's not their business?

> please don't hire me

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It is the only acceptable answer

Give it a shot and see how it turns out kek.
I refused to shake my boss's hand when I first met him (kufir), I still ended up marrying his daughter and shipping him off to a retirement home.

If love makes you a faggot then goddamn I'm one

What's that?

Nothing matters. I used to care, but it hurts to care and is meaningless.

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Be a source of love for other people.

a non-muslim.

What if people don't want it?

I don't drink because for some reason drinking only makes me more depressed

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Everyone wants to be loved.

Only be certain people.

You might be confusing platonic love with sexual love, its common in the autistic, they can't into emotional states too well.
Everyone wants to be loved.

I own this board

Probably drinking in too low quantities and/or without any external stimulation. You're supposed to drink quite a bunch and then just lose yourself in some form of escapism like music, anime or video games. Works like a charm.

>Nothing matters.

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i drink because i'm depressed
and i'm depressed because i drink

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>tfw depression and inability to do anything hit before I got a job
I can't even go with the flow

No such thing + couldn't care less

>uses any situation possible to display his pedophilic tastes
Lolifags should kill themselves. Can't believe we had a board for them

My alienation from society around me is growing by the day

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Can I get a link to the discord sisters?

Yeah...I think its probably for the best I don't start going down that rabbit hole.

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>it's an anti-lolifag from reddit
You don't belong here. Leave.

>mom forced me to send a bunch of job applications for summer jobs
>even go to few interviews
>ignore the calls that come back because the thought of going to actual work and dealing with that shit fills me with anxiety

I wasn't made for this world.

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Love? Wuzzat?

>welcome home, darling, how was your day?
>look papa, mom's belly got bigger!

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No, there's a chance to survive

The rail road that runs trough just nearby has tempted me more than once or twice.

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The moment you get out of your goddam head and just forget wherever shit your brain tells you you're golden. easier Said than done i Know. But for fucks sake what do you have to lose?
Pick up your crown and go get them

>that pic

Ah, the only reason I still live...


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These two reasons keep me going. Whatever...life is short anyway and soon we'll be able to rest forever.

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Pacbros... I miss him so much. youtube.com/watch?v=VjJpf_5FFJo

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