Pick one, fagget

Pick one, fagget.

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then no one has an excuse to not git gud.

SJWs is my answer.


there’s always going to be a cheater/hacker


Third-worlders and french people

Getting rid of latency would allow for faster than light travel as soon as we invented teleportation.

I don't give a shit about multiplayer so no loading times for me.

loading screens are soul and i cheat in singleplayer games and sometimes multiplayer too for unlocks

go back to 2017

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hacking and cheating is the absolute answer
lag and perfomance arent an issue if youre not a third worlder


hackers are scum

Unless you got rid of it by uploading a copy of your brain to the cloud, to play the game for you, and then sync it with your real brain so you feel like you olayed the game yourself.

I don't think you understand how this works

Loading times
kys MPtroons

devs are already bending over backwards and fluffing up their games to hundred-gb sizes just to get rid of a few milliseconds of loading screen and i shouldn't even need to explain the ramifications of killing all hacking permanently
while the only fucking reason we still have to deal with lag is because of the people who can't recognize when it's there like with 30fps vs. 60

Motion blur. God LCDs need to end already.

Seems to be a lot of cheating scum in this thread

If latency also includes display/input response rates rather than only network, then I'd pick that. Fuck all those Unity games that have input latency w/ forced v-sync.

loading times aren't an issue if you have an ssd
hacking and cheating aren't an issue if you're playing in a competent environment
no latency would let you play games with everyone in the world

Obviously loading times.
Hacking has practical applications or conservationists and data miners so I wouldn't want to get rid of that.

>hacking and cheating aren't an issue if you're playing in a competent environment
the fuck this even mean?

I would say Hacking, but since it says "gaming" and not specifically "multiplayer games", then Latency/Lag.
I figure getting rid of hacking from "gaming" would also get rid of cool Romhacks or goofy Mods.

Probably loading times, i haven't encountered that many hackers out there

Loading times. If I can also choose to make the other two problems much worse, I would do so. Mulitplayer is a blight on gaming.

I just assumed OP meant hacking with the intention of cheating in multiplayer

>2 Mild annoyances and hacking
>Not a severe problem like shitty developers and twitter mobs

>no hacking=fair match
>no latency=faggots from sweeden and south koreans destroy every single match
I think i know what i choose despite no latency feeling great

you can get rid of most cheaters by playing on console with crossplay off

so yeah, get rid of lag

>dood console stops cheating
>pops in usb keyboard and mouse using device to keep auto aim
so you were saying?

Load times are not a major issue, I don't care if it takes a full 3 minutes like FFXV fast travel did on launch.
There aren't that many cheaters in game compared to how many legitimate players.
Lag is the worst fucking thing ever and with it gone you could play fucking anything online as if you were sitting on the same couch with the other players.

Loading times and lag will continually cycle between high and low as hardware improves, then developers build to push those new limits. Hackers and cheaters are a constant that wont solve itself or improve without magical intervention. I'd pick hackers/cheaters UNLESS that includes hacking hardware for home brew or pirates. If it does include pirates and homebrewers then lag.

someone have no friends?


I'd have solved the light speed problem and made something that broke the speed of light. There's all kinds of implications for that that video games won't even matter anymore.

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Letency and lag
Especially if it includes stuttering issues.
Load times aren't an issue anymore really and I want SP games to be hacked for sure.

good anticheat and good jannies to clean up whatever gets past

i don't play multiplayer so i choose loading times

That's easy.
Microsoft Windows.

That's most of all thee of those problems in one shot.

I don't give a shit about any of that crap, where's the paid online and microtransactions option

Hacking / Cheating obviously. Right now it invalidates the point of all online multiplayer gaming. If you can be absolutely certain that no one is cheating and that it is impossible to do so then online gaming would be playable which would open up a huge world of gaming possibilities.

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>chets in your co op games

>Latency Lag
Literally can't be gotten rid of without completely changing the laws of fucking physics you gigantic retard
Loading Times are already nearly dead thanks to SSDs and stupidly fast CPUs, provided you aren't a console turd.
So hacking / cheating is my choice. Everyone else in here is a retarded nigger or a console shitter

>majority of Yea Forums has no capacity for abstract thought

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I couldnt give a shit about janky workarounds of dickless virgins like you who cant aim
The worst cheats have always been maphacks and the like


since this pertains to multiplayer games
hacking and cheating
enjoy world peace after that.

>lag and perfomance arent an issue if youre not a third worlder
Except that you can get matched against third worlders. Even if it's 2 people living in countries with good internet, if they are on opposite sides of the world there is still going to be lag.

hahahaha nice joke
my few friends hate video-games
i only play singleplayer games



Hacking/cheating. This would remove almost all bugmen from existence. I'd pick lag as it would have similar results, but I have a good bro up in Alaska who normally has shit lag, so I can't kill him off to spite the chinks.

Name a single game that does this well

lag/latency, the others can be solved pretty easily with a competent dev, but lag even in the best case scenarios is still up to chance since it can be affected by factors outside of human control


i rarely play online games so loadting times


probably latency because i don't mind loading times and also i cheat

Ah yes SJWs don't exist, we live in a right wing fascist racist dystopia or whatever.
Kill yourself. SJWs are still very real and they are more prevalent and influential than ever.

bro just limit your ping
better yet go to a community server

literally every game with community servers

I don't give a shit about any of those. Loading times already hardly exist, even gen 9 consoles use fast SSDs now, and online games suck without friends, so lag and hacking doesn't matter that much.

this is your last (you)

Lag. I don't run into many hackers for me too care and I can always just leave.

friendly reminder latency/lag is soon gonna be a thing of the past since internet in space will eventually be good as fiber so even the most rural motherfuckers will be able to play against the best players
so picking to get rid of cheaters is the only logical choice

Duh faggot.

bruh literally 9/10 AAA games are now sjw shit.

Fucking conservatives

i play on a

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I figured that, too, but it was worded vaguely enough that I thought OP might pull a Monkey's Paw.

Latency has the most immediate impact to gameplay, so I choose that


Not really an issue if you live somewhere that matters
>Loading times
Not as big of a deal as it used to be since hardware has improved
An actual problem

I'll go with Hacking/Cheating, assuming it means anyone who does it just drops dead. I might reconsider and go with lag if it means games become so locked down that modding is no longer possible.

Lag literally breaks the laws of physics and unlocks FTL information transfer, it would be a massive boon for humanity. Anyone who chooses the one of the other two is an absolute retard. That said because of this it sort of breaks causality at a fundamental level so I'm trusting this doesn't make the universe implode or some other monkey paw shit

The cheating option is by far the worst, in fact it's so bad that my runner up choice would be the the exact opposite, zero friction undetectable cheating for everyone.
>gachashit lootboxes and dlc unlockables btfo forever
>console piracy as easy as pc destroys denuvo etc.
>esports cancer gone, multiplayer is playing for fun only

well since i don't do MP online trash, loading times.


league unironically.
active moderation doesn't scale

Suddenly the entire world's infrastructure for Internet is actually good.