What was Toby trying to say with this?

what was Toby trying to say with this?

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Libtards are useful idipts of globalists and will be betrayed once they are no longer useful to the anti white kikoid pedovampires

it was probably just a one off joke

>politics is full of hypocrites, including me

Fence sitters being annoying is one thing. It's the ones that make fence sitting a identity are the real pricks.


will toby say anything about rightwingers in the next chapters?

This basically

nu-Yea Forums is absolutely rammed with directionbrains who came over in 2016


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Is this Loss?


what does tobyfox think about Elon musk buying twitter?

No, being a fence sitter isn't the problem, it's bragging to others how supposedly "above it all you are" while you remain still biased like everyone else.

Only a far-gone retard hates fence sitters


corporations are leftists now kek. dunning Kruger is in full effect

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Now this is what I call Freedom of Speech

Fence sitters are pushover cucks, one thing is to have both agreements and disagreements but fence sitters change at the drop of a hat when they are confronted just so they can appease the normies of society

I'm pretty sure Toby is a leftoid, so probably crying in his house.

Do you guys really believe megacorporations are endorsing communism unironically? To what fucking end?
They're just trying to capitalize on the woke dollar.

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Oh yes I'm sure he's weeping into that big pile of money and success he has, just so sad.

As if a pacifism worshipping retard like Toby would ever actually do anything more helpful than his strawman there would.

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>Think it's a deltarune thread
>It's a politics thread

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I would agree with you, but there are people with 100 million dollars more than Toby, who are still crying about it on twitter, so you can never be sure.

very possible. rich people get into politics as a way of becoming relevant. it's like a rich person version of sportsball, only they can actually contribute the cash to somewhat make a difference. not saying tobyfox does this, but many, many celebs and affluent types do.

post puppet

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If rich corporations are smart enough to support theoretically rebellious causes in order to line their pockets, why wouldn't they be smart enough to do similar if not the same things with right-wing beliefs?

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They capitalize on woke dollar, but actively steer clear of any ideology too radical. Most libtards or corporations actually want a violent overthrow of a government or the abolishment of capital, obviously.


Sorry, bucko, this is now an UNDERTALE thread!


When will you realize that Deltatroon fucking sucks?

They are above it.

What did Toby mean by this?

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Spamton was the best villain of 2021. Raven Beak can suck on a bag of [KROMER]

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because then they would get canceled on twitter or some shit

Asgore is a dum fukkin loser that spends too much time on GAY floweRS lmao what a nerd

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Spamton did nothing wrong

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Forget about that, what did Toby mean by THIS?

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Right-wingers don't spam companies with emails trying to force specific behavior.
Also some corporations do.

I hope you all realize authoritarianism is neither a left wing or right wing ideology.


They have in the past when that's where the money was.

Clearly, your gonna firegrave Kirs's mother into doing some horrible shit

>berdly frozen
>toriel has fire magic

I hate how socdems dissappeared overnight, I'm confident some kind of psyop to push the left farther left to prevent them from making any successful change occurred.

Why does everyone want full blown communism now, which only works in either small or post scarcity societies.

What happened to government subsidized health/education, fair taxation, and people being allowed to dream big?

I don't care if you're a billionaire if you're paying your taxes, giving fair benefits, and giving a living wage. If you've done all of those, you've earned your position.

Not really since you basically serve zero purpose and do nothing except take up space and consoom. You getting your head based in by a left or Right-winger would do less harm to the world than if said left and Right-wingers were to have theirs based in instead.


>OP posts obvious bait
>People reply
How fucking new are you? Yea Forums is just /pol2/

>Berdly got frozen by Noelle
>Undyne could get burned by Toriel
>Someone might get crushed by the next party member
There’s a pretty distinct pattern here.

you have to be genuinely retarded to not see that shitlib ideology is pushed in every corporate environment and every advertising agency in America. i'm neutral and not conservative and i can plainly see what these corporations are doing and enforcing.

"Redditors get what they fucking deserve"

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I love building BROWN BRICKS in MINECRAP

They have and do. I cannot even fathom the level of stupidity it takes to fall for the left/right false dichotomy. Integrity and principle are the only things that matter. Neither "party" or "side" has any. Only a new and radical path can have integrity.

Two reasons:
Make money off the idiots who support it
If communism does prevail, use vast wealth to be at the top and effectively rule the idiots

Or turned to stone. Either someone can cast petrify, or an important darkner gets stoned permanently.

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>socdems disappearing overnight
Because those were paid actors. The only ones left are the people who genuinely believe that, everyone else was paid to be there.