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What are you buying and refunding this time, user?

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idk what can i buy with 93 cents?

Tfw bought ace attorney because I heard it was a fun detective game and now I'm a fucking weeb who plays VNs
Even bought the fucking danganronpa games

Slippery slope

Nothing. I have a rule now that I only buy games if I intend to play them immediately, and I am currently midway into a KOTOR 1 run.

According to SteamDB you have just over 1600 options. Sifting out most actual blatant shit you have 520 options. Tagged porn knocked out... 403.

Here's a couple examples:
Bit Blaster XL or Super Bit Blaster XL, although I've never played it.
Bit Dungeon is a decent enough Dark Zelda-inspired dungeon crawler setup.
Geometry Rush looks alright.
Suits is very much "I wanna make a game like OFF" but I'll give it this much: the fucker certainly tried to make it his own thing.
Disoriented looks interesting but reviews seem mixed.
Hexaturn looks like a very very low budget knockoff of similar games but it might be a decent time waster.
Loot Hero was a fun flashgame, might be a fun rerelease.
FATE... never played it but heard it was good for the price.

A lot of other stuff are just out of your budget or actual crap.

Revisiting before the KOTOR remake?

Nah, they'll almost certainly fuck it up in some way and I won't bother playing it. I just wanted to play TOR and I got to level 10, but decided it would be better if I played through 1 and 2 again before I carry on.

I dropped TOR. It wasn't bad but it had a lot of issues that most MMOs get, to say nothing of the fact that eventually things get tanked.
I swear it seems like any MMO I actually like gets knocked off or bought out by new owners and then gets fucked up to maximize money out of whales.

Should I get nioh2?

I was thinking about getting sekiro but idk
I want to play it eventually definitely but I'm burnt out on soulsborne, maybe I'll just wait to see if it goes even lower someday

I was planning to get some games for my steam deck I get in Q3 but the sucky part is I don't know wich games work


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Depends on what you're looking for. Some things like Rabi-Ribi and Hollow Knight I can recommend regardless of Deck or PC, but others I'm not sure how well it works like Sekiro and Super Robot Wars.

why the fuck is nothing from sega on sale

He didn't say new games, just games under his budget.

Girl here, what's a good game for me?

Got MHW and iceborne, its decent so far

Deep Rock Galactic
Warhammer Vermintide 2

exactly zero of my whislisted games got a discount

the game of taking money from ugly men

Nvm about Foxhole, it's not on sale.

Gta v?

Might get Monster Hunter Rise. I have a week to decide.

Literally none of the games i'm interested in are on sale.

can someone send me a PM when the total warhammer games go on sale, thank you


Do you have a deck

I already have rabi and hollow

Because fuckyou that's why.

Deep Rock Galactic
Warhammer Vermintide 2

Pharaoh Rebirth 75% off. Be a cool dude, and support a Japanese indie game that deserves it.


My sister wanted Fatal Frame, I want some Monster Hunter game to play together but don't know which. I asked her if she wanted Blue Reflection but she wasn't interested

There's nothing good I don't have. Thank goodness we don't know if Starfield is good or not so I can't kill myself yet.

No but you can filter in the shop to see what's confirmed as working on the deck.
Other things include Fallen Order, Bloodstained, Dragon Quest XI, Mordor, Frostpunk, Rain World, Disgaea, NieR, Super Monkey Ball, Ys...
The list goes on.

Agreed. It plays like a Genesis Wario Land to La Mulana's NES/MSX platformer. And personally I think Pharaoh Rebirth+ is better.

Picking between these. Aiming for just one.

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Dude quit and people are still obsessed

current cart. i was thinking about trying to find a metroidvania game but no good ones are on sale. all i want is something with movement like HK. i think i have Ori in my library but the slow start filtered me

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I don't see anything else bros....

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I cant recommend Morta. Avoid it.
If you want a good Metroidvania, assuming you already have Hollow Knight and Rabi-Ribi, I recommend checking out the Momodora games (3 is never on sale but it's $2), Pharaoh Rebirth+, and if you don't have them La Mulana 1+2.
Bloodstained is good if you like SOTN and tiddies.
Yoku's Island Express is a weird mix of Metroidvania maps, 2.5D platformers, and pinball.
Retro Game Crunch has some Metroidvanias in it and the whole thing is like a buck.
Teslagrad and Xeodrifter depend on your taste in indie games.
Bloodstained CotM games might be better off for you.
Gato Roboto is a bit off but fun.
Rain World is for people who like Survival games and hate themselves.
Blaster Master series seems fun but I've never picked them up.

See Otherwise your best bet are freeware Metroidvanias for good shit.

Thanks user. Never heard of this and it's cheap enough.


Children of Morta is kind of boring. I really tried to like the game but it's just not great.
Get Deadcells if you don't have it already

DemonCrawl dev roped me into buying his game yesterday and it's been pretty cool so far

Trust me, you'll lose interest eventually. It's more shit than not.

i picked up the rabbit game

Is children of morta really that bad? two of my friends have it and they said it was pretty okay with coop.

>Pharaoh Rebirth+, la mulana, gato
I picked up these. I have bloodstained in my library i remember pirating it when it came out i tried to go back recently and i didnt like it. I think i just gotta get past the intro again to get my enjoyment back but
>curse of the moon
Do these have a big focus on fast paced movement with combat? Like wall jumps, double jump etc i really like the metroidvanias where you end up bouncing around like a maniac and moving fast as fuck when you end up with all the upgrades. Not sure if you guys saw but this game looks like it has potential what do you think?

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Someone shilled me aeterna noctis a few days ago and that's on sale for 30% off. Based on the reviews it's a pretty long game and so far I'm liking it a lot

this looks pretty good i wouldve missed this thanks

Any good deck builders besides slay the spire? Or just any overall roguelike recs that aren't the stuff everyone already played like isaac, ftl, gungeon, etc. Would be appreciated

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monster train is ok. But felt boring imo.

>steam update when i go to purchase my games

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Not really. Outside of Tabletop Sim deckbuilders, the only one I really enjoyed was the 'free' game Night of the Full Moon.

Not out yet. Happy it isn't dead though.

Anyone played this? I want to try a traditional roguelike

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is steam down?

yes, maintenance.

Nope. Something must be wrong with your PC. Better run a virus scan.

Turn on CNN
Gabe just died

bought every Atelier game on steam, probably will play Ryza until bored then never touch the series again

>I have a rule now that I only buy games if I intend to play them immediately

smart lad

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