It's here Yea Forumsros

It's here Yea Forumsros.

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Why is your monitor covered in semen stains

I fucking hate Americans

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At least it's not console shit...

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why is there a box within a box?

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you are a gay nigger retard

fuck funkos

>fat people socks

ahh yea bros

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break it

>not dragon dildo

>he owns a gamer chair

Americans are too fat, dumb and slow so they need to organize their plans by years.

Hmmmm I wonder what sort of content you will put on that........

>HDDs in the current year

take a picture with only your hand please

good excuse to dust the pc

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dolphin porn, wipe it before using it

britain has more fat people per capita than muricans. are you a brit?



>hard drive shipped from newegg
more like ahh no bros


isn't western digital the company that was hacked and had hundreds of millions of peoples identities stolen? good purchase.

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>all that open field

Must be nice. You enjoy all that openness?


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just do it, please

that was eastern analog

I mean if you're storing non-MMO games, particularly emulatables, HDD is the superior choice since drive speed is a non-issue.

don't you have some bread sandwiches to be eating?

>Not using them for cheap deep storage

It's been that way for the last 15 years, they've built those houses in the distance 5 years ago. Soon there will be new houses just behind mine.

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you first

for me it's beans on toast.

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Good case btw, swapping hard drives was painless.

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A police officer was stopped by a citizen who told him about a man running down the road with no clothes on. As the officer arrived in the area of theMcDonald'srestaurant on Mt. View Drive, he saw the man running through the parking lot, then climb up a center flagpole all the way to the top and looked around as if he was surveying the area. The officer called up to him, but did not get a response. The man then let go and fell to the ground.

The police were never able to find his clothing or figure out from where he came. Fingerprints were sent out to all states, FBI and Canada with negative results. The autopsy showed no drugs in his system.

He may have come from another country and jumped ship near Anchorage.

Despite all the witnesses and leads, his identity has never been discovered and he's still known as Flag Pole John Doe. He is buried in an unmarked grave in a cemetery located in Anchorage.

desu, i would be scared with a HDD of that since, imagine something going wrong with one of those.

HDDs just feel regressive. The mere sound of one is enough to ruin the computing experience. SSDs need to get their pricing in order already. HDDs have no place in a SSD world.

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This was the most interesting thing I've read on Yea Forums all day, which isn't saying much, but still.

Here, you can call random investigators about cold cases for John and Jane Does

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Cool, now buy another to back it up.

Thanks bro I just registered that serial number.

God you're so fucking stupid.

Ban me please.

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>mere sound of one is enough to ruin the computing experience
what a fag, nothing more comfy than turning on the PC and hearing the sexy hdd clickie.


You bought something useful this month faggot. Where's your dildo?

This one spooks tf out of me. This site and Charley Project made me really hate humans on a whole new level

i find it funny that it's the fattest country on earth making a fad out making fun of what britbongs eat. don't you lardasses eat shit like this everyday?

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looks like you got a weird airflow setup man


>he doesnt have a 4TB SSD

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>anti-sag accessory
oh no it's retarded

I haven’t used hdds since 2017
Too slow and noisy

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im sorry our food is not completely flavorless and disgusting, our bad. i'll go make some mushy pea and fairy bread right now to make up for it.

What fucking sound? How do you even hear HDD noise, are all your case/hardware fans literally silent?

enjoy your warranty not working now thanks for the serial numbers retard


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wait how much did you pay for that shit?

124.63 USD


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Why are you white?

thanks for the serial, retard

Nothing wrong with propping up a sagging gpu

post pc interior now faggot

oh hell no, don't tell me your are going to use that HDD to mine THAT coin...