Big yikes, not gonna lie

Big yikes, not gonna lie.

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nintendo cultism wasn't as big back then

I don’t get the love for 64. Except Mario 64 and Goldeneye, there was nothing to play

Yikes to what?

N64 and Gamecube were a fucking joke, I only see emulation zoomers pretending they were a thing.


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Is this the thread where we argue what's retro or not?

it's 21 years old, it's retro

Sega Genesis is in the same gen as SNES. It would make more sense if they put Sega Saturn on that list.

2001 was like 10 years ago tops
shut up

Found twitters audience


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The N64 sucked.

I don't like any of those consoles.

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imagine a woman drawing this in current year

I hate how N64 blurs the textures. Whatever filtering texture filtering technique it uses is fucking garbage and I will much rather look at the jittering polygons and sharp textures of a PS1 game.
That said N64 has some absolute classics but not enough of them.


*follows you*


The only thing this proves is that 44 percent of the voters had a Playstation when they were under 12 years old.

>both systems only had a handfull of really good games
>both systems also had a wide range of trash to merely okay games
honestly, just going by the ratio of good games alone, ps1 wins by a decent amount.

You are small time, also was the 7800 the first backwards compatible console?

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Almost as if the PSX was the best selling console out of those.

no one cares about the shaturn

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It actually happened to her so it'd probably be fine.

How could we forget all the great N64 games, like
>Ocarina of Time
>Majora's Mask
>Mario 64

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The PSX had 10x more games.

>its another op refuses to elaborate what he means so retarded anons just guess

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the n64 was shit compared to their prior consoles

It is exactly as retro now as the NES was in 2006

At least gamecube had a buch of hidden gems that you can play on emulators for free.

N64 has basically a handfull of exclusives and that's it. It's an awful console all around.

>no one cares about the saturn
>saturn had more marketshare in japan than the n64

PS1 and 2 are full of fun Japanese games and have great 1st & 3rd party support
N64 and GC have great first party games but weak 3rd party comparatively. I'd pick the ps1 as well.

Wow it's almost like Yea Forums is a cesspit of Nintendo cultists that distorts reality and make 64 much more respected than it really was

You're going to have to accept the passage of time sooner or later.

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Gooks care about the saturn, quite a lot. Miyamoto himself stated the one game he was ever jealous of was NiGHTS.

Probably depends where you grew up.
Where I grew up, Sega was king and then PS took over. Nintendo was always the "other" system

Makes sense desu. The games were cheaper and the PS1 has one of the most diverse libraries of any console. It was impossible to own a PS1 and not find at least a few games you would like. Still not buying a PS5, though.

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>fav retro console poll
>no ps2/gameboy advanced/psp
shit poll

>SMT series begins on Nintendo
>absolutely 0 of them on the N64
There's your answer
The OG XBOX had NINE, and Sega would get Devil Summoner with the Saturn

>Miyamoto himself stated the one game he was ever jealous of was NiGHTS.
Imagine knowing useless bullshit like this


>sales = respect
Nice of you to admit the switch is king

That's the best part because you know it'll make sonyfags mad anyway.

Yoko Taro made his career out of copying Panzer Dragoon and Todd Howard called Virtua Fighter 2 the best console game of all time in 1996. The Saturn was based but no one outside of Japan really had one.

N64 had the same texture filtering as every console after it. Its problem was that it only had a pittance of RAM (especially without the Expansion Dong), so textures were really low-res and thus stretched really thin.

I don't think it's real information anyway. There's a lot of bullshit people say about miyamoto that isn't true.

world moves on gramps

My top 4? Well I'm glad I asked myself.
>psone with the built-in screen
>Gameboy sp

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I had the PS1 and N64 and piracy meant there was simply no comparison. I had about 10 N64 games and literally every single PS1 game that came out. My uncle would burn them to sell at the factory he worked in, and in exchange for getting to keep a copy of each game for myself, I'd sell them at my school for him too.

Im afraid its been..... 21 years


Decent taste, my top 4 is
>Game Gear

Retro isn't a passage of time thing, it's a design thing.
Games on xbox follow the same design philosophy as games nowadays.

Finally, someone with some common sense.
>PS1 had the SMT1/2/IF ports
>Sega Genesis had the SMT1 port for Sega CD
>Nintendo 64? Quest 64 is like the only RPG on the entire system
Not even a Jack Bros port. For shame, Nintendo.

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n64 was just a slightly more successful gamecube carried by rare. It's funny how after rare left they got lucky for one console then immediately failed again.

Nintendo is dead. Pokemon runs this company right now.

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You could have said Summoner or even persona but ports?

N64 sucked when I think about it. I only used it for OoT and the kino wrasslin games.

N64 was legit trash.

I may have kinda sorta perhaps forgotten about those in my moment of facetiousness.

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Come on user, step it up.

Those Japanese Xbox numbers will never not be funny.

The entire poll is just haphazard options. Like no shit the N64 is going to lose if it's going to compete with one of the two major sides of the 16bit era, the winner of the early 3d era, and the best offering from the third major side that's active to this day.

>Retro isn't a passage of time thing
>it's a design thing

Yeah, a design of the PAST dumb fuck.

No you idiot.

is that the one that had a custer rape game?

Holy shit Xboxbros, we're rising.

The Persona games were still significant if not only for starting the series but also further instilling the notion that demons and bullshit can pop up anywhere, even somewhere as "safe" as a typical school setting
But fuck that, keep mentioning the PS1 remakes, they did a really good job adding to the original tracks for ...if's PSX port as well

>Games on xbox follow the same design philosophy as games nowadays.
this is /vr/ levels of retardation, there are tons of archaic gameplay mechanics and designs that are quintessential 6th gen. they absolutely do not resemble anything recent

Truth is, were getting old.

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Is that game actually good for magic shit though?

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>Based on 244,552 votes | Gamespot's poll
>Gamespot's poll
There's all you need to know. It will likely be very similar if IGN did one, too.

Name them.

cope, it's old and so are you

The N64 was THE console for actually playing with your friends. PS1 had jackshit for good multiplayer outside of fighters

Reminds me of that one schizo on /vr/ that says "not retro" on nearly every ps2 thread. On Gamecube and xbox? Nope. Even though ps2 came out before those consoles.

Back when niggers were based

>no love
>8% of a quarter million people say it's their favorite
>more undoubtedly at least like it, it's just not their favorite
I see GameSpot is absolutely blitheringly retarded.

>Name them.

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am I supposed to classify both as retro? who decides this shit?

Why are 16 y/o posting as if they knew anything?
People dindt coomsoom during those years dorks, arounf the N64 and snoy 1 era we still used the nes and ofc the N had starfox and that "fight" game

wow that really looks heckin modern the /vr/ autist is right

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>retro = age of the console
When will this retarded meme die?

No one talks about gamecube and xbox.

>who decides this shit?
The majority, and zoomers will always outnumber you.

yeah the president of nintendo said it already
N64 aimed at normalfags and failed
PS aimed at true gamers so it won

is this the ps4 spiderman??? I didnt know it was that old its really heckin modern

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64 was poormans playstation and it still is poormans playstation.

The PS3 and 360 will never be retro because we are still in that gen 17 years later

Fuckin new copies of Grand Theft Auto V and Demon's Souls and Skyrim and Mass Effect and Bioshock sell every day

It was the gen that never ends
Yes it goes on and on my friends

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based that's the order I'd pick. Might put Xbox above Genesis though, I liked them about equally.